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AJ slid her hands up his strong arms and into his hair. She concentrated on the feel of his silky tongue in her mouth. The glide of his rougher skin on hers. The delicious way he smelled. The cool sheets on her back. The heat of his muscled body on her front. The sounds of their labored breathing. The muted lighting and the soft mattress. The fierce need but unbelievable gentleness pouring from him.

He was rocking into her in short bursts when all of a sudden the kiss intensified. His hands pushed her hips down as his pelvis thrust up.

She gasped. “Oh God. That hurts.”

“Ssh. I’m in all the way. Just relax around me. It’ll get better.”

Then Cord bent his head and suckled her ni**les. And kept sucking until some primitive instinct told her to move under him. He kissed her neck, returned to her ni**les, nuzzling her cle**age, breathing over the damp spots he’d created on her skin, kissing wherever he could reach, muttering nonsensical words against her skin. Dragging his rough fingertips up and down her shaking thighs.

He murmured, “Baby doll, I’ve gotta move. Wrap your legs around my waist. Trust me.”

AJ was feeling less panicked but nowhere near comfortable. The second she lifted up, all the hot hardness slipped out and plunged back in.

That wasn’t bad. That felt kinda…good. “Do it again.”

Cord pumped his hips, slowly sliding in and out. “Okay?”

“Yeah. Is it okay for you?”

“Hot.” He pulled out. “Wet.” He pushed in. “Tight.” He eased out. “Not just okay.

Perfect.” He thrust in a little harder. “See? You are a perfect fit for me.”

AJ closed her eyes, feeling the thick male part filling her, sending tingles from her core throughout her whole body. “I like that.”

He increased the pace. The strokes were shorter. Deeper. His breaths near her temple were unsteady and fast.

“AJ. Look at me.”

She opened her eyes. Sweat trickled down Cord’s face. His jaw was tight. She traced his profile, amazed by him, by this intimacy. “What?”

“This.” Cord squeezed his hands on her butt, buried his face in her throat and drove his c**k inside her to the hilt.

As he groaned, her inner tissues were so swollen and sensitized that she felt the tip of his sex twitching as he bathed her insides with his hot seed.

She couldn’t think of a more ideal way to lose her virginity.

Chapter Ten

Cord raised his head and gazed at AJ’s face. Her long black lashes fanned her flushed cheek. Her well-kissed lips were curved into a smirk.

He tickled that sassy little mole with his beard.

She sighed. “A virgin no more.”

“You sore?”

“A little.”

“Then I’m not pullin’ out because I can’t wait to have you again.”

AJ blushed.

“Hang on.” Cord rolled until his back was flat on the mattress and she was on top.

“Better. Now I don’t hafta worry I’m squashin’ you.”

“I don’t mind.” She laid her head on his chest and sighed again.

Such a heartfelt sigh. He knew the feeling as he let his palms drift up and down her naked back from her ass to her shoulders.

“What was your first time like?” she asked.

“Fast. Happened in the back of a car out past the rodeo grounds when I was fifteen.”

AJ looked up at him. “I’m glad I waited. Thank you. This was…spectacular.”

“Except for the fact you didn’t come.”

“I did before when we were in the living room.”

“That don’t count.”

“Why not?”

“A good lover will always see to your needs first. Besides, I wanna feel you come around my cock. I wanna watch your face when you feel the difference.”

“There’s a difference in orgasms?”

Right after she said that, his dick twitched to life.

Her eyes widened. “Whoa. I can feel that. I thought it’d take like fifteen minutes for you to get hard again.”

He lifted a brow. “Why? Because I’m old?”

“No. That’s what it said in Cosmo. Besides, you’re not old, stop saying that. God, you’re twice as sexy and hot as any man…” Embarrassed, she averted her gaze.

“What? I was likin’ the way the conversation about me was goin’, baby doll,” he teased.

“I can’t believe I’m really here with you, Cord McKay. I’ve had a crush on you for so long.”

Cord grinned. “Really?”

“Yeah. But you’ve never noticed me.”

“Not entirely true.” He twisted a section of her baby fine hair around his index finger. “What would you have done if I’d chased after you down at Carter’s wedding last year and taken you up on your offer after kissin’ me so sweetly?”

“Probably would’ve lost my virginity in a car with you at the Bar 9.”


“And as long as we’re confessing things…a couple of times when I babysat Ky?

After I put him down for his nap, I came in here and laid on your bed. Wondering what it’d be like to be in this bed naked with you.”

“Don’t tell me stuff like that.” He paused and studied her face. “Did you touch yourself when you were layin’ on my bed?”

“Geez, Cord, no. I was babysitting. I imagined you touching me though. I gotta admit my imagination didn’t do it justice.”

He captured her face in his hands. “No need to make your imagination work when I’m here. I’ll admit I’ve been fantasizin’ what you’d look like on top of me. Naked.” He nudged her upright and murmured, “So, ride me, cowgirl.”

Panic flashed in her eyes. “But I don’t know how—”

“Your body will guide you better than I can. Bring your knees by my hips.”

She maneuvered herself around.

“That’s it.” Cord placed her hands on his shoulders. “Fast or slow as you wanna go.

You’re in total control.”

“But what if I do it wrong?”

“No such thing as wrong. Do whatever you want. Do what feels good. I ain’t gonna complain or say no.”

AJ’s eyes met his. “What will you be doing?”

“Watchin’ you.”

She was so tentative, hardly moving, unsure where to put her hands. Not trusting her body to find a natural rhythm. Again, her innocence was more arousing than he’d expected. His thumbs rasped her ni**les. He was dying to suck them until she screamed, but he worried his attention would be a bigger distraction to her sense of imbalance.

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