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Chassie’s eyes wandered to the shadow in the corner when she heard a soft half gasp/half groan. Edgard’s fist made a slap slap slap sound and then stilled as ropes of come jetted out of the end of his c**k and splatted to the dirt floor.

Trevor abandoned the tantric trick and pushed her at a deeper angle over the haybale as he f**ked her like an animal and came with a roar.

The altered pace unleashed vibrations in her clit, her pu**y, her ni**les, and her anus. She literally sobbed, unable to breathe, to think, to move, wanting the sensations to stop. Wanting them never to stop.

Trevor murmured sweet words in her hair. He pulled out of her body and se**n trickling down the inside of her leg brought her back to sanity.

When Chassie opened her eyes and looked to the shadows, Edgard was gone.

But he was far from forgotten.

Chapter Six

Trevor was standing by the fence, untangling a pile of ropes he’d unearthed in the horse trailer, when he heard the gate to the corral squeak open. He didn’t bother to turn around because he sensed who’d tracked him down.


Big surprise. How he’d managed not to be alone with the man for the last two weeks was a minor miracle. He automatically tensed when the plodding footsteps stopped behind him. “Something wrong with Meridian?”

“No. She’s fine.”

“Then whatcha need?”

“What the f**k is this?”

Trevor didn’t rise to the bait, as he hadn’t for the last several days. Calmly, he asked,


“This.” Edgard threw the pristine, custom-made saddle on the ground within Trevor’s peripheral view.

Shit. How had Edgard found it? And why in the hell had that bastard gone snooping around instead of figuring out what was wrong with Meridian like he’d promised?

“Trev? I asked you a question.”

“You know damn good and well what it is, Ed.”

“I figured you would’ve gotten rid of it by now.”

“Well, I didn’t.”

Edgard practically growled, “That don’t tell me why you still have it. That don’t tell me nothin’.”

Trevor turned his face toward the opposite fence to gaze across to the mountains. His reasons for keeping the saddle seemed sentimental, sloppy and stupid now, but he’d be damned if he’d share those reasons with anyone, least of all Edgard, the man responsible for those feelings.

Bootsteps made a sucking sound in the muck of the corral as Edgard closed the short distance between them. “I ain’t gonna drop it. Answer me.”

“Fine. You said I could do whatever I wanted with it. So I kept it.”

“You didn’t use it at all, did you?”

Trevor shook his head, keeping his eyes averted.

“Why not?”

“I have plenty of other saddles, saddles I like better.”

“That’s a piss-poor excuse. Try again.”

He stayed mum, wishing the damn mud would open up and swallow him like a sinkhole.

“Were you hoping if you kept it I’d come back?”

Trevor’s heart said yes but his mouth stayed tight as a rusty hinge.

“Answer the f**king question, Trevor.”

Edgard’s arrogant streak snapped Trevor’s forced patience. “What do you want me to say? It’s obvious I saved the goddamn saddle.”


“Because it reminded me of you, all right?” He kicked a chunk of mud and stalked away. “Fuck this and f**k you.”

Edgard rattled off something in Portuguese, something Trevor vaguely remembered as being a plea. Or was it a threat?

Dammit. His feet stopped. Trevor’s gaze zeroed in on Edgard, who’d circled him until they were standing less than a foot apart.

“Tell me why.”

Be cruel, that’ll nip this in the bud once and for all.

“I didn’t keep the f**kin’ thing because I had some girlish goddamn hope you’d come back lookin’ for it like Cinderella’s lost glass slipper, and we’d pick up where we left off after you left me.” He locked his eyes to the liquid heat in Edgard’s, not allowing the man to look away. “Especially after you made it crystal clear you weren’t ever comin’ back.”

Angry puffs of breath distorted the air between them.

Several beats passed before Edgard retorted, “But I am here now, aren’t I?”

“What? Am I supposed to be flippin’ cartwheels about that fact? I don’t know what you want from me, Ed. Take the saddle back if that’ll make you happy. I’ve got no use for it. I never did.” Angry, disgusted with himself, Edgard, and the whole uncomfortable situation, Trevor spun and walked toward the barn.

Edgard laughed—the taunting, soft laughter that was guaranteed to raise Trevor’s hackles and his ire. “It’s that easy for you? To get pissed off and walk away?”

“Yep. You’ve got no right to act so goddamned surprised since it’s a trick I learned from you, amigo.”

Not two seconds later, the air left Trevor’s lungs as Edgard tackled him to the ground. Trevor rolled to dislodge the man from his back; Edgard countered, took a swing and missed. Trevor bucked and twisted his shoulders, but Edgard anticipated the move and used the momentum against Trevor to try and shove Trevor’s face against the fence.

Before Edgard cornered him and held him down completely to land a punch, Trevor rolled again and pushed to his feet. A noise echoed behind him, but he ignored it as he fisted his hands in Edgard’s shearling coat, dragging him upright until they were nose to nose.

“What the hell has gotten into you?”

Edgard attempted to jerk back. Trevor held tight.

“This is why you came here?” he yelled in Edgard’s face. “To sucker punch me and knock me in the f**kin’ dirt?”


“Then what?”

Edgard didn’t move. He just breathed hard and stared hard at Trevor without flinching.

Trevor’s rapid breaths sliced the cold air but couldn’t cut through the icy tension.

“Answer me, goddammit.”

“I came here for this,” Edgard said angrily, wrapping a hand around Trevor’s neck and smashing their mouths together.

The shock of Edgard’s insistent lips caused Trevor to open his mouth in protest, which played perfectly into Edgard’s plans as he jammed his tongue right into Trevor’s mouth.

Damn damn damn. His token resistance was just that—a momentary struggle with guilt as his body reminded him it’d been an eternity, a f**king lifetime, since he’d lost himself in Edgard’s hungry kiss. Trevor’s willpower vanished as the velvety smoothness of Edgard’s lips slid against his, coaxing, teasing, demanding a reaction.

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