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Chassie’s face heated, her breathing escalated and the wet shirt molded to her face, making it difficult to draw a lungful of air. “Trevor. Get this shirt off me. I’m suffocating.”

One fast yank and the shirt hit the carpet. She opened her eyes. Trevor’s face was flushed. His pupils were dilated so no color remained. Need pulsed off him and thickened the air.

“Want you, Chass. Want you bad.”

“Luckily you have me.” She reached for him.

“Uh-uh. Keep your hands above your head or I’ll get the ropes out.”



“What if I don’t wanna be bossed around today?”

“Tough. You’ll take whatever I dish out.”

Lord. He was in a mood.

He pushed off the bed, whipped his wet Wranglers and his pearl-snap shirt in a pile.

His beautiful naked body was back on top before she’d taken two breaths. His mouth crushed hers in a drugging kiss. He skimmed his rough-skinned hand across her belly and between her legs. Upon finding the inside of her thighs soaked, he dragged his lips free, growling, “You’re always so wet for me. That’s one of the things I love about you, Chass. I’m absolutely f**kin’ lovesick with everything you give to me, everything you are to me. In bed and out.”

His sweet, but reluctant confession surprised her.

Trevor wiggled two fingers into her pu**y and swirled them in her slick cream. He withdrew and plunged deeper, grinding the bony heel of his hand on her clit as he dove back in for another thorough taste of her mouth.

As Chassie rocked her pelvis, Trevor’s c**k left a slick trail on her hip. She wanted to circle her fist around that velvety male hardness, stroking until his ejaculate exploded on her stomach. She wanted to clamp her hands on his ass and force his c**k to replace his fingers.

Trevor wasn’t swayed by her pleading whimpers. He maintained complete control, building her to the pinnacle.

Every pulse point hummed on a different frequency. Chassie squeezed his fingers with her internal muscles.

He feathered openmouthed kisses to the base of her neck. “Come on, baby. You’re close.”

“Then use your mouth. Suck on me.”

“Later. You’re gonna come like this now.” Trevor rotated his hand, added a third finger and circled his thumb over her swollen clit, stroking and rubbing the spots in tandem.

The change from random to deliberate concentration sent her careening into a double-whammy orgasm. Her pu**y throbbed around his fingers, sucking them deeper with each spasm, while her clit pulsed beneath his thumb. When Trevor bit down on her right nipple, Chassie flat-out screamed.

Trevor scattered kisses across her br**sts. Followed by a lazy sweep of his tongue up her neck. His rapid exhalations stirred the hair by her ear when he murmured, “Better?”

“Mmm. Always better when you touch me.”

“Good. Roll over. I want your ass.”

His words sent dark excitement zipping through her again. He’d warned her from the start he was sexually demanding. If they became lovers, no part of her body was off limits to him. Ever. He’d f**k her pu**y, her mouth, her tits and her ass, whenever, wherever and as often as he pleased.

Chassie’s limited sexual experiences had in no way prepared her for Trevor Glanzer ruling her in bed. His concession to easing her into anal sex consisted of f**king her first with his fingers, then with a rubber dildo. Finally in a hard, fast, primitive manner that proved his complete possession.

It was heady stuff to be the focus of total sexual energy from a man such as Trevor; wickedly gorgeous, wickedly experienced and wickedly virile. Trevor pushed her boundaries and she trusted he’d never hurt her in his quest to bring her complete sexual satisfaction. Sometimes Chassie wondered what Trevor considered kinky.

“Come on, baby, roll over. Keep them arms above your head.”

As soon as Chassie was on her belly, Trevor hiked her hips into the air and kneed her stance wider. Then all that burning, brawny male flesh brushed the inside of her thighs.

His thumb swept across her hole, over and over, bringing those sensitive nerve endings alive. Making her want. Tingles shot up her spine until she trembled.

“You’re so sexy. This ain’t gonna be gentle.”

“I’m used to that by now.”

He flattened his tongue on her tailbone and licked straight up to the hairline.


“Hell no.”

His chuckle pealed in her ear, danced like electricity across her skin. Trevor spread cool, wet lubrication over the pucker, easing one finger in. The sound of his rapid breathing as his free hand slicked more lube on his c**k was beyond sexy.

Trevor’s finger slipped out. His plump cockhead circled her anus before he pushed it past the tight ring of muscle and all the way into her ass on a single glide. He hissed. He withdrew slowly, even when she sensed his entire body vibrating with the need to pound into her. “Never get used to how hot and tight you are. Never.” With her ass cheeks in his hands, spreading her completely open to his c**k and his hungry gaze, he rammed her with enough force the headboard smacked into the wall.

Chassie’s world boiled down to the basics. Male heat surrounding her and the burning friction from his powerful thrusts. The scent of his sweat and the underlying hint of her own musk. The continual bang bang bang of the headboard. The loud slap of skin on skin. Trevor’s rhythmic squeezing on her butt cheeks. Her fingers curled into the cotton sheets as he f**ked her into oblivion.

His heavy breathing turned into grunts. “So f**kin’ close. Bear down. That’s it. So goddamn good.” He shouted her name as he started to come, his pelvis slamming into her backside. Every thrust was punctuated with a loud groan, more animal than human.

Liquid heat burst inside her.

She loved every second of making this man lose control. Her hand slid between her legs. She stroked her swollen clit as her ass muscles milked his c**k and it wasn’t long before she was coming again. Trevor knew when her orgasm hit. When she cried out so did he. One last hoarse shout, and he quit moving.

She collapsed to the mattress with a sigh.

He layered his damp chest over her back and kissed the slope of her shoulder.

“I didn’t know being my cleaning slave turned you on so much.”

Trevor nipped her ear. “You turn me on. In every way imaginable.”

Time spent outside in the cold air always made her husband extra frisky. But it’d been different today. A sharper edge to his lust. A more desperate need. “Something definitely got into you today.”

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