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He looked down at her and touched her cheek. “That was awesome. And I love your obedience. Love it so much, in fact, that I’m gonna return the favor.”

She lifted both pierced brows. “Meaning I get to demand your obedience?”

“No. Meanin’ I’m gonna grab some ropes and see how long you can keep it up.”

Thursday night, the loud click of India’s bedroom door opening echoed in her room. The mattress dipped. “India? You awake?”

“I am now.”

“You probably weren’t even sleepin’, Little Miz Troublemaker,” Colt drawled. “I can’t believe you left a message on my cell phone callin’ me a dickhead.”

She smiled in the darkness. “I knew that’d get you over here in a hurry after your workout with Cam.”

“You pissed off about something?”

“Just that I didn’t see you today.”

“That’s it?”

“And I was lonely.”

He laughed softly. “So you insulted me to get me to come over?”

“Yeah. Might be masochistic, but I do love fighting with you. I love the making up part.”

“Me too.” Colt whipped the covers back. “Especially when you’re already nekkid.”

“All for you.”

“It’s not supposed to be for me tonight, remember?”

“But I missed you. Are you mad?”

“I’m still debating.” His teeth latched onto her right nipple, his left hand circled her wrists and pressed them above her head.

She arched, anxious to lose herself in the passion that always flared between them. His avid mouth was on her breast, sucking at the hoop piercing her nipple.

But he stopped.


“Have you been touchin’ yourself while you’ve been waitin’ for me to get here?”

Crap. How had he known?

“Will I find your sweet cream if I slide my hand between your thighs?”

Distract him. She moaned and arched harder.

“Answer me.”


“Part your legs.”

His rough palm was cold as it slid down her belly, over her mound. He slipped one long finger inside her pu**y.

Eyes closed, she murmured, “That feels good.”

“How good?” Colt added another finger, pumping both deep, adding that delicious twist at the end she loved. “As good as when you got yourself off?”

“Better. It’s always better with you.”

“Then you should’ve waited.” He removed his hand.

India froze.

“You’re a bad girl, Indy. Makin’ me worry for nothin’. And while I was worryin’ you were gonna rip me a new one for some reason like you’re prone to do, you were here, diddling yourself, bold as you please.” His breath was hot in her ear. “Bad girls get punished. Roll over and take your licks.”


“Don’t make me tell you twice.” Colt released her wrists.

While she rolled onto her stomach, she heard him taking off his clothes. Heard him open a nightstand drawer. Heard the crackle of plastic as he ripped open a condom. Blood whooshed in her ears as her excitement rose.

“Get on all fours.” The bed dipped.

“What are you gonna do?”

His hard, hot upper body covered her back and his chin came over her shoulder. “Bad girls don’t get to ask questions. Do I need to gag you?”


“Then be still.” Colt trailed love bites from shoulder to shoulder. Then his tongue slowly followed the line of her spine from her nape to her tailbone. And back up. And back down.

Goose bumps spread across her skin. She moaned at the eroticism in his teasing touch, the wetness of his tongue, the coolness of his breath, the rasp of his beard, the silky swish of his hair, the tiny bite of anger guiding his movements.

And his scent drove her crazy. India knew he hadn’t showered after leaving the gym. The dark, male musk of his sweat coated his skin and she breathed it in, hoping that scent would linger on her and the sheets after he left.

Colt lightly sank his teeth into the tattoo on her right butt cheek. He flicked his tongue around the design. Then he let his tongue lead the way to the left butt cheek, and he briefly lapped at the crack of her ass. Another bite. More licking.

Her whole body shook. “Oh God, Colt. I’m—”

His lips were on her ear. “You took your licks like a good girl.”

“I thought by ‘licks’ you were going to spank me.”

“Would you like that?”

Yes. But India bit her lip instead of confessing.

A beat passed, then whack whack on each of her butt cheeks.

“Answer me.”

“Yes, okay? I’ve always wondered what it’d be like, not that I’ve ever let a man spank me because of some of that crap from my past, but I trust you not to take it too far.”

“Good answer, sugar. Another time we’ll explore that secret kink. With a paddle. Maybe a ridin’ crop. Definitely my hand.”

India shuddered.

“It is punishment not to lick you where you most want my tongue, bad girl.” He nuzzled the back of her head. “I should f**k you and not let you come, since you already got off tonight without me, but makin’ you come gets me off. Lower your chest to the mattress and leave your ass in the air.”

She set the side of her face on the bed and stretched her arms above her head.

“Brace yourself.” Colt kneed her stance wider, tilted her hips and plunged in. His withdrawal was fast. His returning stroke was fast. As fast and hard as he liked.

His selfishness shouldn’t be a turn-on, but it was. Normally he was an incredibly generous lover. India closed her eyes and let his need wash over her.

Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam. The slap of his skin against hers as she listened to his choppy breathing had her clenching around his cock. That familiar pulsing sensation rippled through her deepest tissues, sending her straight over the edge into a short orgasm.

Colt’s hips pistoned faster. His fingers squeezed her ass and he began to come. “Fuck. Fuck.”

India craved that burst of male heat inside her, not trapped in a condom. She wanted to stand up and see his seed trickling out of her sated and swollen sex.

“God, woman, the things you do to me.”

After he pulled out, India collapsed on the bed. Vaguely she heard the toilet flush. The rustle of his clothes. Then his yummy scent surrounded her.

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