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Another glimpse of that darker edge. She tossed him a pillow and raised her hips while he placed it under her butt.

“Move your legs apart. I need room to work.”

Libby hoped after he arranged her she’d feel less like she was getting a pelvic exam and more like she was about to receive the most amazing o**l s*x of her life.

“We seemed to have lost our momentum, darlin’ wife.” The bed jiggled as Quinn scooted down until his head disappeared between her legs.

After one long, wet lash of his tongue, Libby said, “I definitely remember.”

He chuckled against the tender flesh and the vibration sent her belly muscles rippling.

With her hips propped up, Quinn’s hands were free to roam. He stroked the inside of her thighs while his tongue drew feather-light circles around her clit. Then he’d back off, his growling noises heightened her excitement as he lapped at the juices dampening her entrance.

Quinn knew exactly how to make her body hum. So it surprised her when he asked, “Which feels better? This?” Using firmed lips, he opened and closed his mouth over her pu**y lips and clit in little biting increments.

“Oh, I like that.”

“How about this?” His fingers pulled back the hood covering her clitoris and he randomly flicked just the very tip of his tongue over the hot spot.

An electric tingle shot straight up her center. “Whoa. Where’d you learn that?”

“Figured maybe it was time for this old dog to learn new tricks.” He paused. “If I did something you didn’t like, or if you wanted more of something you did like, you’d tell me, right?”

Did he think his…technique was off? Lord. She’d never had any complaints about his oral talents. In fact, it’d always scared her that he instinctively could catapult her into pleasure in no time flat.

Had Quinn suffered a crisis of faith in his skills as a lover? Was that somehow her fault?

You’ve been so focused on the results of sex—creating a baby—you’ve forgotten the best part of sex is creating lifelong intimacy with the person you trust above all others.

Libby gazed at him. When had their marriage become only about what she wanted and needed? What about Quinn’s wants and needs?

“Lib? Darlin’, what’s wrong?”

She swallowed the lump of guilt stuck in her throat. Quinn deserved better than the little he’d been getting from her. Sobering, to consider she had just as much changing to do as she’d expected from him—

maybe more. Those changes wouldn’t happen overnight for either of them, but she’d do her part, starting right now.

“Nothing is wrong.” Libby’s voice dropped to a whisper. “I’ve missed you. Being with you like this.

Whenever you put your mouth on me I can’t think of anything else but how great you make me feel.”

Quinn’s eyes shone with male pride. He slapped his palms on the inside of her thighs and his dark head descended.

Libby held her breath. Every muscle in her body clenched in anticipation of the next swipe of his wet tongue.


“I am.”

“Wrong. I can feel the tension vibrating off you.”

“It’s not tension, Quinn. It’s lust. I don’t need new tricks. I just need you.”

An animalistic snarl was her only signal she’d pushed him to the brink.

No gentleness, just hunger. His single-minded, unyielding pursuit of her pleasure sent her body into overdrive. Dizzy from the sensations bombarding her, Libby closed her eyes, lost in the burning brand of his skilled mouth, the sweet suction, the bruising grip of his fingers. With her every shallow breath, Quinn’s musky aroma filled her lungs.

Two fingers slipped into her sheath, curling behind her pubic bone, and she bowed off the bed.

He flickered his tongue over her clitoris in short, fast stabs as he rubbed her innermost tissues with his fingertips. Not in and out, but in the sweetest, erotic internal caress.

Before she’d gotten used to the feeling of fullness from those clever, fondling fingers, her blood gathered in the hot spot beneath his dancing tongue. “Quinn?”

“Tell me what’ll get you there.”

“Suck harder.”

He did.

She clutched his hair. The orgasm flooded her, a throbbing, take-her-breath-away seizure of pulsing bliss. A drawn out, “Oh God,” escaped as she arched hard into him, thrashing against the sheets and rolling her hips into his face.

He kept his mouth suctioned to her clit until the pulses slowed.

She flopped into the mattress with a final groan. Her body twitched as he gently lapped the super-sensitized areas of her sex, and she swore she felt him grin against the crease of her thigh when she sighed again.

Libby peeled her eyes open, pushing herself up on her elbows. “What other new tricks did you learn?”

Quinn laughed and gave her one last deliberate lick. “Now where’s the fun in tellin’ you? I’d rather show you. Later. First,” he crawled up her body with an unholy gleam in his eyes, “you’re gonna return the favor.”


Libby licked her lips and looked at his cock.

“You can use that pretty little tongue on me later. I’ve got something else in mind right now.

Something I’ve fantasized about doin’ for a long time. The old me was too polite to ask. The new me, well…he’s a bit more demandin’.”

“What do you want to do?”

He straddled her belly and slid his knees next to her armpits. “I wanna feel these tits cushioning my c**k as I’m slidin’ it here.” The tip of his index finger drew a line from the hollow of her throat down through her cle**age.

Libby wasn’t gawking at him as if he were the biggest pervert on the planet, but frown lines appeared between her eyebrows, which meant she was thinking hard.


“No, just wondering if you thought I was so prissy that I wouldn’t want to try it.”


“You brought it up, so answer the damn question.”

The old Quinn would’ve clammed up. The new Quinn got right in her face. “What would you have said, darlin’ wife, if I would’ve demanded to f**k these luscious tits? Not only that, I wanna come all over them. There’s something mighty appealin’ about seein’ my sperm dotted all over your pretty freckled skin.”

Her eyes narrowed. “So, you didn’t ask me because you were waiting to fulfill that particular fantasy with another woman?”

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