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She gasped.

Ah f**k. She was so tight. And hot. And tight. And goddamn he had the urge to rut on her. Slam into that vise-like heat. Feel that snug channel gripping his c**k as he eased out slowly, so she felt every inch scraping against those tight tissues. Then he’d ram back in over and over. Hard and fast and deep. Relishing the loud slapping of his balls as he f**ked her until she screamed.

Gritting his teeth, he held off on that raunchy scenario, allowing her untried channel to adjust around his impatient dick. Once he’d controlled his urge to pound into her without mercy, he glanced at her.

Her chest rose and fell rapidly. Her eyes were closed and her teeth were biting into her bottom lip so hard he expected to see blood.

“Domini. Look at me.”

She opened her eyes.

“Touch me. I want your hands on me.”

“If you lean closer will that put too much pressure on your leg?”

Leg? What leg? Cam froze. For the first time, he’d forgotten about his stump. He’d forgotten he wore a prosthesis. He’d forgotten to be self-conscious. He was so lost in her and all she brought to him he’d simply…forgotten.

She did this for him. To him. Domini made the world melt away. His vision wavered at the sudden rush of emotion.

“Cam? You okay?”

His gaze zoomed to hers. Hell. He sure as f**k hoped she hadn’t seen him tear up. During sex. Yeah. That’d be sexy as shit. Bawling on her. While he f**ked her in the ass.

That actually brought a smile to his face. Cam angled his head and kissed the inside of her left ankle, and then he kissed the right. He slid her feet down his biceps until they were braced in the crooks of his arms. He eased out, feeling the sphincter muscle surround just the fat head of his cock. He leaned forward and thrust into her ass to the hilt.

Domini gasped, pressing her palms against his pectorals, as if trying to push him back. “Dammit, Cam, I wasn’t ready for that!”

He slipped his hand between their bodies and murmured, “Sorry, baby. Lemme make it up to you.” He stroked her clit in the lazy way he’d discovered she liked best. “Better?”


Cam let the natural rhythm of their bodies take over. He flicked her clit with each thrust into her ass; she raked her nails down his chest, grinding her pu**y into his groin on every upstroke.

That tight tingling in his balls indicated he couldn’t last much longer. When the buzzing sensation brushed his fingers, his eyes flipped open.

Domini positioned the vibrator directly over her clit. “Let me see you lose that last bit of control.”

And he did. He hammered into her without caution, without finesse, his head thrown back, sweat trickled down his throat and not into his eyes. Almost there. Almost…

Contractions from her orgasm tightened her cunt muscles with enough force he felt them in her bowels.

“Holy f**k.” Cam shoved into her ass and went still. He groaned, hell, he howled when those rigid anal muscles clamped his c**k and milked every drop of seed.

A bunch of nonsensical words filled the air and then she flopped back on the mattress.

Cam slipped out of her ass and pressed his lips to her throat. “You okay?”

“Mmm. Tired. Worn out.” She cracked an eye open. “Sore.”

“I’ll refrain from swatting your ass tomorrow night.”

“Swatting? I don’t think so.”

“Not into spanking?”


“Have you ever tried it?”

“No. Have you?”

“Yep. There’s something sexy about seeing a handprint—my handprint—on your ass. Then the skin feels hot to the touch. Just think how good my tongue would feel cooling you down.”


“What would you do if I demanded you let me spank you?”

Her eyes held a rare challenge. “I’d let you…but I’d demand equal time.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. In fact, the thought of you smacking my ass turns me on. Everything about you turns me on, princess.” He nuzzled her hairline and just breathed her in. “Stay put. I’ll get stuff to clean up.”

Domini stretched with that sated, smug expression of a well-fucked woman.

Heh heh. His well-fucked woman. If he had that cock-of-the-walk swagger, he’d earned it. About damn time too.

Cam washed up in the bathroom before he dressed. He brought a warm washcloth and teased Domini with flirty kisses as he swabbed between her legs. He tucked her between the sheets, wondering if she’d have regrets about his rough behavior when she noticed the finger-shaped bruises on her thighs tomorrow.

“You okay?”


He kissed her forehead. “I must’ve done something right, because you were babbling in Ukrainian when you came that last time.”

She blinked at him sleepily. “I wish you could stay with me tonight.”

“Another time. Can I make it up to you tomorrow night? By taking you to supper? Someplace besides Dewey’s?”

“Or I could cook for us here.”

“Princess, we’d just end up in bed. And I don’t see how you cooking for me is a night off for you.”

“Are you asking me on a date, Deputy McKay?”

“Yeah, I guess I am.”

That skeptical look returned to her icy blue eyes. “Why? You promised me this wouldn’t—”

“Just say no if you don’t wanna have supper with me tomorrow night, Domini.”

“I don’t want to say no.”

“Good. Then I’ll pick you up at six.” He kissed her softly and left.

Chapter Eleven

“You’re going out with him?”

Like Nadia had a right to judge her on men. Domini sighed quietly. “Cameron McKay is a good man, Nadia.”

“He’s also police,” Nadia retorted, reverting to Russian in case Anton was listening. “Don’t you remember what they’re capable of?”

Domini absentmindedly rubbed her shoulder where the German shepherd had taken his pound of flesh. “It’s not the same. He’s nothing like the men who were terrorizing and brutalizing innocents.”

Nadia muttered in Bosnian. Domini understood enough to realize she’d been called a fool. She let it slide and changed the subject. “So Anton likes school?”

“Being with kids his own age is better for him than being with the so-called ‘babies’ at Sky Blue daycare this summer.” Nadia smiled at Anton over her shoulder. “He wishes he could ride the bus home.”

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