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“Hey, girl.” Chassie held out her hand. “It’s okay. Come on. Come over here.”

Meridian didn’t move.

Normally whenever Chassie showed up, Meridian pranced right up to her. Not so today. “Is she okay?”

“For now. We’ll have to see. That’s why I brought her in. I didn’t trust that she wouldn’t run off to that grove of trees she’s so partial to.”

No amount of coaxing would bring Meridian any closer.

“Forget her. I have something else I wanna show you.” Trevor snagged her hand and half-dragged her to the tack room. “Ta-da.”

A big mound of tangled ropes and reins were piled in the middle of the room.

“What’s all this?”

“I finally cleaned out the horse trailer. Lookit what I found. Hell, I forgot I even had half this stuff.”

Lined up alongside the snake-like pile were saddles, spurs, spurs and more spurs.

Saddle blankets. Flank straps. Bits. Bridles. Brushes. Halters. Lead ropes. It looked like they’d opened a Western tack store.

“What’re you gonna do with all this?”

“Separate it out. See what’s worth keepin’, what’s worth sellin’ and what needs hauled to the burnin’ barrel.”

Chassie glanced over at him. “Is this a project that requires my help?”

“Nah. Just tryin’ to tie up a few loose ends. Been a pigsty and I needed to reorganize it because I won’t get a chance when calvin’ starts.” Then Trevor stepped in front of her, forcing her to look up at him. “I found something else you’ll like.”

“Is it a candy bar? ’Cause, I’m jonesin’ for a big chunk of chocolate.”

“Nope.” He snatched a braided purple rope from the slats. “Feel this. Isn’t it soft?

You’ll appreciate that, trust me.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because it won’t mark your skin.” Trevor eliminated the short distance between them. “Now’s the time for you to make it up to me for playin’ hooky with another man.

Put your hands behind your back.”


“I can use one of the scratchier ropes to tie you up if you’d prefer?” She shook her head. “Good. Wrists together, behind your back.”

Chassie complied. Might not be politically correct, but she was secretly thrilled when he demanded her sexual obedience.

Trevor moved behind her and wound the rope tight—but not too tight. “Let’s go out in the main room, where there’s a little more hay.”

“Hay for what?”

“As a cushion for your knees.”

Chapter Five

Trevor hooked a finger in Chassie’s front belt loop and led her to two rectangular haybales stacked together. He tossed his Carhartt jacket on the ground and faced her with a devilish smile. “Whatcha waitin’ for, darlin’?”

“I’m gonna suck you off right here?”

“Yep.” His fingers went to his belt and he slid the leather strap from the belt loop, yanking the buckle away.

She seemed mesmerized by the jerky, impatient action.

“Chassie,” he said sharply.

Obediently she dropped to her knees right in front of him with her back to the door.

“Good girl.”

The heavy silver buckle dangled on one side, the finished end of the buffalo skin on the other side. He popped the button on the waistband, watching her face as he worked the zipper. With the fabric sides separated, Trevor tugged the jeans down past his hips, groin and thighs to his knees, leaving him in navy blue boxer briefs.

The patches of shadow in the building made her hazel eyes appear enormously large.

Trevor ran his right index finger over her strong jawline. “So obedient.” He rotated his right hand and cupped her jaw. His left hand positioned his c**k in front of her mouth.

Those pale lips opened. Chassie looked up at him for direction.

“Suck the head.” The shock of that warm, wet heat enclosing the sensitive skin caused his dick to jerk against her top teeth. He hissed.

Chassie kissed the small nick before she licked the thick rim. First with just the tip of her tongue, barely there whips of heated velvet intensified by her shallow breaths drifting over the wetness.

Chills raced from the nape of his neck to his tight balls. Trevor heard a noise and looked away from the sexy sight of his wife sucking his cock. It’d be easy to miss the outline of a man in the darkened corner by the door, but Trevor was attuned to him.

Edgard shifted to the side and stared straight into Trevor’s eyes.

There it was, that challenge. Show me.

It’d always driven Edgard crazy to see a woman blowing Trevor. Sometimes Edgard demanded Trevor bring one of the buckle bunnies into their sex games, just to watch Trevor’s body move as he f**ked the woman. Edgard participated on occasion, but normally he’d whack off while Trevor had his c**k in the woman’s throat. Or in her pu**y. Then as soon as the woman left, Trevor was either on his knees servicing his demanding male lover, or spread-eagled on the bed while Edgard reamed his ass.

Golden eyes glowed feral as a cat’s in the darkness as Edgard slid his hand down his own chest, to the crotch of his jeans. His palm drew circles over the bulge beneath the zipper and his breath puffed out in clouds of steam.

Don’t let him in this moment between you and your wife.

But the reality of Edgard watching them had Trevor’s c**k rivaling concrete for hardness. He glanced down at Chassie. Shoulders thrown back, eyes closed, lips stretched around his prick. So beautiful. So willing. He wrapped her thick braid around his palm and pulled. “Faster.”

Chassie increased the rhythm without hesitation.

Trevor clutched her head and snapped his hips, driving his c**k all the way in her saliva-slick mouth. Her lips tightened as he pulled out. She increased the suction, knowing exactly how he liked it—tight and wet. “Oh yeah.” Trevor’s heart thundered, droplets of sweat forming on his forehead, even in the cold.

The harder he pumped into Chassie’s mouth, the faster Edgard’s hand stroked.

A tingle began in his spine and zoomed to his balls like a zip line. He loved this part.

The buildup. When every muscle in his body went rigid with anticipation.

Trevor didn’t bother to hide the thoughts as he returned Edgard’s stare. Don’t you wish it was you on your knees in front of me? Pulling these guttural moans from my throat? Sucking down the taste of me?

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