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Edgard’s eye caught Trevor’s and the pure heat caused his desire to escalate and his c**k to harden.

Still, Trevor held that split-second of doubt. Was Chassie doing something that’d hurt her in the long run just because she knew it was what he wanted now?

The greedy part of his brain screamed, Why are you questioning her motives when she’s given you a goddamn green light—go go go!

“You understand if I start touchin’ him tonight, I won’t be able to stop.”

Chassie nodded.

“Good.” Edgard softly kissed Chassie’s hand and set it on the table. He stood. Before he even turned toward Trevor, Trevor was out of his chair and on him.

Their mouths met in a furious kiss. Trevor trapped Edgard’s face in his hands. He inhaled Ed’s whole mouth like a sumptuous feast, making up for the mere crumbs he’d tasted the day before.

For the longest time they remained plastered body-to-body in a deep lip lock.

Reacquainting themselves with the urgency of long denied desire and endless, unstoppable kisses.

Edgard pulled away with a gasp, resting his forehead to Trevor’s. His entire body shook. He clutched Trevor’s arms as the breath sawed in and out of his lungs.

Trevor smoothed his hands over Edgard’s silken hair, repeating, “It’s okay.”

“I wanted…I needed…”

“I know.”

“I never thought…”

“Me neither.”

“I’m…I can’t believe…”

“Same goes.” He traced the shell of Edgard’s ear with his thumb. “I’m here. We’re both here.”

Edgard seemed to regain control. He lifted his head and pressed his mouth to Trevor’s. “Let me have you first.”

Trevor’s belly muscles tensed with anticipation and his c**k jerked against his zipper.

“Now.” Clasping their hands together, Edgard led them out of the kitchen and into the living room.

The fluorescent bulb in the ceiling bathed the room in bright white, making Trevor feel as if he’d stepped from the darkness into another reality.

They stopped in the center of the room in front of the couch. Trevor heard the springs squeak a second later, but when he turned to see if Chassie had followed them, Edgard’s fingers on his jaw kept him facing forward, facing only Edgard.

His gut clenched. It was impossible to look away from Edgard’s triumphant eyes.

“Do you know how many times I jacked off to this fantasy? Trying to decide what I’d do to you first if I ever had the chance again?”

Trevor shook his head.

“Sometimes I rip your shirt open, sucking your ni**les while I give you a handjob.”

Edgard placed his lips on the side of Trevor’s neck. “Sometimes I get your jeans down around your knees, then rub our cocks together until we both shoot on your belly. But the one I wanna fulfill now? Having your c**k in my mouth.” Edgard’s breath drifted hot and damp over the collar of Trevor’s shirt before he stepped back. “Clothes off.”

The plain white T-shirt sailed over Trevor’s head. He managed to unbuckle his belt.

His knit boxers hit the floor the same time as his jeans and he kicked them away. Last thing to go were his socks. Then Trevor stood naked in front of Edgard, his c**k erect, his face flushed, waiting and wanting.

“Ranch work agrees with you.” Edgard flattened his palms on Trevor’s pecs and held them there for a second before slowly sliding his hands to Trevor’s ribs, landing solidly on his hips. Amidst openmouthed kisses Edgard murmured, “I wanna keep kissing you. I wanna keep touching you.”

“I’m good with that.” Trevor felt rough-tipped fingers roving down the outside of his leg and his c**k twitched when Edgard dropped to his knees in front of him.

Firm male lips tickled the coarse hair on his thighs, back and forth in an erotic arc until Trevor trembled. “You like that.”

“You know I do.” Trevor grabbed his c**k with his right hand and Edgard’s hair with his left, forcing Edgard to look up. Brushing the sticky cockhead over Edgard’s parted lips, he said, “You wanna suck it, you’re gonna suck all of it.” He cupped Edgard’s jaw, pushing his chin down and slid his shaft in halfway.

A moan reverberated up the length of his dick. While Edgard sucked, he slipped one hand between Trevor’s legs.

Trevor withdrew, warning, “No ass play. No strokin’ my balls. Mouth on my cock, hands on my thighs.”

“Whatever you want.”

“Open wide.” His hips snapped and he was buried balls deep in that blistering wet heat. Trevor didn’t move, he gave himself permission to feel. Edgard’s lips stretched around the base of his c**k and his tongue stroked the underside of his shaft. The warmth of Edgard’s body radiating from beneath his clothes. The need to create that explosive friction had Trevor pulling back with the intention of slamming deep.

But Edgard wasn’t ready to release him. He sank his teeth into the hard flesh just enough to keep Trevor’s c**k in place, digging his fingers into the tops of Trevor’s thighs.

Trevor growled. He absorbed the sensations, the liquid heat surrounding his c**k increased as Edgard’s mouth filled with saliva.

Finally Edgard swallowed. The movement constricted the muscles around the head of his c**k at the back of Edgard’s throat and sent a shockwave to his balls.

“Christ. Like that. Again.” Trevor held perfectly still, allowing for that mouthwatering buildup as his c**k throbbed.

This time Edgard swallowed with more gusto.

Trevor groaned, sliding his hand down Edgard’s face, sweeping his thumb across the hollowed section of Edgard’s cheek. “No more teasin’ me.” When Edgard’s eyes glittered with that same overriding need, Trevor whispered, “Not a power thing. Because I’m dyin’ for my turn.” He pulled out slowly, prolonging the light scrape of teeth on the underside of his shaft.

“Hard. Hard and fast,” Edgard panted. “Like you used to, like you want to.”

Curling his hands around Edgard’s head, he yielded to lust. Every rapid, wet stroke brought him to the point of detonation. When his legs wobbled, Edgard steadied him even as that clever mouth destroyed him. His balls nearly disappeared they drew up so high and tight.

“Close. Jesus. Ed. Please. God. Now.” Trevor realized he had a death grip on Edgard’s head and let his left hand fall to his side.

Edgard never missed a beat as he reached for Trevor’s hand and threaded their fingers together, resting their joined hands on Trevor’s thigh.

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