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“This’ll make it a damn sight clearer of what I feel for you. I wanna touch you, Indy. Right here. With your back up to the wall. I wanna suck your ni**les through your flimsy shirt. Taste how anger changes the sweet flavor of your skin. When that ain’t enough contact, I’ll lift up your shirt so I can pull those pretty pink ni**les in my mouth, rollin’ my tongue around the hoops. I’ll suck hard, suck deep, suck for a good, long time.”

Colt’s words set her blood on fire.

“That ain’t all. I wanna go down on you. Yank off your jeans.

Rip aside your panties and finger you until you’re nice and wet.

Then I’ll drop to my knees and taste you. Gently at first. Lick a path from the top down to where you’re weepin’ for me.”

India’s knees threatened to buckle as he tormented her with erotic images.

“I’ll swirl the tip of my tongue around your opening, never going higher, sometimes slipping just a little too far back. Nipping that tasty tender flesh between your thighs with my lips and teeth.

Then I’ll jam my tongue as deeply inside you as it’ll go. I’ll do it again and again and again. Licking you from the inside out. But I’d stop.”

“No,” she whispered hoarsely.

“Yes. I’ll pull back and cool you down.” He blew a stream of air across her neck. Chills beaded her skin. “Can’t you feel it? My breath blowing on the hottest part of you?”


“When you can’t stand it, when you’re grinding your wet sex against my face, demanding release, then I’ll give you what you crave. My thumbs will spread you wide. I’ll set my mouth on you and I’ll suck until you explode on my tongue. And I’ll lap up your sweet juices like candy.”

India panted. She clenched her thighs together, hoping the pulsing tremors would break free into a full-fledged orgasm.

He dragged openmouthed kisses across her throat to her ear and whispered, “You still thinkin’ I ain’t good with words?”

She glimpsed fire burning in his eyes before he crushed her lips beneath his and kissed her until she thought her head would explode from the sheer hedonistic pleasure of it.

Eventually she recovered her sanity. “Is this some kind of game to see if you can get me hot and bothered?”

“You ain’t the only one who’s hot and bothered.” Colt released her right hand and placed it over his fly.

India felt his hardness straining against the zipper of his Wranglers. She stroked him until air hissed through his teeth. “Colt.

What are we doing here?”

“Goin’ straight to hell.”

“Then why doesn’t this feel wrong?”

“It isn’t. Stop.” Colt pushed back, putting a few feet between them. “I can’t do this again.”

“Do what?”

“Want you when I can’t have you and be miserable because I can’t stay away from you. I’ve tried. And what’s the first thing I do when I see you? Run the other direction? No. I haul you off and maul you.”

While India stared at him, he stared at the cement floor.

“I don’t want you to stay away from me, Colt.”

“Sayin’ stuff like that is not helpin’ this situation.”

“What will help?”

“I don’t know.” Colt left without another word.

India’s urge to cry was almost as strong as the one to run. Her fingers had circled the door handle to chase after him, when she heard a lilting voice say, “Colt?” on the other side of the door.

“Hey, Fallon. I was just comin’ to find you.”

“Really? Because I’ve been looking all over for you.”

Fallon? His date was named after a character on Dynasty?


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to run off.”

“But you did.” Pause. “What were you doing in that closet?”

Crap. They were so busted.

“Because someone told me they saw you and that tattooed woman sneaking in there together.”

That tattooed woman.

“Who told you that?”

“About half a dozen different people. Are you denying it?”

“Who’s to say those people might’ve been mistaken about what they’d seen, or what they thought they’d seen?” he countered.

Not exactly a lie on Colt’s part.

“Tell me the truth. Were you in there alone?”

The tension crackled through the wooden door slats and India held her breath.


“That’s what I thought. You were in there with her. When you were supposed to be on a date with me. People warned me about you, ‘Don’t go out with Colt McKay, he’s a womanizer and a player of the worst sort’ but did I listen to them? No.”

India’s stomach churned.

“Did you honestly believe no one would see you taking her into a supply closet for a quickie? Are you that much of a sex maniac?

Good Lord. You have to know I am not the kind of woman who does that sort of thing on the first date.”

Tell her you haven’t been on a date in your sober state. Tell her you haven’t had sex in three years.

He stayed mum.

“I cannot believe I thought you’d changed.”

“Live and learn, I guess,” Colt said bitterly. “You ready for me to take you home?”

She laughed. Cruelly. “Right. Like I’d be seen with you again.

It’s probably just as well I caught you cheating right away, rather than finding out later what kind of sneaky man you are. And if she’s  the kind of woman who lets you screw her in public? Then you two deserve each other.”

Her angry bootsteps faded down the hallway.

Colt didn’t call after her.

Poor Colt. India really had no idea what to do.

You could’ve defended him.

Yeah, popping out of the closet with her lips swollen from his hard kisses would’ve been a sure-fire way to defend Colt’s honor.

When India finally found the guts to open the door, Colt was long gone.

Chapter Seven

“I cannot believe I thought you’d changed.”

Story of his life in recent years.

Colt chinked his glass of Diet Coke to his reflection in the sliding glass door as a sarcastic self-toast. Well done. He wasn’t surprised Fallon had lashed out. He’d hurt her; her natural instinct was to strike back.

His natural instinct was to hole up with a bottle.

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