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“Wednesday night, ladies’ choice. On Thursday nights, I work out with Cam, so it’ll be an off night for us. Friday night, we can hit the meeting and then come out here, where I will f**k you nine ways

’til Sunday, which I’m hopin’ will spur you into staying with me until Sunday night.” He stretched his legs out and brought her across his lap. “Is that a good enough plan of attack for you?”

India wreathed her arms around his neck. “You didn’t just come up with that on the fly, did you?”


“But…how did you know?”

“Because you’re not as much of a free spirit as you pretend to be. You have an orderly, logical streak, planning ahead is important to you.”

“Thank you.”

“Now that the plan of attack is planned, can I get to the attacking you part?”


Chapter Fifteen

Lovers Week One

“I never thought that meeting would get over,” Colt said Tuesday night.

“It might’ve gone faster if you would’ve tried the trust game,”

India pointed out.

“That game don’t prove nothin’ about trust.” Colt nuzzled the back of her head. “Jesus, I want you so f**kin’ bad, Indy.”

“Can you at least wait until we get into my apartment?” The instant the lock clicked, he shoved them both through the door and slammed it shut.

Colt tried to cushion the blow when India’s back hit the wall.

Luckily she didn’t smack her head. Unluckily, their teeth clacked together, piercing her bottom lip.


“Sorry.” He gently sucked at the raised bump while strumming the pads of his thumbs down the side of her neck. Seductively.

Delicately. “Better?”


“Bed. Now.”

India took his hand and led him into her bedroom, clicking on the lamp in the corner.

When they stopped by the side of the bed, Colt pinned her wrists behind her back. His mouth brushed her ear. “Tonight you’re mine. You’ll do as I say. Understand?”

“Yes.” Good God it turned her on when his dominant side came out to play.

“Get your favorite vibrator and half a dozen of those silk scarves you love so much. Then strip and get in the middle of the bed.”

“What are you going to be doing?”

“You’ll see.”

India rummaged in her drawer. How ironic that the vibrator was beneath the scarves. She draped the silken strips across the end of the bed, set the vibrator, a new tube of K-Y and a few condoms next to them and removed her clothes.

When she glanced at Colt as she spread out on the sheets, he was completely, gloriously nude.

Oh yeah.

Then he reached for a scarf and leveled her with the molten look that spelled pure trouble. “Hands above your head.” He tied her left wrist to the metal headboard and repeated the process on the right. “Can I trust you to keep your legs in place?”

“No. You’d better tie them.”

Colt growled.

He chose the narrowest scarf and carefully threaded it though the nipple rings. He tugged lightly and the sensation zinged from her ni**les straight to her core. “Oh. Wow. Do it again.”

He pulled a little harder. “Interesting that Miz India likes a bite of pain with her pleasure.”

“Colt, I don’t know about this.”

“I won’t hurt you. But I am gonna drive you more than a little crazy.” He hung above her body, his knees bracketing her hips, his hands by her head.

“Why didn’t you blindfold me?”

“Because I want you watchin’ everything I’m doin’ to you.”

Colt kissed her. Hot. Wet. Slow. He sat back on his haunches between her straddled thighs.

India stared at his erection and the slick spot the tip left above his navel. “Is that bad boy for me?”

He ripped open a condom and rolled it on. “How about if we get your first one outta the way?” he said, reaching for the vibrator.

A loud bzzzz reverberated as he cranked the vibrator on high.

He placed the tip over the top of the piercing and left it there, keeping constant sensation on her clit.

“Oh God, I might set the new speed record.”

“I could almost come from just lookin’ at you all tied up and listening to you make those sexy-ass noises. Let go, there’s plenty more.”

Sure enough, the continuous contact sent her into a fast orgasm. A quick throbbing that both eased her and left her hanging on the edge, wanting more.

She’d barely caught her breath when Colt placed his mouth on the curve of her throat and sucked. He pulled the scarf back and forth between the rings so the silk constantly slid across her hardened ni**les.

Between his marauding mouth and the sensual slide of the material, chills broke out from her neck to her knees.

Colt kept up the suckling kisses and erotic silken glide of the scarf, changing the pace at odd intervals by tugging gently on the silk, sending a spark of pain that immediately morphed into pleasure.

She gasped.

He chuckled and kept doing it. Again and again.

When India couldn’t take any more, and felt the sticky warmth pooling between her thighs, she whispered, “Please.”

“Please what?”

“Please make me come again.”

His cheek rubbed against hers; his breath tickled her ear.

“You’ll come my way. It won’t be on my cock. Not yet.”

“I don’t care. I just need—”

Colt took her mouth in a tongue-tangling kiss before that clever mouth moved down the center of her body. He scooted back on his belly until his face was on level with her mound.

She looked at his dark hair as he flicked his tongue across the piercing. Her arms jerked in her bonds and her legs twitched with every fleeting lick. She noticed he’d twisted the ends of the scarf around the palm of his left hand. Her heart thumped when he turned the vibrator on.


“Loosen up, sugar.” He swirled the end of the vibrator around her opening in the same manner as his tongue circled her clit. Three things happened simultaneously: he slid the vibrator into her pu**y, he sucked on her clit and he tugged on the scarf.

India screamed.

Never had all her erogenous zones been targeted simultaneously. Her body was electrified, merely a conduit for sexual pleasure.

And Colt overwhelmed her with it. He f**ked her with the vibrator, pressing the phallus against her pubic bone inside as he suckled her clit, then he’d slowly drag it out again.

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