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“The other aspect of sensual massage is setting the mood. If you have children, you’ll want to plan this for when you have an hour of uninterrupted time. In most houses, the bed in the bedroom is the easiest place to set up. Music isn’t necessary, but I’ve found it can be both relaxing and arousing. Candles are good. They provide light, scent and ambience. Plain white cotton sheets are a smart choice. They can be warm or cool to the skin. And if you get carried away with the oil they’re easy to clean. But the single most important thing to bring is a positive attitude. Making your partner feel good shouldn’t be a chore. It should be a sensual enjoyment for both of you.”

When Quinn whispered, “Amen,” in Libby’s ear, a tremor of desire rippled through her.

AJ demonstrated a few more techniques and then dismissed everyone back to their areas.

“What do you suppose we’re gonna do now?” Libby asked when they were alone behind the partition.

Quinn held up a sheet with a cat-who-ate-the-mouse grin. “You’re supposed to strip.”

“Down to nothing?”

“What else does strip mean?”

“But all those people are out there—”

He eliminated the distance until they were a breath apart. “It’s just you and me. No one else matters.”

“You wouldn’t have a problem getting buck-ass nekkid with the family banker in the next cubicle?”

“Not if I knew it was gonna lead to you puttin’ your hands all over me. Damn, do I love havin’ your hands on me.”

When had closed-mouthed Quinn McKay become such a silver-tongued devil? “You don’t play fair.”

“Because I’m playin’ for keeps.” Quinn smooched her nose. “You want my help gettin’ undressed?”


“If we were home I wouldn’t allow you a choice. But I’ll do the gentlemanly thing, just this one time, and step outside. Whistle when you’re ready for me.”

Whistle. Right. And what the heck did he mean by doing the gentlemanly thing just this one time? Did Quinn plan on showing her a more verbal, more commanding side?

Libby shivered and it had nothing to do with being naked.


Quinn fought the urge to pace. He wasn’t nervous so much as antsy, because after two steamy kisses, he was raring to crank up the sexual heat with his delectable wife.

AJ moved to the center of the room. “Once your partners are set, I’ll come around with a bottle of oil.

This’ll be your last chance to ask questions before I shut off the lights, turn on the music and leave you to your own devices.

“Once everyone is settled, I’ll be in the backroom for the duration of your massage experimentation time, so you’ll have no interruptions from me—or anyone else—within your private areas. Remember, there is no right or wrong way. Sensual massage is highly personal and having a good technique isn’t nearly as important as having fun and an open mind.”

The table creaked and Libby swore.

Quinn spoke through the curtained panel. “You ready?”

“If you mean am I naked,” she said in a hushed tone, “then yes. Throw me that extra sheet.”

“Sure.” He tossed it over the partition.

Loud instrumental music started and the lights clicked off. AJ sauntered up with her usual sunny smile. She popped her head around the partition and her smile slipped. “Oh. Umm. That’s great, Libby.

You’re all set.” AJ whirled on Quinn and hissed in his ear, “Didn’t you tell her she only had to take off her shirt?”


AJ whapped him on the arm, but her eyes twinkled. “Typical McKay man. Here’s your oil. Put it to good use.”

“I intend to.”

Quinn skirted the privacy panel and sucked in a harsh breath. Lordy, look at that. Libby’s bare, toned arms were stretched above her head. Save for the sheet covering her lower half, her sexy, freckled back was completely exposed and his for the taking.

She lifted her head. Her eyes darted past the partition. “Quinn, I’m—”

“Just us, remember?” He uncapped the oil and drizzled a thin line across her shoulders and spine in a T-shape. “I’ll start at the top and work my way down, is that all right with you?”

“This is your show.”

“That it is. Keep that in mind later.” When his hands touched her skin, his c**k went hard as a brick.

God, she was so feminine. So warm. So perfectly supple.

So his.

At first, Quinn feared he’d freeze up. But faced with Libby’s naked body spread out in a sumptuous feast, when he’d been starving for her for months, something instinctual kicked in.


He swept his fingertips through the oil, hoping it’d lessen the abrasiveness of his callused hands. He played connect the dots with her moles and freckles, promising himself he’d use his tongue next time. Once the oil glistened across her torso, he began to rub it in.

If her sighs and moans were any indication, he must’ve been doing something right.

Quinn worked his thumbs into the tensed muscles stretching across her back, rounding to the bottom of her shoulder blades. Then he gradually moved down her spine, a vertebra at a time. When he reached the sexy dimples above her ass, an area he remembered as highly sensitive, he decreased the pressure. His touches became playful. As Quinn drew ever-widening circles, she arched into his teasing caresses.


Instantly, his mouth was by her ear. “Something you need?”

“Yes. No. I…I wanted to tell you I love the way you’re touching me.”

“Good.” He smiled against her damp neck and rained kisses along her nape, pleased as punch when gooseflesh broke out beneath his questing lips.

Quinn continued his sensual assault. His hands mapped her every tempting curve, his fingers soothed every quivering muscle. When he finished tormenting one area, he’d scatter openmouthed kisses over each inch of bared flesh before focusing his attention on the next trembling section.

When he completed his final pass to those alluring dimples, he caught a whiff of Libby’s arousal. A primal male need slammed into him. His chance of tamping it down vanished, especially when he noticed her hips bumping up to meet his every touch.

Libby faced the screen, almost as if she was hiding her reaction from him.

Oh hell no. That wouldn’t do at all.

As Quinn put his lips to her ear, he traced the crack of her ass down to where her body was warm and sticky. He groaned in her hair. “Lemme touch you here.”

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