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He lapped at the caramel as delicately as a cat. The pointed tip of his tongue traced the outline of her weeping sex, from the piercing above her clit, down through her cleft to the slit of her pu**y, to the rosette of her ass. He swirled and licked and probed with that nimble tongue until her whole body vibrated. Colt drove her to the brink of orgasm, dangled her at the edge and then yanked her back at the last second.

“Are you going to let me—”

“Not yet.”

He took great pains to erase all remnants of the caramel with his Hoover-like mouth. He inserted one finger in her pu**y as he lightly tongued her clit. Then he inserted a second finger as he slurped at the sweet stickiness from the folds.

“How long—”

“Until I say.” He began to f**k her with his clever fingers while his tongue flicked. “I like sweet caramel.” He blew a cool stream of breath over her hot tissues. “But I prefer your sweet juices.” Colt latched onto her clit and sucked without pause. His fingers curled inside her, gently rubbing at a spot beneath her pubic bone. The tension coiled tighter and when she exploded with a gasp resembling a scream, he chuckled against her wet flesh.

Every throb, every pulse, every muscle twitch synchronized into a whole body orgasm. Just as India caught her balance, Colt knocked her off balance again. She was flipped over face-first on the table.

Colt yanked her hips back until the lower half of her body hung off the table. Then his hot breath teased the skin behind her ear.

“You have no f**kin’ idea how many times I’ve whacked off to this fantasy.”

“Your dick is hard again?”

“Yes. Fuck, woman, you’d tempt a eunuch.” He positioned his c**k and plunged in.

“Oh God you’re good at that, McKay.”

“Glad to know you think I’m good at something.” Again, he stretched his torso across her upper back so he could whisper in her ear. “One of these times I take you from behind? I’m gonna be f**kin’ your ass, not your pu**y. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Maybe if I put a vibrator up this pretty snatch? So I’m f**kin’ you in both places?”

She didn’t respond.

“Answer me.”

“Yes! Damn you, yes!”

“No shame in likin’ it raunchy, sugar, now hold on.”

He drove into her again and again. Slam. Retreat. Slam.

Retreat. Slam. Retreat.

The shirt stuck to her back. She wished it was just Colt’s bare skin sticking against hers.

“Only been an hour but I forgot how good this feels.”

Something niggled in the back of her head. Something else they’d forgotten.

“Close. Here it comes.”

It hit her. A condom.

“Colt, stop, we forgot a condom—”

“I can’t stop.” He pulled out. A groan escaped and she felt the heat of his ejaculate spraying her butt cheeks.

India looked over her shoulder at him. His hand still pumped his cock, but his gaze was focused entirely on her ass.

“I love these tattoos. But I gotta admit, I love seein’ my come splattered all over them.” He hugged her from behind. “Jesus that was hot.”

“Mmm-hmm. And sticky.”

“Shower. Now.”

“And then?”

“You have an idea of what you wanna do today?”

“It has to do with having something hot, and hard and fast between my legs.”

Colt nipped her earlobe and soothed the sting with a swipe of his tongue. “I’m likin’ this idea so far.”

“Cool. I brought extra protection.”


“I’m taking you for a ride, cowboy. On my motorcycle.”

Later that afternoon, India lifted her head from Colt’s chest.

They were naked in his bed, after spending most of the day there.

She’d convinced Colt to take a ride on her bike. When they’d returned to his house, he’d ridden her. She was still a bit sweaty and a lot tired.

Colt’s fingertips idly traced her spine. “You have this cute little wrinkle by your nose that tips me off the wheels are spinning in your head.”

“Ah. I just wondered…what now? Are we still dating?”

“I believe we’ve moved beyond the dating stage to the ‘seeing’ each other stage.” Colt tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “Do we really need to label this?”



Because it scares me. “Because I don’t know what we’re supposed to do. Do we call each other and make plans? Is it a given we’ll see each other every day? Do we take turns spending the night at each other’s houses? Are we still going out and doing couple things? Or are we staying in and having sex nonstop?”

“I like that last option.”

“Be serious. I’ve had friendships. I’ve had sexual relationships.

But I’ve never had one that’s been both.”

“Me neither.”

“Which leads me straight back to the original question: what now?”

Colt absentmindedly stroked her cheek. “It took us time to become friends, Indy. It took us a lot longer to start dating. I imagine it’ll take adjustments to bein’ lovers. If I had my way, we’d speed up that adjustment period together every minute we weren’t workin’, but that ain’t realistic. Let’s just take it week by week.”

“If we were together like that all the time, we might as well move in together or get married.”

They both froze.

India backtracked. “You know I didn’t mean it like that.”

“More’s the pity.”

Her head screamed, retreat! “Um. Wow. Look at the time. I have to go.”

Colt sat up and reached for the box of condoms on the nightstand. “Then let me have you once more, because I can’t get enough of you.”

She allowed him to kiss her but then she snatched the condom out of his fingers. “I am so all over bouncing on your cowboy pole…just as soon as we have a plan of attack for the next stage of our relationship.”

“You’re serious.”


“Fine. Monday night, we’ll go to a movie.” He grabbed the condom back and ripped the package open. “Tuesday night, we have a meeting, but afterward, let’s go to your place. You can show me your sex toy collection and I’ll prove why it’s so much better to have a man f**king you than plastic.” Colt rolled the condom on.

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