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His balls tightened. “You’re keepin’ me nice ’n wet. It’s so f**kin’ hot feelin’ your mouth all warm and slippery. You like doin’ this to me, doncha?”

Skylar nodded even as her head bobbed.

“See how deep you can take me.”

She breathed through her nose as he eased in until her lips were pressed to his pelvis and he was buried in that beautiful throat.

“Yes.” He withdrew. “Again.” His damn knees shook with the need to come. He returned to shallow, quick strokes. Kade grabbed her right hand and circled it around his dick at the base. He lifted her chin so he could see her eyes. “Jesus. You should see the look on your face. So goddamn wanton you steal my breath, woman.” He swept his thumb across the tantalizing line of her jawbone. “Stroke me with your hand while you’re suckin’ me.”

“Like this?” She pumped his shaft from root halfway up the length a couple of times.

“Not so tight. There. Christ. Like that. Oh f**k, exactly like that.”

When Sky brought her mouth into play with her hands, the hot, wet suctioning concentration on the sensitive cockhead, he began to bump his hips, needing this submission from her. He threaded his fingers into her soft hair and the cool scent of rain-soaked flowers, an aroma uniquely hers, filled his lungs.

“God your mouth is so… Almost there. Faster. Yeah. Come on come on come on.

Shit. There it is, open, wider, ahh, yes. Suck. More. Harder.” Kade resisted thrusting deep into her throat by releasing her hair and clenching his fists at his sides. His head fell back as liquid fire shot out of his balls and up his throbbing shaft. His c**k spasmed in hot bursts on her tongue that slid down her throat as she gulped every spurt.

Sheer heaven.

After the last pulse tapered off, Skylar let him slip from her mouth. She nuzzled his thigh and kissed the vulnerable skin between his hipbones on her way to rub her cheek against the inside of his other leg.



He looked at her as she stared up at him. “You’re beautiful.”

Her lips were fuller, redder, and ripe for kissing. They were also curved into what resembled a smirk.

“Why you smirkin’ at me?”

“Because I never liked doing that before. Never thought I was very good at it.”

He murmured, “I beg to disagree.”

“It was different with you, Kade.”

“Why do you think that is, sweetheart?”

“Because you told me exactly what you wanted.”

“Is that all?”

She thought about it and shook her head.

“You got nothin’ to lose by bein’ honest.”

“The truth is, sucking you off, making you go a little crazy, knowing I was taking you there was as much of a turn on for me as it was for you.”

Her admission made him grin like a loon. “You still turned on?”


He lifted her to her feet. She insisted on helping him get redressed, not in a sexual way, but in a sweetly intimate way. Buttoning, smoothing, straightening his shirt across his chest. The kind of fussy motions a wife might perform for her husband.

Kade managed a husky, “C’mere.” He clamped his hands on her ass to make sure she stayed put. He took his time kissing her, loving the way she unconsciously rubbed and arched into him. After indulging himself with a thorough taste of her too-tempting neck, he whispered, “I want you imaginin’ all the places I’m gonna touch you tonight when we get home. However I please. Wherever I please. As long as I please. You wonderin’ where I’ll start?”


“Could be I’ll spread you across the back of the couch and lick you from here—”

Kade ran his thumbs from her tailbone up to her nape, “—to here.”

She shivered and released a tiny moan.

“Maybe I’ll start with bitin’ your toes. Or maybe I’ll be so crazy to feel your pretty snatch grippin’ my c**k that I’ll pin you to the floor in the hallway and f**k your brains out. Right there on that flowered rug.” He blew in her ear. “No matter what scenario I choose, Skylar, remember I get to decide when you come. Not you.”


“I can tell you want to come right now. Can’t you almost feel my fingers strokin’ your wet pu**y? One, then two pushin’ deep? You ridin’ my hand so my palm is teasin’ your clit? Your moans are urgin’ me to go faster, to press harder, to sink deeper?” His teeth lightly scored the outside of her ear. “Are you throbbin’ between your legs?”

“God. Kade. Please.”

“Soon. But don’t be sneakin’ into the bathroom to get yourself off because I’ll know.

And I will not be a happy camper, darlin’, because I want you to be primed for everything I can give you tonight. Promise me.”

Skylar panted against his neck. He heard her swallow hard. “I promise.”

“Good enough.”

Skylar’s skin was so hypersensitive she feared a single touch, even an accidental brush of Kade’s callused finger on her hand would send her careening into an orgasm. In public.

Her first thought was to put distance between them. Get Eliza and come up with an excuse to leave. Since Kade had to unload the horses at Colt’s before he came home, she’d have time to find a semblance of composure before the man set to breaking it down again.


She blinked. “What?”

“You wanna wander around and wait for the presentation of the buckles and awards?

Colt and I did finish in the money.”

Her neck flushed in memory of Kade on a horse. Of Kade with a rope. His power, grace, concentration and speed. She could not wait to have all of that completely focused on her. “I never said congratulations on second place. You’ve gotta be happy.”

“Not bad for two ranchers who haven’t team roped for years.”

“You guys looked damn good. Although, I did lose twenty bucks to your cousin Chassie.”

Kade’s eyes widened. “You bet on me?”

“I wasn’t gonna bet against you.”

“That’s so damn sweet.” He smiled. “C’mere and give me some sugar.”

“Huh-uh. We don’t need any additional rumors flying about us.”

“What rumors?”

“Besides the one we’re living in sin?”

“Which is your fault, sweetheart, ’cause I’ve asked you to marry me. More than once. Try again.”

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