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“Guess what? Mom said next week I can spend the night and you can take me to school—” Anton caught sight of Cam. His teeth clamped together so fast Domini feared he might have chipped a molar.

“Hey, Anton. Do you know Deputy McKay?”

Anton shook his head.

Cam stuck out his right hand. “Pleased to meet you Anton.”

He shook Cam’s hand, albeit reluctantly.

The bell pinged again and Nadia hustled in. The second Nadia saw Cam, she froze too. She gathered herself and stood behind Anton.

“Nadia, you remember Deputy McKay?”

Cam returned Nadia’s quick nod of acknowledgment.

“What brings you guys by?” Domini asked to fill the silence.

“We were out and about and thought we’d see if you had time to eat with us.”

“Shoot. I’m working in the kitchen tonight—”

“No big deal, it was a spur of the moment idea anyway. Another time.” Nadia squeezed Anton’s shoulders. “Let’s go home.” She aimed a cool gaze at Cam. “Deputy.”

Then Nadia and Anton were gone. Weird.

Half a dozen people came in. She sighed. “Time to get to work.” Domini tried to tug her hand free. Her breath caught when Cam brought their joined hands to his mouth, licking and nibbling her knuckles like he was kissing her sex.

He flashed her a cocky grin. “See you at ten thirty.”

Cam’s cell phone rang right after he’d climbed into his patrol car. “McKay.”

“Is this Cam McKay? The war hero?”

He grinned. “Brock Tennyson, you bastard. Were your ears burning? Because I was just talking about you last night.”

“Yeah? I hope you were talking me up to that hot sister of yours, because, man-oh-man that cowgirl she has got it going on, whoo-ee.”

“Don’t make me hurt you after you saved my life. I will rip your arms outta the sockets and beat you with them if you lay so much as a single finger on Keely.”

Brock laughed. “You’re so easy to rile, McKay. So what’s up with you? Been busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest?”

“You’re a f**kin’ riot.”

“Admit it. You miss my humor. How goes the deputy job?”

“Great, most days. Better than chasing cattle, that’s for damn sure. What about you? It’s a little early to be calling about setting up our bi-annual hunting trip.”

“Actually, I apologize for giving you such late notice. I’m on my way to Seattle and I’ve got an extra day to burn, so I thought I’d stop off in Sundance, see if you’re gonna be around.”


“Day after tomorrow.”

“I’ll be here. I’m scheduled off that day so if you wanna hit Colt’s fishin’ hole—”

“To be honest, I’d rather chill. Drink a couple of beers. Shoot the shit. Relax.”

The word relax wasn’t in Brock’s vocabulary. Cam’s alarm bells started ringing. “Is everything okay, B?”

“Yeah. No. Hell, some stuff I need to figure out, which is why I’m driving across country instead of flying.”

“You’re welcome to crash at my place for as long as you need.”

“Thanks. I appreciate it. Look forward to catching up.”

“Me too. Drive safe.”

“Will do.” Brock hung up.

Cam stared at the screen on his phone listing missed calls.

Besides Brock, his mother had called. Twice. That was it. Sad really, that his brothers and cousins weren’t ringing him up just to chat. Even Keely had given up calling him for the most part.

Can you blame them? You don’t exactly encourage that type of behavior with anyone in your family.

Big f**king deal. Didn’t matter anyway.

He shut the phone off and returned to work.

Chapter Ten

Cleaning the grill was her least favorite part of shutting the restaurant down. Thank God she was done. Domini scoured the grease from her hands and fantasized about a hot sudsy shower. Right. Like that’d happen. She’d sent Cam upstairs to wait for her an hour ago. He’d had that look in his eye then and she expected cooling his boots had only increased his ardor.

A tremor of desire rolled down her spine.

As Domini scaled the stairs to her apartment, she wondered if she should’ve doused herself with perfume. Did she reek like a fryer?

The door opened. Cam wore the look of an impatient man. He circled her wrist and tugged her inside, immediately scorching her lips with a blistering kiss. He released the band holding her hair, and used his fingers to loosen the strands.

Okay. Maybe fryer grease was an aphrodisiac.

Cam herded her until her back met the wall. Being on the receiving end of such passion was still so new and exciting, she welcomed the rush of moisture in her panties whenever this man touched her. Domini generated a hungry noise as she worked his buttons, want want want echoed in her head.

Cam ripped his mouth free. “Shirts off.” Within seconds they were pressed naked chest to naked chest. His lips flirted with hers, sending an electric buzz from her mouth to her core. “I want to hoist you against this wall and f**k you right here, right now.”

“Sounds good to me.” Domini toed off her shoes. She unsnapped the clasp and her pants fell to the floor.

He groaned. “I don’t think I can. It’ll put too much pressure on my leg.”

She shimmied out of her underwear and watched Cam watching her. “Where?”

“Couch. Now.” He set her on the edge. It wasn’t wide, but the height was ideal. Keeping their eyes locked, Cam unbuckled his belt, shucked his pants and his briefs.

His callused finger drew a line from the dent in her chin to the opening of her sex. He swirled two fingers into the stickiness and swallowed her gasp of surprise when those fingers slid in and began f**king her. He feathered his thumb across her clit. Slowly at first, and then quicker, shorter, more precise movements.

Every drop of blood in her body seemed to gather in the bundle of nerves. Just when she bumped her hips up, clenching her pu**y muscles in anticipation of a killer orgasm, he stopped.

Domini whimpered.

“You’ll come on my timeframe not yours. Watch.”

She glanced down as he thumbed his erection and pushed the head of his c**k into her.

“So hot. So wet.” He fed her an inch at a time, both of them looking until they were completely, intimately joined.

When Domini raised her chin, wanting to see Cam’s eyes, Cam’s fingers squeezed her upper thighs.

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