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And why in the world was she half-undressed? Carnal images bombarded her. Kade.

Stretching her out on top of him. Touching her. Bringing them both to a shuddering orgasm.

It hadn’t been a dream…had it?

The old pipes rattled, signaling Kade was in the shower. Why was he up so early?

Probably washing up after he came all over your back and his belly.

Her hand flew to the base of her spine. Dry. Not sticky. She patted the bed behind her. Warm. Not wet.

Not real. A dream.

Why did disappointment jab her in the gut?

Because you’re too much of a chickenshit to admit Kade McKay turns you on beyond reason. And the last thing you want is a gentleman in your bed; you’d prefer a wild man.

Not her first raunchy dream starring the hot rancher. She still remembered the hot dream from last week where he’d stripped her naked, shoved her to her knees, and bound her wrists behind her back with a soft leather strap. Then Kade’s hands impatiently twisted in her hair as his c**k shuttled in and out of her mouth. Saliva poured down her chin, between her bared br**sts, trickling down her belly to mix with the wetness glazing her inner thighs.

Kade recited a play-by-play in that husky voice of how sexy that she was submissive before him, never allowing her a choice of what he expected from her. But even in the dream she’d been greedy, lost in the slick feel of his c**k rubbing over her tongue, scraping against the roof of her mouth, stretching her lips as she sucked hard enough to make him lose his mind.

And rather than give her the prize she’d earned, he denied her his taste, pulling out as he climaxed, coming on her chest in long creamy spurts. His eyes glittered with satisfaction as his seed dripped off her hard ni**les.

In the next dreamscape, she was blindfolded, straddling his thighs on a kitchen chair—he’d immobilized her hands with a thick rope. Kade f**ked her slowly, sucking and biting her ni**les, driving her insane with the heat and wetness of his mouth. Sky was on track to the most explosive orgasm of her life when she woke up.

Maddening. How sad was it that not only was she sexually frustrated in real life, but in her dreams too? And what was up with her kinky bondage fantasies?

She’d never get back to sleep now. She shimmied into her pajama bottoms and scooted off the bed. After checking on Eliza, she crept down the hallway.

The bathroom door was ajar. Odd. Kade always closed it. Maybe she should see if he was okay.

See if he wants coffee.

See if he’s naked.

See if he needs a towel.

Screw the towel. See if he needs you to lick the moisture off every square inch of his wet, ripped body.

Sky eased the door open. Rather than startle him by shouting over the sounds of running water, she’d wait until he shut off the taps.

The clear shower curtain, dotted with red umbrellas and yellow ducks, offered very little coverage. Thank the shower curtain gods for that bit of foresight.

Speaking of gods… Man. She’d never seen Kade completely bare-assed. She’d seen him half-dressed in cut-offs and tight T-shirts. Lately he’d strolled around bare-chested.

But she’d never witnessed him wearing nothing but his skin.

Which was a damn crying shame.

He’d braced his left forearm on the wall below the showerhead. Water streamed over his dark hair, dripping on the chiseled lines of his face. Rivulets trickled down the back of his neck, disappearing into the indentation of his spine. A few water droplets beaded on his muscular shoulders. Soapy drops flew off his wrist and splattered against the shower curtain.

Her gaze was drawn downward as his hips pushed forward. The muscles on his right side were strung tight, bunching and flexing with each movement of his arm. The long, thick muscle between his legs was clutched in his fist. His hand moved rapidly.


Oh wow. Kade was jacking off. Right in front of her. He was so intent on the task at hand he hadn’t noticed her.


She should leave, sneak out, forget she’d stumbled upon such an intimate moment.

But she couldn’t tear her eyes away from him, lost in self-pleasure. It was the sexiest thing she’d ever witnessed, the contour of his brawny body tensed in anticipation.

Hearing his indecipherable mutters as his hand flew faster and faster over his cock.

Her heartbeat spiked. Blood pulsed in her throat, and her ni**les, but mostly between her legs.

The scent of lemon sage soap and steam and Kade swirled around her until she was dizzy with want. Why couldn’t she climb in with him and finish the job? Using her hands, her body, her mouth to bring him over the edge?

Just as she’d decided to doff her pajamas, Kade’s neck arched. A low grunt bounced off the tiled walls and his movement slowed. Water beat on his face as he stilled and savored his orgasm.

Talk about sexy. But not nearly as sexy as when Kade said her name. Startled, her eyes zoomed back to his profile, expecting to be busted for her voyeurism. But Kade’s eyes were squeezed shut. He’d said her name, not because he’s seen her, but because he’d been thinking of her as he’d masturbated.

Sexual need like she’d never experienced dimmed her vision and thickened her blood.

Maybe the gentleman was a wild man.

Maybe he’s exactly the kind of man you need.

Maybe you should quit dreaming and supposing and just flat-out ask him.

Skylar slipped out as quietly as possible.

Chapter Seven

“You ain’t complainin’ about bein’ tied down with a kid and all that shit now?”

Tied down. As if. Eliza had turned his world upside down, but she hung the moon and the stars as far as Kade was concerned. He was absolutely head over heels for his little Miz Eliza Belle Ellison McKay. Thinking about her sweet face, big inquisitive eyes, toothless grin and plump cheeks filled him with so much pride and love, he was damn close to bursting out in song.

“No complaints,” Kade said.

“Really? So how’s diaper duty?”

“Ain’t any worse than shovelin’ hot cow shit.”

Kane snorted. “If you say so.”

His brother’s sarcastic comments about Eliza were getting tiresome. Kade rested his forearm across the posthole digger handle and tried to rein in his temper. “What’s that supposed to mean?”


“I’m serious. Why you always sayin’ shit like that, Kane?”

“Maybe you oughta be askin’ why you’re so touchy about it. I can’t say nothin’ lately without you bitin’ off my head, bro.” Kane continued to fiddle with the coil of barbed wire and wouldn’t look at him.

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