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“Here. With me.”

Talk about taking his breath away. Colt rolled to his knees.

“There’s no place I’d rather be.”

“Do you ever wonder…if we’ve wasted time not being together like this, before this?”

“No. We can’t go back. Any time I spent with you, as your friend wasn’t wasted time. Our friendship is what got us to this point. And it’s what’ll get us to the next point.”

“The next point? What’s that?”

Marriage. Babies. Happily ever after. One week into dating and India wasn’t ready to hear that yet, so he kept it light. “Where you show up naked at my house ready to do my bidding.”

“Maybe you’ll rethink that statement when you see what I’ve drawn.” India watched him as he crawled toward her. With each inch he edged closer, she hugged the sketchbook tighter.

“Lemme look at the picture, Picasso.”

“No way.”

“I want to see how you see me.”


“Please? With caramel on top?”

She shook her head. “Back off.”

“Huh-uh. Don’t make me tickle you to get what I want.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Don’t dare me. I rock at double-dog and triple-dog dares and don’t get me started on truth or dare. Plus, I know all your ticklish spots. Hand it over.”

“Come and get it, McKay.” She attempted to roll off the bed.

His hand circled her ankle and he tugged her back on the mattress.

India shrieked and tried to wrench free, which only increased his determination.

Colt attacked her feet. She yelped and swatted at him with the sketchbook. He snatched it from her with one hand. “Hah!”

“Hey! Gimme that back, it’s mine.”

“In a sec. I just wanna look.” He studied it before his eyes met hers. He flipped the page back to her, jabbing his finger at the twin images. “You really see me this way? With turquoise stars and orange and purple flames tattooed around my pierced ni**les?”

She giggled. “Gotcha. You really thought I was drawing nudie pics of you, huh?”

“You little tease.” He threw the notebook over the side of the bed and tickled her until she screamed.

The touches turned from playful to passionate. And then he was inside her, face-to-face, skin-to-skin, heart-to-heart. The more time he spent with her, the more amazed he was by her. By everything they were when they were together.

India curled her fingers around his neck. “I wasn’t kidding, earlier. You are so beautiful, Colt McKay. Beautiful inside and out.”

“Same goes, India. Same goes.” He kissed her and the world fell away.

Chapter Sixteen

Lovers Week Two

Colt hated cleaning the garage. So, when a sultry, “Hey, cowboy,” drifted through the open garage door, he thought he might’ve been hearing things.

“India?” Colt’s gloved fingers tightened around the shovel handle.

“In the flesh, baby.” Pause. “Literally.”

“What’re you doin’ here? It’s the middle of the day.”

“The tattoo biz is dead and my sister is running the store. So I thought to myself, I wonder what my big, sexy cowboy is doing.”

Her footsteps echoed as loud as the sudden thumping of his heart.

“Since I’m not busy, I thought I’d come out and see if I can help you. I even have my cowgirl boots on.”

Colt turned around so fast he almost got whiplash.

Holy hell. Cowgirl boots were the only thing India had on.

The shovel in his hand clanked to the concrete floor.

“Sadly, I don’t own any other western wear.”

“I’m not complaining.” Colt’s gaze slowly tracked her sexy body, from the pointed tips of her red ni**les to the pointed toes of her red boots. His c**k hardened. His mouth watered. “But I’m hopin’ you didn’t ride your motorcycle out here in that get-up.”

“And if I did?”

“Cam’ll have to arrest me.”


“For killin’ every man who laid eyes on you undressed like that.”

Satisfaction glinted in her eyes. “A little proprietary, aren’t you?”

“If that means you’re mine, only mine, then hell yes.”

“I am yours, Colt.”

His eyes ate her up with a hunger that bordered on obsessive.

“Prove it.”


Without breaking eye contact, he grabbed a horse blanket from the pile on the workbench. He tossed it on the concrete in front of him. Then he began to unbuckle his belt. “You’d better be over here, on your knees, ready to suck my c**k by the time this zipper is down.”

She hit the ground like she was sliding bases.

“That’s good.” Colt peeled his jeans down his thighs and his blood-engorged c**k slapped his belly. “Like what you see?”

“Mmm-hmm.” India licked her lips.

He circled the tip of his c**k around her mouth. “Open. Take it all.”

Her lips parted and she swallowed in a drawn out tease.

“The rest of this ain’t gonna be your pace, it’s gonna be mine.

Fast and hard, Indy. That’s how I’m gonna f**k your sweet, perfect mouth.”

Her moan vibrated up his shaft.

Colt threaded his fingers through her hair for a decent grip. He pulled out and eased back in. Three, four, five slow thrusts. Once his shaft was coated with her saliva, he increased the pace.

She’d closed her eyes and kept her neck arched at an angle where she could take him deep.

It was a f**king turn on to watch her. How sexy it was as his c**k disappeared between her red lips. How her fingertips dug into his thighs with enough force to leave half-moon shaped marks. How the wetness from her mouth freely ran down her chin and neck. He loved the raw power she had over him in her submission. The occasional scrape of her teeth. The teasing flicker of her tongue.

It was too much. Too good. Despite the cool temperature of the day and the garage, sweat beaded on his forehead and his whole body burned hot.

When his balls contracted, he shortened his strokes and increased the grasp on her head.

“I’m there. Right…now. Oh hell, suck. Suck hard. Suck it all.

Ah. Jesus. Your mouth is so wet and tight…fuck!”

India held him upright as he came. And came. And when his c**k was empty, she licked his softening shaft and nuzzled his balls, bringing him down from the sex high with tenderness.

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