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Cord curbed his response, you can ride me any time, any place, as long as you want, cowgirl, and cleared the lust from his throat. “Yeah.”

The band announced the next tune, Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind” and AJ

shook her head at yet another eager, happy-handed cowboy approaching her for a dance.

“Thanks for the offer, but no.”

“You sure? You’ve been drinkin’ pretty heavily the last couple of hours. Probably shouldn’t be drivin’.”

“How would you know how much I’ve been drinking?”

“Because I’ve been watchin’ you. Closely. Every step and every sip, darlin’. I couldn’t take my eyes off you and you damn well know it.” Her confidence slipped; he moved in. “You like that I’ve been watchin’ you, sweet Amy Jo.”

“AJ,” she corrected softly.

“You like that I’ve been watchin’ you, sweet AJ.”

“So while you were watching, did you see anything you liked, McKay?”

“Oh yeah.” His gaze landed on her lush mouth.

“Right. Give me a break.”

Cord managed to drag his eyes back to hers. “You callin’ me a liar?”

“No. I’m calling your bluff.”


“Meaning, I know you’ll look your fill, burn my clothes away with your sexy eyes, but you’re too damn polite to do anything more than gawk at me.”

Cord nearly choked, “Polite?”

“Polite. Responsible. Chicken. Whatever.” She stared at his lips and ran her pink tongue over her teeth. “Tell me, Cord, don’t you ever just wanna say to hell with what’s expected of you and do what makes you feel good?”

“Every damn day.”

She reached up, letting her fingers fiddle with a button near his shirt collar. “Then tell me why you don’t?”

“I’ll tell you anything you wanna know, baby doll, as long as you answer a question for me first.”


“Look at me.”

When AJ’s lust-filled eyes met his, it took every ounce of restraint not to smash his mouth to hers, hike up that sassy excuse of a skirt, spread those silky thighs wide, and nail her against the closest paneled wall.


“Can I buy you a drink? Like the shot you did earlier?”

“You wanna see me do a blowjob?”

Cord froze.

She laughed. “See why I won forty bucks?”

“Just for sayin’ that raunchy word out loud?”

“No. For doing it.”

He lifted both brows. “Doin’ what?”

“Giving them a group blowjob. See, the object is the same with the drink as it is with the act, shoving the glass in your mouth as far as it’ll go, keeping a tight grip with your lips. Then you tilt your head and suck hard and deep, bracing yourself for the warmth spilling down your throat as you try to swallow it all.”

He growled, “What game are you playin’ with me, little girl?”

AJ stood on the tips of her boots. “I haven’t been a little girl for a long time, Cord McKay.”

“Believe me, I noticed.”

“About damn time.”

If he leaned in a fraction of an inch, he could lay a hungry kiss on those ripe lips, not innocent like the flirty smooch she’d teased him with last year. Would this bolder AJ take the initiative?

She didn’t. Instead, she lifted a shaking hand to his cheek. Her fingertips delicately traced the outline of his neatly trimmed goatee, lingering on the short hair above his upper lip. A chaste, yet erotic caress to make his c**k stand up and take notice if it wasn’t already rock-hard.

“No games. If you want to play with me, all you have to do is ask. I’ll be here tomorrow night, waiting for your answer.”

AJ spun on her bootheel and vanished into the sea of bodies on the dance floor, leaving Cord McKay absolutely pole-axed.

Chapter Four

When Kade walked into the Boars Nest, the old ranch house he shared with his brother Kane and his cousin Colt, the first thing he noticed was Jasmine on her knees giving Colt a blowjob.

Colt’s hands gripped Jasmine’s head as he hammered his hips into her face. “More.

Take it all. Wider. Oh yeah, baby, here it comes. Suck it down.”

This wasn’t a new scene. Normally the wilder stuff happened behind the bedroom doors. Threesomes were old hat for his brother Kane, and Colt, hell, even sometimes their cousin Dag, hence Kade’s eagerness to participate.

Colt’s neck arched and he groaned. Jasmine made happy humming noises. Then Colt’s semi-erect c**k slid out of her mouth. “Christ, Jazz, you suck like a f**kin’ dream.

Baby, that was amazin’.” He finally noticed Kade. “Hey, cuz.”


“Thank God somebody is here to f**k me.” Jasmine stood and eyed Kade with a grin. She snatched a condom from the coffee table and flipped him the square package.

“Slap on a love glove, cowboy, and mount up.”

Already? Kade started stripping. “Where we doin’ this?”

“Right here for round one. We’ll see how you hold up. If you got enough try to make it to round two and on to the finals.” She bent over the back of the couch and waggled her ass at him. “Come an’ get it.”

“Have at her, buddy. I need a drink.”

Kade ripped open the plastic package and rolled the latex down his c**k as he walked to the sofa.

Jasmine smacked her lips when she saw his dick. “A bull’s got nothin’ on you.”

“I ain’t heard any complaints.” Kade smoothed his hands up her back and rolled his hips over her ass. “Need lube, Jazz?”

“No. I don’t need sweet words or soft kisses either. I need you to f**k me hard.

Blowing Colt or watchin’ someone else blow him makes me horny as shit.”

Kade canted her hips, spread her pu**y open with his fingers and slammed deep.

“You weren’t kiddin’. You are wet.”

“Damn straight. More.”

“Comin’ right up.” Kade pulled all the way out and thrust back in. She was so short he could hold on to her shoulders as he f**ked her.

Jasmine’s hand disappeared between her legs and he saw her frantically rubbing her clit.

Without missing a stroke, Kade said, “You want me to do that?”

“No. I’m better at it. You do what you’re good at which is…God! Do I love a big cock. I’ll bet you can go all night, cancha, cowboy?”

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