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“Remember you said that.” He blew softly in her ear and she shivered like a newborn babe. “Soon as this song ends, I’m goin’ outside. Meet me by my truck in ten minutes.

This is between you and me. No one else needs to know what we’re doin’. Understand?”


The final drumbeat sounded and Cord eased away from her. AJ locked her knees to keep herself upright.

“Ten minutes. And you’d better not be wearin’ them sassy panties.”

Chapter Six

Cord hadn’t known what’d happen tonight. Hadn’t been entirely sure she’d even be here. He hadn’t expected AJ to ask him to teach her about sex and he sure as hell hadn’t expected her to be a virgin.

A virgin.

Sweet baby Jesus. Had he ever been with a virgin?

Not that he recalled.

So why was he considering bedding the virginal AJ? She knew nothing about taking and giving pleasure. In truth, who was he to talk? Cord hadn’t been in a steady sexual relationship since his ex-wife left him. Sure, in the last couple of years he’d slaked his lust on rare occasions, but did that qualify him to teach her?

Hell yes. Actually, it offered the perfect chance to prove to AJ (and himself) that screaming-raw-hot sex owed nothing to love—just to lust and opportunity, both of which’d been sadly lacking in his life lately. With Ky gone for the next few weeks…and AJ home temporarily…it was a win/win situation for them both.

Plus, being the first man to stroke that baby soft skin everywhere, to f**k that tight pu**y with his fingers, his tongue, his cock. Those possibilities stirred primitive instincts he’d never believed he owned.

Cord heard bootsteps to his left. He watched AJ’s approach with open appreciation.

Damn. Her ample br**sts swayed provocatively. Every roll of her slender hips sent the miniscule white skirt brushing across the tops of her thighs. Would she move that sinuously under him? On top of him? On her knees before him?

“I thought you might’ve changed your mind,” he said softly.

“Not at all. It’s just…” Her gaze flicked from him, to the cab of his pickup, to the tailgate and back to him. “Where are we doing this?”

“Baby doll, I ain’t gonna throw you up against my truck and f**k you senseless for your first time.” He grinned. “But that don’t mean it ain’t a future possibility.”

AJ stared at him with those beautiful big silvery eyes.

“C’mere. Can’t touch you when you’re standin’ so far away.”

Cord offered his hand and walked backward until they were hidden in the space where the cab of his truck ended and the truck bed of his diesel pickup started. He curled his hands around her face, bringing her lush mouth to his.

She started to twine her arms around his neck. Cord growled, “Keep those hands by your side ’til I say otherwise.”


He brushed his lips back and forth over the curved warmth of hers, then kissed a path to the tempting mole. A couple of light tongue flicks and he returned to her succulent mouth.

AJ’s breathing was erratic. She’d licked her lips, leaving them moist and slightly parted. Cord darted his tongue inside, groaning at the sweet taste of mint and AJ. He angled her head, nibbling, licking, coaxing her tongue to play with his. She let him do whatever he wanted, but she wasn’t the eager participant he’d anticipated. “You gonna kiss me back, AJ?”

Her eyes were a stormy gray. “Not if you don’t let me use my hands.”

“Fine. You can use—”

Then her hands were gripping his hair and she smashed her mouth to his.

No gentle exploratory kiss; she thrust her tongue in and devoured him. Tasting, sucking, God, biting, taking him to a whole new level of need with her hunger. AJ held nothing back, she kept kissing him harder, urging his mouth open wider, feeding him long, deep, wet kisses, touching his face, tugging his hair when he attempted to move away, stoking the fire higher until he was afraid he’d combust in his Wranglers.

Cord ripped his mouth free. “To think I was crazy about your mouth before I knew you could use your mouth like this.”

“Don’t stop,” she panted against his throat. “Please don’t stop. I want you. Kiss me again. And again. And—”

He cupped her face and took her mouth in a brutal show of possession.

AJ met his demands with unrestrained passion.

He bit a path up her jawline to her ear, keeping his body against hers. “Need to touch you.”


“Hands back by your sides. That ain’t a request.” Cord teased her with fleeting, soft kisses, his hands slid down her throat to the buttons on her blouse. He unhooked them one by one, dragging his callused fingertips from the smooth skin of her belly to her bra.

He sprung the front clasp and peeled the lacy cups back. Her heavy br**sts filled his waiting hands.

She shuddered. “Cord—”

“Let me.” His rough thumbs strummed her ni**les. “God, you’re so pretty. All creamy and soft and sweet.” He rubbed his goatee and openmouthed kisses across the upper swells of her br**sts. Cord curled his tongue around a rigid tip.

AJ arched into him.

“Like that?” He lapped and licked and blew a stream of air across the wet buds, but never sucked them completely. He glanced up at her when she made a frustrated noise.

Her top teeth dug into her bottom lip in her effort not to cry out. Yet her curious gaze remained on him.

Cord bent his head and suckled her. Hard. Deep. Thoroughly.

“Oh. I really like that.”

He switched sides, taking his time, losing himself in her taste and the feel of her in his mouth. She writhed when he pushed the soft mounds of flesh together to tongue both ni**les at the same time. “I wanna suck these as you’re ridin’ me. I wanna feel these tips diggin’ into my thighs as you put your mouth on me. Do you want that, AJ?”

“Yes.” She bumped her hips to his; her body knew what it needed even if she wasn’t sure how to get it.

As Cord kissed his way up to her neck, his hand inched down to the hem of her skirt.

A few teasing strokes and his fingers crept up the inside of her silky thigh.

AJ’s whole body tensed.

“Open your legs for me, baby doll.”

She closed her eyes, allowing her head to fall back against the truck as her knees widened.

His fingers brushed her naked, damp sex. “You did take off them sexy panties. Good sign that you obeyed me.” He nibbled on her ear. “You are wet. Means you like what I’m doin’ to you.”

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