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“Not much.”

“Good.” He gave each ligature mark one a quick kiss. “I’ll get the papers and you can pass ’em to Flo when she wakes up.”

“You aren’t gonna wait around?”

A sheepish look crossed his face and she knew he’d used the papers as an excuse to see her. She was absurdly pleased.

“Nah.” He brushed the dust off his hat and put it back on before he headed outside.

She followed.

After she had the manila envelope in her hand, he said, “Don’t be late tonight.

Seventeen penalties is plenty to get me started,” before his rig took off in a cloud of dust.

Chapter Nineteen

AJ arrived at Cord’s house early evening to find a note taped to the door.

Strip. Lock the door. Sit by the fireplace, put on the blindfold and wait. No talking.

Oh man. What did he have in store for her?

She’d anticipated he’d want her naked as soon as possible, so she’d worn a summer sun dress—easy on, easy off, no bra, no panties. After she was naked, she paraded into the living room. The coffee table had been shoved against the far wall, leaving the big area rug empty.

The sitting area directly in front of the fireplace grate was constructed of slabs of slate. Despite the hot day, that dark rock never heated, so she knew it’d be like sitting on a block of ice on her bare ass. Still, she did it and slipped the neckerchief over her eyes.

While AJ waited in absolute silence, she listened to the sounds of the house. The chimes on the porch. The wind rattling the rafters. The whir of the ceiling fan. The hum of the refrigerator. In the distance she heard the horses neighing and the answering low moos of the cattle.

She inhaled slowly and deeply to counteract her racing heart. AJ smelled bacon and laundry soap and Windex and sage. And Cord.

Then she heard his bare feet shuffling across the wood floor. Muffled by the rug.

Closer. Closer. She swallowed hard when the footsteps stopped.

“Your penalties for tonight include no talkin’ unless I say so. Which also means you don’t get to argue with me. So let’s get started right away. Hold out your right hand.”

She did. A drop of something landed on her finger.

“Rub your fingertips together.”

She smeared the slickness, like oil or K-Y around the pad of her thumb and index finger.

“Kick your heels out but make sure you’re still balanced on the hearth. I wanna see your pu**y.”

A strange feeling unfurled as she did as instructed, even as her cheeks burned: one set with cold, one with heat.

“Touch yourself. Show me how you make yourself come.”

Her mouth opened to protest and she remembered the no talking rule.

“You’re learnin’. Move them fingers down to that juicy pink pu**y.”

AJ tentatively stroked from her clit down a few times, worried what would happen if she couldn’t come on his command.

“Just you and me here, baby doll. Don’t be embarrassed. Tease me. Make me wish it was my fingers gettin’ you off. Give me a show that’ll make my dick harder.”

With his encouragement, she lost some of her fear and pushed her middle finger into her pu**y. She pumped that long digit in and out, getting it good and wet, using the bony section of her thumb to grind into her clit. When her finger was slick enough, she slid it up to her clit and rubbed. Lord that felt good, even when she did it to herself.

“So sexy. Keep goin’.”

Knowing he watched her was a complete turn on. She rubbed directly on that little nub and thought of Cord stroking his c**k at the same time. Not allowing himself to come until she did. AJ bit her lip. So close. She tweaked her nipple hard with her free hand while she rubbed short strokes on her clit and that did it. She came with a low moan.

Soon as the orgasm ended, she felt Cord in front of her. He plucked up her right hand to suck the juices from her fingers and her belly swooped.

“Jesus, that was hot as hell, my  p**n -star rodeo queen.” He helped her to her feet and carefully led her to the rug, urging her to lay on her back. “My turn.” Cold oil dripped between her br**sts.

She gasped.

“Been wantin’ to do this since the first time I got my hands on these.” Cord straddled her waist and held the mounds together with his hands as he slid his warm c**k in the deep valley of her cle**age. He hissed and began to thrust. “Between how goddamn good this feels and watchin’ you touch yourself, I ain’t gonna last long at all.”

AJ wished she wasn’t blindfolded so she could see his face. Yet she already knew the rhythm of his body. He was frantic, about to blow. When he gave four short thrusts, she felt his balls draw up off her belly.

Cord groaned and squeezed her br**sts tightly as liquid warmth seeped out the end of his c**k onto her chest.

She didn’t realize she’d been holding her breath until he wasn’t sitting on her ribcage. AJ expelled a quiet sigh.

He used a soft cloth to wipe her down. His rough-skinned hands sweetly caressed her arms and legs. Callused fingertips traced the line of her jaw and throat, then her collarbones.

Just his hands, not his mouth. Why hadn’t he kissed her yet?

“I’m bettin’ that wasn’t your favorite position.”

She shook her head.

“I’ve got a couple of other ideas for tonight. You need to be on the fireplace for the next one.” He helped her up and her butt met cold stone again. “Hang tight.”

And she was tired of not talking. “For what?”

Immediately Cord’s breath burned her ear. “You don’t get to ask questions. And that one just earned you another penalty, baby doll. Stay put and stay quiet.”

As his footsteps faded she debated on taking off the blindfold when a thought occurred to her. Maybe withholding kisses was her penalty. If that was the case, she’d sit here like a lump all night because she absolutely craved the man’s kisses.

Her heart thudded when she heard him return.

“Arrange yourself like you were before.”

AJ put her hands behind her and spread her legs open.

“Good. Stay like that. No touchin’ me unless I say so.”

Cord’s lips brushed hers so softly she whimpered. He teased her for an eternity with his mouth and breath and little bites and flicks of his tongue until she was wet and lightheaded from the sensual onslaught.

“Open your mouth.”

Something long, cold, sweet and decidedly phallic brushed her top and bottom lip and tongue before Cord’s mouth devoured hers in a kiss so hot her body went up in flames.

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