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“Think about it.” Chassie scooted out of the booth. “I’m hittin’ the ladies room. I’ll meetcha out front.”

He and Edgard were lost in their own thoughts. Trevor studied the people in the diner going about their daily business. Running errands, waiting for calving season to start, worried about money, dealing with relationship issues. His gaze landed on a pair of older ranchers, heads bent together, deep in discussion. He wouldn’t assume they were anything but good friends. So who was to say those old gents hadn’t been f**king each other silly at every opportunity for the last forty years?

And who really cares?

It was arrogant to assume people would gawk at him and Edgard sitting together sipping coffee and judge them to be longtime lovers.

Besides, lots of guys maintained close friendships and shared a place to hang their hats. Buck, Colt and Kade McKay had bunked together for half a dozen years before Kade got married. Hell, Chassie’s cousins Remy and Chet West even built a house together. No one thought it odd.

A doubtful voice reminded him those examples were family. If Edgard moved in with him and Chassie permanently it’d be a topic of gossip all over the county.

Wouldn’t it? Especially if Edgard ignored the come-ons from local women who’d believe he was unattached? Or would the backlash come down on Chassie?

“Trev?” Edgard prompted. “I’ve been thinking about something.”

“What?” Trevor watched Edgard’s scarred fingers smoothing the folds in his paper napkin. He tried not to imagine those same fingers smoothing the zipper marks on Trevor’s cock, which was getting harder by the second.

“Chass has gone out of her way to push our buttons all morning, hasn’t she?”

Trevor glanced up and a warning pinged in his head. “Yeah, but I’ll admit that look in your eye scares me a little.”

“It should.”

“What’re you gonna do?”

Edgard’s confident smile glinted as dark and dangerous as a shark’s. “Push back.”

Chapter Twenty-three

Edgard waited until they’d loaded up at the grocery store and the feed store before he broached the issue of Little Mis-behavin’.

Chassie chattered between them in the truck, oblivious to the wicked looks Trevor and Edgard were exchanging behind her back. When she realized no one had spoken, she stopped talking. “What’s going on?”

Trevor removed his hand from Chassie’s thigh and placed it on the steering wheel.

“Do you remember me warnin’ you about teasin’ us in public?”

“And me telling you there’d be consequences in private?” Edgard added. “Time for your first disciplinary lesson.”

“What? No way. I thought you were kidding.”

“Darlin’, Edgard never jokes about that.”


“No buts. If you ain’t figured it out yet, he’s dominant.”

Chassie’s eyebrows drew together. “You mean he’s a top?”

“No. Trev and I switch off.”

“I’m confused.”

“I know, so that’s why I’m about to define dominant with a hands-on demonstration—using your hands.” Edgard cupped Chassie’s chin and forced her to look at him. “Undo Trevor’s jeans, then undo mine. You’re gonna give us both handjobs. At the same time.” His thumb swept across her bottom lip when her mouth opened. “That ain’t a request.”

She attempted to turn her head toward Trevor, probably hoping he’d dispute Edgard’s command, but Trevor merely grabbed her left hand and placed it on his crotch.

“Been lookin’ forward to this since breakfast, baby.”

“You guys planned this?”

“This and more.”

She choked, “More?”

“Yep.” Edgard angled sideways and put his mouth on her ear. “Show me whatcha can do. Make us fly apart at your touch. May seem like I’m the one in charge, but you’re the one with all the power.”

A little breathy moan burst from her lungs.

Chassie unhooked buckles, unzipped and peeled their jeans open, making sure the zipper teeth weren’t anywhere near the delicate skin. When she had a c**k in each hand she stroked steadily, from base to head.

“Get us wet with your mouth first.”

Chassie buried her face in Trevor’s lap.

“Oh. Yes, that’s it,” Trevor said.

“Now me.”

Chassie swiveled and sucked Edgard’s cock, letting her saliva coat the length.

“Enough,” he said gruffly. “Both of us.”

Again those strong fingers palmed his dick. Her thumb brushed the wetness on the crown with every pass and she used the pearly drops seeping from the tip for additional lubrication.

The sounds of her hands moving, skin slapping on skin, echoed in the cab. Tendrils of hair stirred around Chassie’s head as the heater vent blew directly on her face. Her eyes were closed, cheeks rosy, lips parted and thighs clamped together tight as she worked them over.

Edgard glanced over to see Trevor white knuckling the steering wheel. It was sexy as hell watching Chassie’s hand jacking Trevor off in the same rhythm Edgard felt on his own cock. “Did you teach her how to do this, Trev? Or is she just a goddamn natural?”

“Taught her,” Trevor panted. “But Chassie picked up some tricks on her own.”

“Damn you’re good at that, querida.”

Chassie made an affirmative noise, never faltering in her stroking motion.

“How close are you?” Edgard asked, starting to bump his hips, wanting, needing that explosive rush.

“Real close. Goddamn close. You?”

“Same.” Edgard lifted his hand to Chassie’s mouth, tracing her lips. “Suck my finger. Suck it like it’s my cock.”

Trevor did the same. “That’s it, baby. Suck ’em both together. Gives me an idea.

Wouldn’t that be something, Ed? Having both our dicks in her mouth at the same time?”

Edgard growled at the visual and how amazing that would feel.

The feel of Chassie’s warm, moist mouth, her rough tongue and Trevor’s thick finger rubbing alongside his inside that wet heat had Edgard’s balls drawing up.

He and Trevor said, “Faster,” at the same time. Her pace increased. Trevor groaned.

That sweet familiar sound of Trevor’s release and Edgard started coming, f**king Chassie’s tight fist, watching as his come coated her fingers. His free hand gripped her thigh and he held his breath until he damn near passed out.

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