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Her eyes were closed as she licked each one separately and blew across the dampness. Then she sucked both into her mouth and gently rolled them over her tongue.

Colt almost came when she released his nuts and her tongue ventured back to tickle the strip of skin in front of his anus.

“Enough.” He sat up and kissed her thoroughly before dragging her to her feet. “Bedroom. And there won’t be any talkin’ unless I say so, got it?”

She nodded.

In his room, Colt stripped back the covers. “Get in the middle of the bed on your hands and knees.” He lit a candle on the dresser and grabbed the lube.

He moved into the space between her calves and ran his hands up the outside of her legs to her hips. He bent his head and tongued the tattoo on her right butt cheek.

India sucked in a quick breath.

Then he turned his head and tongued the tattoo on her left butt cheek.

Another hissing intake of air.

Colt flattened his tongue and dragged it up and down her spine, over the infinity symbol—two long, twisted black lines—a tattoo that started above her butt and ended at the gigantic butterfly spread between her shoulder blades. No traditional tramp stamp for his India. Her skin was a canvas; every marking on her was a work of art.

“You’re so beautiful. So sexy. I could lap you up.” Colt scooted beneath her. He curled his hands around her ass and pulled her pu**y to his mouth, so she was sitting on his face. He licked her folds and suckled her pu**y lips and f**ked her entrance with his tongue. When she was whimpering and grinding her hips, he latched onto her clit and sucked until she screamed. And while India was still coming down from her orgasm, Colt slid out and licked her again. From her piercing to the pucker of her ass.

He painted that sweet rosette with his saliva. When she mewled cries and thrust her hips back, he spread her ass cheeks with his hands and thrust his tongue into that tight hole. Over and over.

Licking. Sucking. Making her loose and ready.

She softly whispered, “Oh God.”

Colt kissed his way up the crack of her ass and her arched spine. His body covered hers and he pressed his forehead to her nape. “Your ass is mine. No condom. I want you to feel every inch of me sliding into you. I want you to feel me coming inside you.”

India made that mewling sound again.

He lubed up his fingers and scattered kisses across her shoulders as he prepared her. One finger. Then two scissoring inside her until she relaxed. Colt rolled her over on her back.

Her dark gaze stayed on his hand sliding up and down his hard c**k as he applied lubrication.

“I’ll go slow. At first. But we’ll see how long it lasts once I’m buried balls deep in your tight ass. Let me see that pretty pink pucker.”

India brought her knees by her shoulders and closed her eyes.

“Huh-uh. I want you to watch me take you.”

She lifted her head the same time Colt put his hands under her ass and lifted her across his thighs.

Colt rubbed the wet head of his c**k over that slippery rosette.

“Don’t clench.” He pushed until the tip popped in through the ring of muscle.

Her breath hitched.

“Let me in. Like that. Look at us, Indy. See how hot it is as I’m pushin’ inside you?” Colt watched as his c**k slid into her ass completely.

India clenched around him.

When he looked at her, she wore a smirk. Very carefully, he lowered his body over hers, not moving his cock, until they were nose to nose. Colt angled his head and kissed her. Sweetly, at first, then with heat. He began to thrust. “Every part of you belongs to me now.”

She arched and canted her hips, pushing his shaft deeper as her pelvis sought contact with his.

Colt knew he wasn’t going to last. Indy’s ass would be sore no matter how hard or easy he f**ked her, so his greedy male nature urged him to f**k her hard.

So he did.

She loved it.

He pounded into her relentlessly, losing his mind when the friction of their groins sent her into a screaming orgasm. Her cunt and anal muscles contracted around his cock. Four deep, hard pumps and her body sucked his orgasm right out of him, as he shot inside that tight gripping channel.

Colt collapsed on her, kissing her neck, her mouth. Letting his c**k soften before he withdrew. “You okay?”

“Uh-huh.” She twined her fingers in his hair. “Colt? I like that you showed me your rough side.”

“Good. Because it’s early and that was just round one.”

Chapter Nineteen

Colt had been summoned to a Sunday night McKay family dinner and he’d insisted on bringing India along. Which was why India’s stomach was tied in knots as they pulled up to Carson and Carolyn’s house.

The queasiness pissed her off. Why did she feel like a kid from the wrong side of the tracks being invited to the popular kid’s birthday party?

She already knew Colt’s family. Correction, she was friendly with the women who’d married into the McKay family—AJ and Macie. She’d met Channing once or twice. Carolyn was a loyal Sky Blue customer. She’d done tattoo work on Keely. But as far as really knowing them? Hell no.

Colt squeezed her hand. “You okay?”

I’d be f**king peachy keen if I was sucking down a fuzzy navel right about now. “Yeah. Why?”

“I dunno you seem…tense. Unlike yourself.” His gaze moved from the high neckline of her long-sleeved blouse to the hem of her ankle-length suede skirt and red cowgirl boots.

“I’m fine. Just a little tired. You kept me up way too late last night.”

“Was that an objection?”

She flashed back to how thoroughly he’d claimed her, tamed her, proven to her his mastery over her body, proven he trusted her by showing her his dark, commanding, rough side without apology.

He’d f**ked her, one way or another, eight times last night. Her belly churned for an entirely different reason than nerves, but from pure lust. “God, no. Not at all. Were you worried I didn’t enjoy it?”

“Maybe.” The ragged edge of his thumb rubbed across her knuckles. “I was rough. More than a little, and a lot out of control.”

“Are you ashamed?”

He shook his head. “I loved every second that you trusted me enough to let me lose control with you.”

“I do trust you, Colt. Besides, if I hadn’t liked it, I would’ve told you. I’m not exactly a shrinking violet.”

“And thank God for that.” He appeared to struggle with his next thoughts, so she jumped in and changed the subject.

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