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Colt hit pause. “You okay?”

India shook her head.

“What’s wrong?”

“I hate losing a bet.” Then she attacked him. The popcorn bowl hit the floor. She bounced on his lap, kissing and biting and scratching like a wildcat.

He loved every f**king second of it.

“Hang on, lemme get this shirt off.”

“Hurry. Hurry, hurry, hurry.”

Somehow between India’s frantic kisses, he got rid of his boxers. Luckily he’d remembered to bring a couple condoms and he was suited up in no time.

“Fuck me, Colt, please.”

“Oh, I’m gonna f**k you. It ain’t gonna be sweet and easy.”

Colt turned her toward the TV. “Spread your legs. Grab onto the coffee table. Yeah, Indy, that’s sexy as hell.” The second his c**k touched the slippery core of her, he hissed.

He clicked back to the beginning of the scene and hit play.

Then he lifted her slightly and plunged in.

She pushed her hips back at him. “Again.”

Colt obliged her, keeping a relentless pounding rhythm. He looked up at the screen. The brunette was busy eating pu**y. “Does girl-on-girl turn you on?”

“Not usually. This scene is hot, but not as hot as the one where they’re all f**king her. Three men at once. I wonder what that—”

“As long as you’re with me, you’ll never know.” Colt released her hip so he could grip her hair and pull her ear back to his mouth.

“You and me, India. No one else. If you wanna know what it’s like to have every hole filled, I’ll stick a dildo in your ass and one in your cunt while my c**k is in your throat.”

India whimpered.

“Would you like that?”

She whimpered again.

He pulled her hair a little harder. “Answer me.”

“Yes, all right? I want to feel you in me everywhere, just you.”

He growled. “Do you want me touchin’ your clit or your ni**les?”

“My clit. Please. Rub on it like that woman is.”

Colt stroked in the identical rhythm on the big screen as he snapped his hips. “More?”

“I’m about to… Yes! That’s it.” She squealed and slammed back into Colt’s tunneling c**k with enough force the couch cushions shook.

The hot grip of her pu**y muscles around his cock, milking him, sucking at him, and the throbbing cadence of her pulse beneath his stroking finger, all proved too much.

Colt threw his head back and came with a primal roar.

When he returned from that otherworldly place where he existed only as pure sensation, he realized he’d clutched her hard enough to bruise her skin.

Not that she seemed to mind. India pushed up, dislodging his softening sex before she spun around and kissed him. A melding sweetness of raw emotion. She touched him, soothed him, and proved he hadn’t been wrong to fall for her because there was so much more to her than what met the eye. She was everything.

Everything. And finally, she was his.


“Colt,” she whispered, tugging on his earlobe with her teeth.

“Don’t get serious on me. This night, heck, the last two weeks, have been too amazing to ruin by dissection. We’re both guilty of doing it out of habit because of A.A. Just let it be, okay?”

“Okay. For now.”

Bad  p**n  music played in the background.

She eased back to look into his eyes, stifling a yawn. “I’m tired. Can we just crawl in your big comfy bed, snuggle up and go to sleep?”

There’d be no more confessions or revelations tonight.

Truthfully, that was probably for the best.

“Come on then, sleepyhead. Let’s get you a pair of socks,

’cause no way in hell are you puttin’ them cold feet on me.”

Chapter Fourteen

The front door slammed. A feminine voice called out, “I brought caramel rolls. They’re still warm. They have extra, extra caramel, just like you like ’em. And I’m hopin’ because I’m hand delivering your favorite breakfast sweet that you’ll sneak me some of that high octane coffee I smell brewing.” Chassie Glanzer screeched to a stop. “Holy crap. India? What’re you doin’ half-naked in Colt’s kitchen?”

“Hi Chassie.”

“I mean, wow, nice to see you. You caught me by surprise.”

“I sorta figured that.”

“Guess I oughta knock before I barge in next time. Not that it’s never mattered before since you’re the first woman I’ve seen in my cousin’s house for an overnight…ah hell, I’m makin’ a mess of this, aren’t I?”

“Forget it.” Although, India was secretly glad to see she wasn’t the only one who babbled from nerves.

“Where’s Colt?”

“In bed. I lost a bet so I had to get up and make coffee.” She’d sworn she couldn’t come from just the vibration of the water jets on her clit, but Colt had proven her wrong. Twice. Early morning Lorelei James

shower sex, with the oscillating water spray aimed just so…oh, what a way to lose.

“Colt is always up at the crack of nothin’, hard at work,”

Chassie said.

Was he ever up. And hard. Dammit, talk about a continual loop of sex on the brain. “He’s tired.”

“I’m glad.”

“You’re glad?”

“Yep. He’s been alone a long time.” Chassie set the metal, foil-covered pan on the counter. She turned and gave India a once-over, taking in Colt’s long-sleeved button-up shirt, her bare legs, and her mussed hair. “He needs someone like you.”

India resisted jerking the lapels closed, even when chances were good whisker burns and love bites decorated her skin alongside her tattoos. “Someone like me…meaning?”

“A woman who really knows him. And really likes him. And believes in him. And makes him happy. You do all that for him.”

“I do?”

“Come on, you had to have known how crazy he’s always been about you, India.”

“I swear I didn’t.”

“Well, then, you were the only one.”

Had she really been so blind?

“I suppose you’re wondering why I’m here at nine in the mornin’.”

“I hope our activities last night weren’t loud enough to wake up the neighbors and you’re coming to complain.”

“Nope. You’ll never hear me complaining about loud sex.”

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