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Which would explain why the Popsicle melted so quickly when he placed it on her ni**les.

He swallowed her scream as he circled the icy tip around and around those rigid twin peaks. Then his mouth was licking the sticky sweetness from her left breast as he traced the frozen treat down the center of her body. Past her belly button, down her pubic bone, making a couple of tiny circles over her clit—surely he wasn’t planning on—and he pushed the icy pop inside.


“That’s another one, AJ.” Cord switched to her right nipple and suckled while twirling the ice pop inside her clenching sex.

Her pu**y was on fire. It quickly became numb as Cord f**ked her with the Popsicle.

She heard drips—a combination of her flowing juices and the melting ice splatting on the floor beneath her, and she moaned at the eroticism bombarding her from every angle.

Darkness. His warm tongue bathing the very tips of her ni**les. The sucking noise of the Popsicle and the sweet orange scent. The hard stone digging into her butt. The ache in her arms from keeping herself upright. The sound of Cord’s broken breaths and the feel of his goatee gliding across her tingling skin.

The Popsicle disappeared and was replaced with Cord’s mouth. His hot tongue burrowed into her cold pu**y and she screamed.

He slurped and sucked, eating at her with finesse, then gluttony. His mouth covered her mound completely as his teeth and tongue and lips demanded her total surrender.

She gave it.

AJ wailed as the orgasm thundered through her, every pulse point in her body was synchronized to the flicking of his tongue. Before she could catch her breath, Cord lifted her and reversed their positions. He sat on the hearth and stretched her over his lap.

“Now that you’ve been rewarded, you will take your punishment like a good girl.”

Smack smack—he landed a firm blow on each cheek.

She yelped at the sting of pain, which felt unbearably hot against the coldness of her butt cheeks.

“That’s one. Not a sound, AJ. Each sound earns another penalty.”

Whack whack.


Two more spanks, harder than the first ones. “That’s another. I ain’t kiddin’. Hold still.”

Whack whack.

AJ bit her lip and braced herself. She hung upside down, naked, across a man’s lap as he peppered her ass with swats. Why wasn’t she humiliated? Why wasn’t she running away?

Because she knew it turned Cord on to epic levels. He was strung tight with exhilaration and heady with sexual power. He never hit her hard enough to hurt, just enough so there was no doubt who was in charge.

God. Was Cord McKay ever in charge.

Whack whack.

At some point around spank nineteen, AJ wasn’t dreading that connection of his big hand to her ass; she anticipated it. She craved it. So much to the point she moaned.

Loudly. Twice.

“That earned you two more, baby doll.”

Whack whack.

“This ass is beautiful, all pink and white.” Whack whack. “Warmed up from bein’ on that cold hearth.”

“Warm. It feels hot and—”

Whack whack whack whack. He hissed, “I can keep goin’ all night. I’m findin’ I like this way more than I ever imagined. Way more.”

Whack whack. His hands smoothed over the heated mounds, down between her legs.

He wormed two fingers inside her pu**y.

“You’re soppin’ wet. This little spankin’ stopped bein’ a punishment, didn’t it?”

She didn’t answer.

Whack whack. “Answer me.”

“Yes! I thought about talking the whole time just so you’d keep doing it—”

“Enough!” Cord snarled and rolled her so she was in his arms. Holding her like a baby, he walked them to the rug. He set her on her feet, keeping her back to his chest. His heavy, harsh breathing stirred her hair. “On your hands and knees. Now.”

AJ dropped to the rug, once again that slight edge of fear—that feeling of the unknown heightened her excitement.

Cord said, “Move your knees out wider.”

She felt the rug scraping her kneecaps as she followed his command and he knelt behind her.

Then his tongue bathed the burning marks on each cheek. She whimpered when that wicked tongue traced the crack of her ass down to her tailbone and back up.

The blunt head of his c**k connected with her pu**y briefly before Cord impaled it in one hard stroke.


He smacked her ass twice. He didn’t speak. He just gripped her hips and methodically f**ked her. Each stroke equal. No variation. Slow and shallow.

Sweat poured from her. From him. Her body shook. His body shook. She couldn’t stand it because it felt so damn good, he was purposely holding them both off from orgasm as long as possible. AJ knew if he deepened or lengthened the thrusts it’d send them both soaring.

Finally he said gruffly, “I’m too far gone to be gentle, baby doll.”

Cord increased his pace to that of a runaway jackhammer, she splintered into a thousand shards. So did he.

When he removed the blindfold would she see the crown of her head lying on the rug? The man had positively blown her top.

Cord grunted. He stretched his chest to her sweaty back, caging her in his arms. He sank his teeth into her nape, sending goose bumps in a wave across her skin.

She sighed in complete contentment.

“Enough? Or do you wanna go for a couple more and see if you end up in the penalty box?”

“What’s the penalty box?”

He whispered, “The hot tub.”

Ooh. That could be interesting. “But—”

“That’s one,” he warned.

“I really don’t think it’s fair you get to—”

“That’s ten, wanna keep goin’?”

AJ stayed quiet.

Then Cord helped her to her feet. He removed the blindfold and kissed her with exquisite tenderness.

“Are we done playing games?”

“I figured we were, why?”

AJ casually murmured, “Have I ever told you how long I can hold my breath under water?”

Stunned silence.

“But if we’re done…” She shrugged and spun on her heel.

Cord scooped her up and headed for the hot tub on the deck. “Oh we ain’t done, baby doll, not by half.” He bit her earlobe. “And that’s another five.”

Chapter Twenty

“Your mom looks good, AJ. Better than I expected.”

“Thanks, Macie. It was sweet of you to make her lunch. Fancier than she gets from me, that’s for sure.”

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