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“Jesus.” He stretched his arms above his head and pressed the side of his face to the mattress. The sheets smelled like Chassie. Like Edgard. Like them. Trevor breathed the enthralling scent deep into his lungs.

Light tongue flicks tantalized his hole, followed by hard-lipped nibbles and soft sucking.

Edgard was an expert at anal play and held nothing back. “I am such a slut for that.

Been so long.”

“I know. That’s why I love to do it.” Another wet flicker of his tongue over the pucker. “This whips you into that wheezing-whimpering-impatient-to-fuck state.” Edgard pierced his ass with one deep jab. He lapped at Trevor’s hole, teasing, and then plunging that wicked tongue deep again.

Trevor clutched handfuls of the sheet, bumping his hips back to meet every searching thrust. Pressure built in his balls and he desperately wanted to come. And not to come.

Edgard knew when to back off. He rubbed his jaw over Trevor’s cheeks and scattered kisses up the line of Trevor’s spine. A gentle scrape of teeth on his shoulder blades set Trevor’s body quaking. Hot breath in his ear. “Next time I’m gonna make you come like that. Right now, get the lube.”

“Damn you look good all stretched out on my bed,” Trevor said.

“You ain’t such a hardship yourself.” Trevor’s muscle-bound body always fascinated Edgard. The pale blond hair on Trevor’s brawny forearms was softer than the coarse hair covering his long legs. Yet, his upper torso was nearly hairless, with the exception of the golden trail leading to his crotch. Abs of steel, a result of Trevor’s insistence on three hundred core-strengthening crunches every morning—evidently a habit he’d maintained after he’d left the circuit. Old white scars stood out on his bronze skin like badges of honor or of shame. Freckles ranging in color from cinnamon to gold were scattered across his broad shoulders and down his broad back as testament to the sheer amount of hours Trevor spent in the sun.

The click of the cap of lubricant drew Edgard’s attention to Trevor’s face. He squirted gel on his palm and fisted his cock. Then he ran a line of gel down the seam of his index and middle fingers as he moved between Edgard’s legs.

Edgard pulled his knees back, exposing his entrance for Trevor’s pleasure. His c**k had gone rigid with arousal again and slapped against his belly.

“No foreplay. I want you so bad it hurts.” Trevor rubbed the cool gel on Edgard’s hole and pushed one finger in, and pumped it in and out a few times before wiggling the second one in beside it.

As much as Edgard craved Trevor’s tongue licking his ni**les, it was a serious turn on witnessing the vein below Trevor’s jawbone pop as his fingers repeatedly breached Edgard’s body. His sharp cheekbones were flushed with arousal. His lips—oh man, those pouty lips he’d dreamed about—were plumped and red from sucking Edgar’s cock. He was beautiful. Trevor was everything. Not a passing fancy, not an unattainable dream, but the man Edgard wanted to spend his life with.

“I’m ready, wanna feel you in me.” Edgard reached for Trevor, looping his arms around Trevor’s neck.

Trevor nailed Edgard’s gland a couple times and grinned when Edgard moaned, arching into his intimate touch. “Jesus you’re tight. Think you can take me hard?”

“I’ll take you any way I can get you.”

Then the fingers disappeared and Trevor levered his body over Edgard’s. The thick head of Trevor’s c**k brushed Edgard’s hole once before Trevor plowed in to the hilt.

Edgard hissed.

“Ah f**k.” Trevor lowered his face against Edgard’s neck. “I ain’t gonna last.

Blowin’ you and then the way you used that talented tongue has done me in, Ed.” He withdrew fully and plunged in, setting a rhythm that made it impossible to maintain a kiss.

Instead, Edgard settled for sucking the tendons in Trevor’s neck while pinching his pebbled ni**les. Trevor grunted his approval and slammed into Edgard harder.

“Next time I’m gonna take my time touchin’ you and lovin’ on you.” He gritted his teeth, looking down to watch his thick c**k tunneling in and out of Edgard’s ass.

Feeling the slickness on his stomach from his own cock, tasting the sweat running down Trevor’s straining throat made Edgard’s blood pump hotter. Witnessing the ecstasy on Trevor’s face had Edgard clamping down with his anal muscles every time Trevor’s pistoning c**k filled his ass. “Come on, Trev. Don’t hold back.”

“Never. Not ever again.”

“You ain’t gonna break me.”

Trevor growled. “Christ, I love f**king you.” His palms landed on Edgard’s kneecaps and he pushed Edgard flat as he let loose with all the raw power his body could offer. “Fucking.” Thrust. “Love.” Thrust. “You.” Thrust. Trevor tipped his head back; a moan burst from his mouth and his lips went slack. His eyes squeezed shut as his orgasm hit and he grunted and pounded harder, coating Edgard’s channel with jets of his hot come.

It was too much. Edgard took himself in hand, beating off until he shot his load all over his belly, biting his lip to keep from crying out his pleasure as Trevor took his.

Broken breaths filled the humid, sex-scented air.

Soon as Trevor opened his pretty eyes, Edgard urged him forward. His mouth teased across Trevor’s until his moist lips parted. Edgard swallowed his sweet breath, and his sweet words, indulging them both in a drawn-out, tongue-tangling kiss.

“I missed that.”

“Just the sex?”

“No. Just everything about you. Goddamn, my memories don’t come close to the reality of bein’ with you. Not even f**kin’ close.” Trevor nuzzled Edgard’s jaw, pressing wet kisses down the slope to his chin.

“Same goes. I could get used to this sweet talkin’.”

“Yeah? You always wanted them sappy kind of love words.”

“Maybe they have more impact now, Trev, because you actually mean them.”

“That I do. So, what we doin’ for our next monkey sex trick? I’m thinkin’ of a repeat of the one we did in Tulsa after we won first place, where you’re layin’ on your back, kinda spread-eagled. And I’m sittin’ on top of you, reverse cowgirl style as I’m bouncin’ on your pole.”

Edgard’s c**k twitched between them and Trevor laughed.

“Or a little sixty-nine action?” The very tip of Trevor’s tongue outlined the rim of Edgard’s ear. “Or maybe just with my head hangin’ off the end of the bed so you can redefine deep throatin’…’course, you’d be suckin’ on me too.”

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