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She peeked from beneath her lashes and saw Cam still stroking himself, still watching her.

“How soon before you can go again?”

“Usually one is enough.”

“One is never enough.”

“Umm. Well, it might take a while.”

Cam shrugged. “I doubt it, but I’m in no hurry. Show me. Now.”

Another command. Another overpowering need to please him. Another wave of desire swamped her. Domini gave him a raunchy show as she played with herself and her vibrator. He’d been right; it didn’t take long to get off a second time. After she clicked the toy off, Cam was there. Right there. All dangerous, hungry, challenged male.

“My turn.” He pushed her flat on the mattress, slapped his hands on the inside of her thighs and set his mouth on her.

Oh he had something to prove. Cam used his tongue in so many naughty, delectable ways, keeping her dangling on the precipice of bliss. If he suspected she was close to careening into pleasure, he’d stop, yank her back to sanity, and start over.

While his busy mouth tended to her clit, his fingers pumped in and out of her wet pu**y. She swore he was f**king and sucking her at the same time. And his wicked thumb brushed across her bottom hole, bringing her awareness to those sensitive nerve endings. She noticed his probing of that untried area became more insistent with each pass.

Her stomach muscles were quivering. Her legs were doing this weird, twitchy thing. And she absolutely couldn’t take any more. “Cam. Please.”

He lifted his face from between her thighs and his mouth was shiny with her juices. “Please what?”

“Please make me come.”

Cam blew a cool stream of air across her hot, wet folds. Teasing. Tormenting. Proving his mastery over her.

Then he bent his head.

He’d kept her on the edge for so long, when he sealed his mouth to her clit and sucked, Domini started to come immediately. She gasped when a finger breached the first ring of anal muscles and slid deep.

That added stimulation catapulted her to another level of pleasure. She placed one hand on Cam’s head, wrapping the other hand around his thick wrist, not sure if she was trying to pull that probing finger out, or making sure he kept it in.

As soon as the last twinge faded, she propped herself on her elbows and looked at him.

He wore a funny little smirk. “I’ve got nothin’ to worry about from a piece of plastic, do I?”

“Umm. No.”

“Good. Now that you’re all relaxed, we’re gonna try something new.”

“New?” she squeaked.

Cam dipped his head to her right nipple. “Uh-huh.”

“Does it involve the bottle of oil?”

“Yep.” He lapped around the areola, loving her greedy hum of approval. His lips skimmed the shallow dent above her sternum and he licked the left nipple. Her br**sts were small, but proportioned perfectly, and Cam never considered himself a tit man anyway. Give him a firm, shapely ass over enormous jugs any day. Speaking of ass…he wasn’t surprised to see Domini looking down at him curiously as he enjoyed her body.

He kept eye contact with her. “You know what I want?”

Domini nodded.

“Say it. Straight up.”

“My ass. You want to f**k my ass.”

He smiled. “See? We’re getting good at this communication stuff, ain’t we?”

She threw her head back and laughed like he’d said the funniest thing in the history of the world.

Her pure, unrestrained joy was one of the most beautiful sounds Cam had ever heard.

He was past the point of no return with this woman and she hadn’t a clue how he felt about her. Not a freakin’ clue.

When Domini gifted him with a sweet smile, he kissed her. The glide of her lush mouth on his always brought his arousal to fever pitch, but it seemed sharper tonight. Deeper. Almost desperate.

Cam brushed his nose by her ear. He loved the feel of her silky, baby-fine hair on his skin. When wisps stuck to the whiskers on his face and tickled his neck. Or crushed in his hands and twined through his fingers. Trailing down his body. And the scent. Lord. The cool scent of her hair drove him insane. Or maybe it was the perfume of her skin that seeped into his brain, making him absolutely crazed for everything about her.

“Domini,” he murmured against her throat. “I need this from you.”

“I know. I want to give you what you need. I want to be what you need, Cam.”

He forced himself from the temptation of her pliant body only long enough to grab the bottle of oil. His hand shook as he poured the golden liquid into his cupped palm and coated his c**k and his fingers.

Her heels rested against the wooden footboard and he tapped her butt as a signal to lift her hips and he placed a pillow beneath her. The long expanse of her belly tempted him to lick and kiss until he reached those sweet, tasty little br**sts. As he sucked on a peaked nipple, he lightly circled her anus. He worked his middle finger in a little at a time until it was imbedded to the webbing of his hand.

“Don’t tense up, relax those muscles. There, just like that.” Cam knew it’d take more than just one finger to prepare her, so he slipped another finger inside.

He caught Domini’s gasp of surprise in a hungry kiss.

She squirmed as he scissored his fingers. Curling, twisting and stroking inside that tight channel, pushing her toward the sharp bite of pain that would turn into pleasure.

Cam slipped his fingers from her loosened hole and nipped at her bottom lip. He stood, hoping like hell he didn’t look as unsteady on his feet as he felt. Goddamn he wanted this from her. Needed it. He circled her ankles in his hands and positioned her feet on either side of his shoulders. He stepped between her thighs, poising his cockhead at that enticing pucker.

Domini frowned.

He swept his hand across her belly. “What?”

“I thought we’d do this…from behind.”

“No. As you’ve pointed out, we’ve done it from behind enough times. I want to see your face as I’m taking you this way. I want to touch your clit when I’m buried balls deep in your ass.” Cam pressed the tip to the rosette and slid his hand beneath her butt cheeks, opening her ass fully. He pushed until the head of his c**k disappeared inside the first ring of muscle.

Domini hissed.

“Breathe out, princess, come on, lemme make you feel good.”

“It burns.”

Going slow wouldn’t make a difference now, so he shoved until his c**k was lodged completely inside her.

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