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Even as Domini considered the repercussions, she knew she’d do it. Not for Cam, not for Brock, for her own curiosity.

Cam helped her to her feet. “Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I’m nervous.”

“Because you’ve never—”

“—done anything remotely close to this.”

His deep chuckle vibrated throughout her body. “Brock and I have. Trust us.”

She said, “Okay,” in a breathless rush.

Cam placed his mouth on her ear. “Remember something. I decide what I’ll let him to do you. Not you. Definitely not him.” After a lingering kiss, Cam said, “Take your shirt and bra off.”

Domini stripped and hated the burning in her cheeks.

“Brock, grab a towel and the vegetable oil from the kitchen. Get the captain’s chair out of the dining room and bring it in here.”

Brock grinned and returned promptly, setting the chair by the end of the couch and the other items on the side table.

Cam lowered into the seat and motioned to Domini. He zigzagged his rough-skinned finger from her left hipbone to her right and her belly trembled beneath his sure touch. He clamped his hands on her waist and turned her sideways.

Brock sauntered forward. Naked. When had he gotten naked? His left hand pumped his cock, his gaze fixed firmly on her face. “I’d like to taste your pretty mouth, lick those full pink lips before I see them wrapped around my dick, but since that’s not the way Cam plays…can I touch them?”

Domini opened her mouth to respond, only to have Cam answer for her. “Just her lips, nothin’ else.”

Cam’s possessive answer sent a shiver through her.

Brock’s right hand came up. He outlined her lips with a languid sweep of his thumb. He brushed it just far enough inside her mouth that the wet rim of her lip dampened the pad. He hissed when she darted her tongue and licked it.

“Ever had a black man, baby?”


“You know what they say…”

Brock laughed and ignored Cam’s warning growl as his hand followed the line of her throat to her shoulder. He gently pushed until she fell to her knees.

Then that black c**k was in her face. It wasn’t as long as Cam’s, which meant she’d have an easier time deep throating him. But the cockhead was plumper. The shaft was thicker. Brock’s skin tone was beautiful, a rich dark brown. His shortly trimmed pubic hair was pure black. She had just latched onto his hips when Cam’s voice broke through the sounds of Brock’s heavy breathing.

“You hands are on me, not him.” Cam circled her wrists and placed her hands behind her; one on Cam’s right thigh, one high on the left. “I’ll touch you while you’re sucking him.”

The position would’ve been awkward if not for the arch in her spine which caused her ni**les to brush the bristly hair on Brock’s legs and tingle deliciously in response. She smiled. Cam knew how much she loved nipple play. Even now he was seeing to her sexual needs.

“Open,” Brock directed.

She closed her eyes, dropped her jaw in anticipation of all that smooth, hot, hard flesh pushing past her lips and teeth, over her tongue until it filled her mouth completely. Brock swirled the cockhead over her lips and plunged in to the root.

Domini started to gag.

Cam’s voice drifted to her. “Relax. Breathe.”

Brock wasn’t expecting a slow tease. He pumped in and out in a smooth rhythm that Domini knew would get him off quickly.

Cam twined his hands in her hair, holding it out of her face. “You have no idea how f**king hot it is to see his dick in your mouth.”

A slight hum from her had Brock groaning, “Jesus. Do that again.”

She did.

Domini looked up at Brock. A little thrill shot through her, seeing him lost in pleasure. She understood Cam was giving this intimate moment to Brock as much as she was.

Was it easier for Cam to show his gratitude for his friendship when he was proving to Brock that Cam McKay was still one hundred percent dominant male?

“More, come on, take it all,” Brock urged, forcing her to refocus.

As she created tight suction on every withdrawal, she slackened her throat muscles when Brock plunged back in to the root. His hardness filled her mouth over and over, sending her into hazy subspace where she existed on a whole different plane.

“You’re beautiful,” Cam whispered. “So damn beautiful I can’t think for wanting you. Two men so f**king hot for you that we’re both gonna f**k you at once. Me in that tight pu**y. Brock in your tight ass. You’re getting wet thinking about it, aren’t you?”

She moaned. The sensations were devastating. The constant wet suction of Brock’s slippery c**k f**king her mouth. The rasp of her ni**les against Brock’s legs. Cam’s hand fisted in her hair. The ache in her arms. The feel of Cam’s rough skin as she dug her nails into his upper thighs. Three distinctively different breathing patterns distorted the air. Three different scents filled her lungs.

But it was the simple eroticism of Cam’s words and his fingertips dancing up and down her arms that made her hot.

She saw Brock’s hand reach between his legs and adjust his balls.

“I need it faster.” Brock picked up the pace, and his fingers curled around her neck, his thumbs pressed on the spot her jawbone hinged, keeping her jaw open. “I’m so close…”

“Come on her chest.”

Brock groaned and eased out of Domini’s mouth. His left hand wrapped around his c**k and he jacked off in short, fast strokes. The sound of his flesh slapping and his grunt of completion gave way to spurts of warm come landing on her chest as Brock watched through hooded eyes. His hand slowed, but didn’t stop, as if he didn’t want the moment to end. “Damn, woman. You’re something.”

Cam rubbed the quivering muscles in her arms. “Stand up.”

Brock snagged the towel, intending to wipe his come from Domini’s chest, but Cam snatched it. “Let me.” After he’d wiped her down, those intense blue eyes locked on hers. “You ready?”

Her body trembled. Could she do this? She looked at Cam. Fire danced in his eyes. He wanted this. She nodded.

“Get rid of your pants.”

Domini shimmied them off.

Cam hooked a finger under the elastic band of her panties and tugged her closer. “You’re wet.” He pressed his mouth to the section of skin below her belly button and sucked hard, holding her lower back so she couldn’t squirm away.

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