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Her throng of admirers whooped and hollered. Crumpled bills piled up on the bar napkin next to a bottle of Budweiser.

Amy Jo returned the glass to the bar the same way she’d taken it. She made a show of smoothing the bills and secreting them in her bra. Her sleek platinum hair tumbled over her left shoulder as she turned to smile at a guy creeping up behind her.

A small drop of milky liquid clung to the corner of her mouth. Sweet Jesus, it looked like a drop of…

Her smoking hot gaze hooked Cord’s. She brought her finger to that spot, wiped the droplet and sucked her fingertip between her full pink lips.

His c**k went hard as a fencepost.

Then Amy Jo whirled around and ignored him.

The little c**k tease. When he got his hands on her…

“Cord? Man, you okay?”

Startled, Cord looked at Kade and was glad his cousin couldn’t see the hard-on he was sporting under the table. “I’m fine. Why?”

“Looked pretty pissed off there for a sec.”

“Just thinkin’.”

“You thinkin’ about another beer?”

“If you’re buyin’.”

By the time the round arrived, so had his brother Colt, with a tiny, curvy brunette on his arm with tits the size of watermelons, who appeared to be about fifteen.

Like you have any place to judge, pervert, lusting after your kid’s babysitter.

“Sorry I’m late. Was a little distracted.” He gave the woman a drunken leer, snagged an extra chair and they sat—with her straddled across his lap. “This is Jasmine. Jasmine this is my older brother Cord, and my cousin, Kade McKay.”

Jasmine studied them both carefully before a brazen smile stretched her glossed up lips. “They cloning Chippendale cowboys in Wyoming now? All you big, gorgeous McKay guys look alike.”

Cord and Kade scoffed at the Chippendales comment.

“Not clones, but Kade has an identical twin brother, Kane,” Colt offered.

“Really?” Jasmine batted her fake eyelashes. “I’ve always wanted to be packed between hot lookin’ twins. Mmm. My kind of cowboy sandwich—with lots of beefcake.”

Kade choked on his beer.

Cord frowned.

Jasmine cranked her head around to smile at Colt. “Do your other brothers look like you and your cousin?”

“Colby does. Cam and Carter take after our ma.”

“Pity. You ain’t pulling my leg? Kade looks like he could be your brother.”

“We look alike because our fathers are twins who married sisters, so we’re double cousins,” Colt explained.

“Double. Mmm. Another one of my fav-o-rite words.” Jasmine slunk across the table like a stripper in heat as she sought Kade’s attention. “So you up for a little double trouble, cowboy?”

Kade shot Colt a hopeful look. “For real?”

“Yep. Jasmine has lots of energy and some…interestin’ ideas. She’s told me she’s up for anything tonight.”


“Yeah. Any kind of rodeo you’re up for,” Jasmine cooed. “I’m itchin’ to ride. Or be rode. Or whatever.”

Kade grinned. “I’m in.”

Jasmine squealed, “Yee-haw! Let’s hit the road before he changes his mind, partner.”

“Cool beans. We’ll meet you at the Boars Nest, Kade.” Colt winked at Cord as they stood. He clamped Jasmine to his side since the woman was practically dry humping his leg. “Sorry, bro. See you tomorrow.”

Kade downed his beer and threw a ten on the table. “Hate to bail, but you know how it goes.”

“Actually, I don’t. You get offered threesomes often?”

“Hell no. Why do you think I said yes so damn fast?” He clapped Cord on the back and disappeared out the side entrance.

Cord slouched in his seat. The bad idea to drown his sorrows was getting worse by the minute. Talk about being out of date and out of place. Things’d changed since he’d been on the dating scene.

No they haven’t. You’re just blocking out some of the raunchier moments from your misspent youth.

Maybe that was true. But he still felt damn old at thirty-five. And he noticed Jasmine didn’t ask him to join in their fun and games—not that he would’ve if she had asked.

Who was he kidding? He’d’ve done it in a New York minute.

He sighed, primed to leave, when Amy Jo darted onto the dance floor with some fresh-faced buck who had three extra pairs of hands.

Rather than go home to watch lousy TV alone, he settled in and watched her. She’d two-step a couple of numbers with one guy, flit to the bar for a fresh drink, and drag a new dance partner to the floor.

Cord hid in the darkened corner for over an hour, tracking every enticing sway of her slim hips, every smooth glide of those long legs, every exaggerated shoulder roll, every sexy chest shimmy, every toss of that sleek platinum hair. Not once did Amy Jo acknowledge him, even though she was as hyper-aware of him as he was of her.

Her sexy little ass shake turned him on more than if she’d have been buck-ass naked grinding her crotch on a brass stripper’s pole.

When she was alone at the bar Cord moseyed up behind her. “Evenin’ Amy Jo.”

She tossed him a quick grin and granted him a not so quick once over. “Surprised to see you in here, Cord. And it’s AJ now, not Amy Jo.”

“My mistake. Why the name change?”

“New attitude, new name.” She resumed drinking her beer.

Cord scooted close enough to catch a whiff of her sunshiny scent. He noticed sweat beading on the curve of her neck below her ear and had the strangest desire to place his mouth there and gently suck the salty droplets clean away.

A beat passed and she didn’t acknowledge him.

“I didn’t know you liked to dance.”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me.”

I’d like to learn. Every. Damn. Thing.

“Who are you here with?”

Amy Jo—AJ—faced him fully. “Who are you here with?”

“No one.”

“That why you came looking for me? Can’t find anyone better to hang out with?”

“No. Didn’t know you thought so highly of me.”

She shrugged.

The classic brush off—a pointed reminder on why he avoided the bar scene. He flashed her a fake smile. “Anyway. I came by to say hello. I’m headin’ home and I wondered if you needed a lift.”

AJ arched a slim brow. “You offering to give me a ride, cowboy?”

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