Rough, Raw, and Ready (Rough Riders 5) - Page 82

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“We’ll cross the baby bridge when we come to it.”

“Oh yeah? Ed brought up finances and you brushed him aside—”

“You weren’t just a woofin’ about her talkin’ something to death, were you, Trev?”

“Nope. Maybe we oughta gag her. There’s a bandana in the dining room.”

“Rope too,” Edgard said. “Let’s tie her hands so they’re not flailing around makin’ random tattoo designs.”

She huffed out a breath. “I’m serious. This is serious stuff, guys.”

“It is serious stuff. Life altering stuff.” Trevor’s strong fingers circled her wrist. “But there comes a point where you are beatin’ a dead horse, and, darlin’, you’ve reached it.”

Chassie looked to Edgard for support.

He shrugged. “I’m of the ‘less talk, more action’ school of thought.”

Nice sidestep, Ed. “How about we take the action upstairs to the bedroom and hammer out the rest of the details there?”

“Damn fine idea, Trev. I think you nailed it.”

They grinned at each other and Trevor thought it felt damn right and damn fine and was about damned time.

“You guys always gonna reroute every conversation around to sex?”

“Yep,” they said in unison.

Chassie sighed. “Neither of you have asked what’ll make me happy.”

“What’s that, baby?” Trevor murmured.

“A much bigger bed.”

“That’s it?” Edgard asked.


Trevor realized not every request would be so simple and easy to handle. There’d be problems and adjustments. But as he looked at the two people who were his entire world, who owned his heart, who soothed his soul, and who’d stand beside him no matter what, he knew he was finally ready for whatever rough challenges life threw at them.

“I’d say a bigger bed is a damn fine place to start.”

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