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“He is a bit of a bastard,” Edgard said with mock sternness.

“Hey, I can’t help that I’m such a damn loveable bastard.” Trevor kissed Chassie’s forehead and rubbed his cheek against Edgard’s. “I have an idea. If you still wanna do this.”

Edgard made himself nod rather than shout out, Fuck yeah we’re still doing this.

“Flat on your back, Chass. Let’s prop your hips under a bunch of pillows. So I’m f**kin’ her like this and you’re behind me. That way she can see my face and yours, Ed.”

He refocused on Chassie. “Will that work, baby? So it ain’t like we’re pullin’ train on you and you’re in the lead car with no idea what’s goin’ on in the caboose? So you can look in my eyes and I can look in yours while we’re all lovin’ each other?”

Again, Edgard realized Trevor’s instincts were dead on when it came to his wife.

What had Trevor understood about him that he’d never bothered to share? What else had he assumed about this man but had never taken the time to verify? Edgard’s tendency to blame everything on Trevor had been part of the problem, a problem he hadn’t acknowledged until right now.

“That sounds way better than a mirror,” she murmured.

“I’ll grab the pillows from my room.” Edgard needed a second to clear his head. He paced, letting his conflicting emotions wash through him before he had to don the mask of casualness.

He returned to see Trevor’s face buried between Chassie’s thighs again, but he was on his knees, not flat on his belly. Edgard clutched the pillows to his chest until Chassie quit giggling and they both noticed him.

Talk about awkward. “Maybe I should…”

“Grab the stuff outta the nightstand while I finish proppin’ up this pretty pu**y.”

Trevor snatched the pillows.

Edgard’s anticipation was waning. Until he saw the brand of lubricant he and Trevor had always used. Strange, that a squeeze bottle of lube would bolster his spirits, but it did.

He turned around and Trevor was right in his face.

Trevor spread his hands over Edgard’s chest, digging his fingertips into the springy hair. “We seemed to have lost our momentum. Maybe this’ll get it back.” Trevor’s mouth ate at his as he rubbed their cocks together.

The swollen heads were bumping and sliding, mixing the slick beads of pre-come on bare bellies until Edgard couldn’t stand it. He wanted to bury his c**k in Trevor’s heat.

Feel Trevor’s body clamping around him. Hear the surprised moans rumbling from Trevor’s chest every time he nailed that gland as he rode him.

When Edgard began to grind with more force, Trevor broke away. His eyes said everything his mouth couldn’t.

“I’ll be gentle, meu amore.” Edgard brushed his lips over the shell of Trevor’s ear and whispered, “At least until you beg me not to be.”

Trevor shuddered.

Edgard wouldn’t be denied this bit of foreplay. He tugged on Trevor’s earlobe with his teeth, not bothering to hide his ragged breathing. “Get in position so I can touch you.”

Trevor levered his body over Chassie. He stole a kiss and her slender fingers curled into his shoulders as he pushed inside her.

While Chassie and Trevor rocked together, Edgard knelt in the space between Trevor’s calves and rolled on a condom. He squirted lube on his fingers and coated his cock.

Trevor’s beautiful, strong back, ridged with muscles, was stretched out before him like a feast. Edgard rubbed his stubbled cheek and chin over the arched section of Trevor’s lower spine, reacquainting himself with the feel and the scent of Trevor’s skin.

He slowly ran his tongue up Trevor’s backbone, refreshing his memory of the taste of Trevor’s sweat. In the years they were together, he always wanted to f**k Trevor before Trevor washed off the grime of rodeo, loving that distinctive dusty, salty, leathery tang.

Ignoring his own pounding heart, Edgard nipped the tips of Chassie’s fingers, still clutching Trevor’s shoulders. He traced the path of Trevor’s spine down, not stopping at the cleft of his ass, but zeroing in on that puckered hole.

Even as Trevor automatically clenched, he tipped his hips up, wanting more. Edgard swept his finger over the most sensitive portion of the outer ring of muscle. When he felt that pucker relax, he slipped just one finger in.

Trevor lifted his head from Chassie’s neck and groaned.

Didn’t take long before one finger became two. It also didn’t long for Trevor to start thrusting back instead of forward.

He removed his fingers and kissed the scars on Trevor’s back. The one from Tulsa.

The one from Cheyenne. When Edgard reached the one he’d given Trevor in Denver, courtesy of a broken beer bottle and his temper, he dragged his mouth over it several times. Edgard pushed back to his knees and, without warning, grabbed a butt cheek in each hand, pulled them apart and fit himself into Trevor’s ass in a single smooth glide.

They both hissed.

When Edgard began to thrust, he followed the rhythm Trevor had set with Chassie, long and slow. Too slow.

Chassie gasped, “Trevor, move faster.”

That’s when Edgard knew to cut loose. His strokes grew deeper. He curled his hand on Trevor’s hips for leverage. Needing a deeper angle, he slid his left palm up to Trevor’s shoulders only to encounter another hand. Chassie’s.

Their passion-fueled gazes clashed and she laced their fingers together and they held on to the man they loved. Edgard’s head spun at the eroticism of f**king Trevor while holding Chassie’s hand and looking into her eyes.

“Shit. More. Ed. Come on. I’m f**kin’ close.”

Edgard pulled all the way out of that clenching channel and slammed in. Once.

Twice. Thrice. Four deep strokes. Trevor’s anal muscles became vise-like, clamping down on Edgard’s c**k as he pumped into Chassie.

Chassie arched beneath Trevor, grinding her sex side-to-side until she came with a surprised gasp.

The visual and physical stimulation was too much and Edgard came in a long groan of satisfaction, his c**k motionless inside Trevor as those tight muscles did all the work, milking every hot spurt. Edgard rested his head in the space below Trevor’s neck, rubbing his cheek over the damp skin, letting that salty scent coat his face. When his breathing leveled out, he licked Trevor’s hairline, placing a kiss below his ear. “Still good as ever,” he murmured and slowly pulled out of that molten heat.

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