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“I will mention it to him, trust me. Meantime, if this fence isn’t fixed within forty-eight hours, I will ticket you, Luke, count on it.”

Luke didn’t snap off another comment. He merely nodded, climbed in his truck, and roared off.

Chapter Six

Ah, the glamorous, exciting life of a single woman.

Domini had scrubbed her apartment from top to bottom and finished laundry. Then she’d indulged in a long, hot bath in perfumed water. For dinner she’d grilled a juicy steak, loaded a baked sweet potato with butter and brown sugar, poured a glass of Shiraz and finished off the meal with a slice of chocolate peanut-butter pie.

Normally she’d consider that a perfect day. The sense of accomplishment balanced with a touch of personal indulgence. But after spending yesterday afternoon hanging out with Cam McKay, she couldn’t shake the feeling her life lacked something.

Was it just sex? Or was it something scarier? Like the beginning of a relationship?

Nah. Definitely sex. Cam was a confirmed bachelor. He wasn’t looking for a white picket fence, a wife and two point five kids any more than she was.

Not that she could pop out even the point five portion of a kid. Was that why she’d gone off on a tangent about the evils of marriage? Probably. She excelled at deflection. She swirled the claret-colored liquid, studying the light refraction in the crystal facets of the wineglass.

Soft rapping jarred her out of her melancholy. She straightened the lapels of her silk robe as she strode to the door.

“Domini? It’s Cam.”

She unlocked the deadbolt. Man, he looked positively lip smacking in his uniform.

Cam smiled. “Hey. I was hopin’ you were still up.”

“I was just about to head off to bed.”

“Princess, don’t say stuff like that to me. It gives a man all sorts of ideas.” His eyes traced the V neckline of her robe. “Whatcha wearing under that silky robe?”

Her pulse spiked. “Nothing.”

That was all the invitation Cam needed. Before she blinked, his hands cupped her face and his mouth was hungry on hers.

Domini’s body seemed to go completely boneless.

The kiss evolved from ravenous to seductive. His hands drifted. One lightly circled her throat as he idly swept his thumb back and forth over the pulse point. The other slipped straight down the center of her body. His middle finger coaxed her clit.

She must’ve moaned because Cam ended the kiss, but he didn’t move his hands. He kept fondling her, gauging how each stroke between her legs caused her pulse to jump beneath his thumb.

Domini wanted to demand he quit playing and whisk her off to bed. But this was a test of her obedience. She forced herself to stay still.

His breath tickled her ear. “I’ve a mind to reward such good behavior.”

“How?” escaped before she could bite it back.

“You’ll see.” Cam nuzzled her jawline. “I need you to do something for me. Dig out a scarf or two. Something that’s soft and won’t chafe.”

“Chafe what?”

“This beautiful skin of yours.” He paused, allowing that to sink in. “After you find what I need, wait on the bed.” Cam pecked her on the mouth and stepped back.

She chanced a look at his face.

The lust burning in his eyes stole her breath.

“Go on,” he rasped, “before you make me lose my ever lovin’ mind and I f**k you standing up right here.”

The robe flapped around Domini’s hips and she forced herself to take measured steps to her bedroom. She frenetically searched her dresser drawers for the articles of clothing he’d demanded.

Demanded. Oh wow. Was she really ready for this?

If the swollen folds of her pu**y and the slickness coating the inside of her legs were any indication, the answer was a categorical yes.

She unearthed a striped silk scarf and one crafted from combed cotton with fringe dangling from the edges. She’d just seated herself on the edge of the bed when Cam sauntered in.

He still wore his uniform. No matter how sexy and commanding Cam looked in his deputy duds, she wished he’d taken them off.

“Now that’s a look I love to see on your face. No fear. Just anticipation.”

“Should I be afraid?”

“I’d say I’d cut off a limb before I’d ever hurt you, but that seems a little farfetched coming from me, huh?” Cam tugged the satin tie free from her robe. “I’m gonna need this one too. Stand up and turn around.”

The first thing he did was tie the satin scarf around her eyes. She tried not to panic at the sudden darkness and the sense that nothing was familiar—even in her own bedroom.

“Tell me if you can see at all. Light, anything?”


He kissed the dog bite scar on her bare shoulder as he used the tie from her robe to bind her wrists behind her back. “Hang tight.”

Domini heard the soft rustle of clothes. Would she finally get an up close and personal view of Cam’s body?

Shoot. She was blindfolded.

“Climb on the bed and lay on your back, facing the ceiling.”

She struggled with the position.

“Tip your head off the end of the bed. Good. Stay just like that.”

Domini flinched when his hands palmed her br**sts and his cool lips landed between her belly button and the start of her bikini line. Then she smelled the heady, intoxicating male aroma that was uniquely Cam.

“Part those pretty pink lips for me.”

The instant her lips parted, the bulbous tip of his c**k forced her mouth open wider. That thick, male hardness brushed the soft palate on the roof of her mouth, slid over her tongue, and stopped when it hit the back of her throat.

The gag reflex wasn’t as pronounced in this position and she managed to swallow.

“That’s it. Breathe through your nose. Jesus, it’s hot as hell seeing you take me this way. It keeps your neck arched at the perfect angle when your hands are underneath you.”

At her humming noise of agreement, he hissed in a breath.

“You can take me. All of me. Which means I’m gonna pick up speed.” As Cam pulled out with every fast stroke, his hand dipped between her thighs. “Extend your legs so I can touch you.”

Coherent thoughts deserted her as Cam’s c**k shuttled in and out of her mouth, and her face was pressing into his groin. She couldn’t see. She couldn’t move. She had to remember to breathe. She couldn’t do anything but feel.

And oh what a feeling, she’d never been so thoroughly…taken. So thoroughly controlled.

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