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She whistled.

He blushed, grateful she didn’t focus on the ugly shrapnel marks and gouges marring the skin on his belly. And on his chest. Marks that were all over the goddamn place.

Those marks aren’t nearly as ugly as your stump.

She flattened her palms on his chest and kissed his scowling mouth.

Naturally his stomach chose that moment to rumble with hunger. “Sorry.”

“I’m hungry too. What do you have to eat?”

“Not much.”

“I’m sure I could figure something out. Mind if I poke around in your kitchen?”

“Have at it.”

Cam stood behind Domini as she surveyed the meager contents of his refrigerator. Milk. Beer. Condiments. Cheese. Lunch meat. Grapes. A half a loaf of wheat bread.

“Pretty sad, huh?”

“What do you cook?”

“I don’t cook.”

“Why not?”

“Never needed to learn.”

She tossed sandwich fixings on the counter and washed her hands. “Some of us had no choice.”

“Is that why you know so much about cooking?”

“Yes. Can you get me a knife?”

Cam rummaged in a drawer and set a dull butcher knife and a bread knife on the counter. “Where did you learn?”

“Hands on mostly. The church group that brought me to the U.S. had missionary outreach posts all over the states. We traveled a lot. We’d have to fix three meals a day for the church leaders and members who were out spreading the word.”

“How long did you do that?”

“Day in, day out for years. Until I realized I could apply for citizenship and escaped.” She gestured to the cupboards. “Will you grab plates?”

“Sure.” Cam didn’t ask questions but he knew there was way more to the story than the bits she’d shared.

They sat side by side and ate. His ham and cheese sandwiches never tasted this good, even if he used the same damn ingredients. Might be sappy, but little domestic things like this made him feel cared for, probably because these cozy moments were so rare in his life. He glanced over at her and his glass of milk stopped halfway to his mouth.

Domini’s fingers fondled the two fat purple grapes left on her plate. Gauging the tightness and fullness of the globes containing all that sweet juice, she plucked one from the vine and popped it in her mouth.

Lust slammed into him. Instantly Cam envisioned her long fingers rolling his balls like that. Teasing them with feathery touches. He imagined the moist heat of her breath, down low between his inner thighs, right before she sucked the sac into her mouth.

He must’ve groaned because Domini whipped around.

Her eyes widened as if she’d peeked inside his brain. But he didn’t see shock in the pale blue depths, just interest. When her mouth softened, Cam couldn’t keep his hands off her another second.

His glass hit the counter. He stood and lifted her to her feet, then his mouth claimed hers in blistering kiss. God he loved how wickedly eager her tongue was sliding beside his. How recklessly and hotly she writhed against him.

So crazed was his need for her, his hands trembled as he yanked her sundress down. It fluttered to the floor, allowing her pert br**sts and hard-tipped ni**les to fill his greedy hands.

Domini sucked in a surprised breath.

Cam flicked little whips of his tongue around the point of her left nipple. Each lick, each suckling touch of his mouth to any part of her br**sts drove Domini wild. She gyrated her hips. She gouged her fingernails into his shoulders. He changed it up, keeping her guessing on whether he’d use his teeth, mouth or tongue. Her sexy purrs caused everything male inside him to roar with primal need to satisfy her.

He pushed her back to the fridge, still sucking on her sweet little tits. “Now. Right f**king now.”

She just moaned.

Cam moved his hand between her legs and he found her hot and slick and ready. No reason to wait. She was wet, he was hard. Cam held her wrists behind her back. He let his tongue tease the shell of her ear until she shivered. Oh yeah, he was learning all her secret hot spots.

He turned her, and pressed her against the refrigerator door.

Domini gasped when her bare br**sts met the door’s cold metal front.

“Feels good and naughty on your hot skin, doesn’t it?” Cam placed her palms flat on the top of the door. “Keep your hands there and spread your legs.”

Domini’s feet slid out.

Cam layered his face to the side of hers while he quickly worked his belt and pants. They hit the tile with a resounding thud. His right hand snuck around her hip and flattened over her abdomen, urging her pelvis to angle back. His left hand guided his c**k to that tight channel weeping for him.

He drove into her hard and deep.

“Oh. God. Yes.”

Using his right hand to stroke her clit, he followed the line of her arm up with his other hand and threaded his fingers through her left hand braced on the top of the refrigerator. Then Cam began a series of shallow thrusts. Slow thrusts.

Her head fell onto his shoulder. “Your bare chest feels so good against my back.”

“Your cunt feels hot and wet and tight around my dick.” He pumped his hips and circled his finger over her clit, wondering how quickly it’d take to get her off.

“Cam. Please.”

“Please what?”


“Lucky for you, that’s what I had in mind.”

Domini groaned.

As much as he’d love to build her to the point of detonation, chances were high once he began pounding into her, he wouldn’t last either.

“Let’s kick this up a notch.”

Between the constant attention to her clitoris and the deeper thrusts, Domini’s body trembled, she cried out as she shot like a rocket.

Cam blinked the sweat from his eyes and managed to hold off until the tail end of her orgasm. The internal vibrations jerked him right over the edge into sweet oblivion. They were still locked together, with Cam scattering kisses across the sexy slope of her bare shoulder, when he heard his work cell phone ringing. In his pants. On the floor.

Shit. Perfect f**king timing as usual.

He eased out of her and jerked his pants up, fastening them in record time. He dug for his cell phone but it’d already quit ringing. Before he hit call back, he scooped up Domini’s clothes and grabbed a couple of napkins from the counter. “Here.”


Cam called the station and paced to the sliding glass door. “What’s up? No. That sucks. I understand. I’ll be there in half an hour.” He sighed and walked back to the kitchen.

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