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Trevor canted her hips, licking and sucking everywhere between her thighs, making her wet and swollen with need.

Cash tugged on her hair and said, “It’s f**kin’ sexy watchin’ my dick disappear into that hot mouth. Knowin’ what he’s doin’ to you.”

She hummed her response. The vibration sent Cash over the edge. His c**k pulsed on her tongue, se**n burst in her mouth and she swallowed as much as she could.

Trevor quit playing with her ass and concentrated his attention on her clit. The orgasm blindsided her—fast, intense spasms. She moaned, rocking back onto Trevor’s mouth. Even as the throbbing eased, she heard the rip of a condom package, and felt cool gel on her puckered opening.

He pressed her upper body to the mattress. “Do you know how many times I’ve jerked off, thinkin’ about rammin’ my c**k up this perfect cowgirl ass?” His fingers peeled her cheeks apart. The head of his c**k brushed a slick circle around the entrance and pushed past the ring of muscles in one quick movement.

Gemma stiffened up.

“Jesus. You feel like heaven, Gem.” Trevor pulled out an inch at a time and delved back in just as slowly. Over and over. Gently, but yet, knowing how far he could push for her maximum pleasure.

Cash scooted against the headboard. His hands slid under her to play with her ni**les. He murmured, “You’re fine. You look beautiful, all stretched out, with your ass in the air. Givin’ him what all the cowboys on the circuit have been dreamin’ ’bout.”

She tilted her head up and locked her gaze to Cash’s. “You too?”

“Me too. I wanted to f**k you every way possible. Buried balls deep in your sassy little butt was high on my list of ways. But this?” His gaze strayed to Trevor pounding into her ass. “This never…” He closed his eyes and twisted her ni**les, skating close to that edge of pain. “Touch yourself. I wanna hear you come while he’s f**king you.”

Gemma didn’t know if she could come again so soon. She found her clit and rubbed, concentrating on the feel of Cash’s fingers. The clasp of her anus around Trevor’s cock.

A small orgasm broke free and she held her breath.

Trevor said, “I have a serious thing for ass-fuckin’ but I ain’t gonna last much longer. Damn. You are hot and tight and all slicked up. Feelin’ those muscles clampingdown. Harder. Like that. Feels un-fucking-believable…shit. I’m done.” Four thrusts and Trevor threw back his head and was shuddering behind her.

Time slowed. The room was cool and humid. And quiet beneath the sounds of labored breathing. Trevor went to clean himself up and Gemma lifted her body up and looked at Cash.

His back rested against the headboard. The unbound black hair hung over his shoulders. His were legs spread in a V and his c**k was soft against the mattress. He clutched a bottle of water. Without opening his eyes, he said, “Want some?”


As she drank a few drops spilled onto his smooth, hairless chest. She watched as the droplets slowly slid down the curved muscles of his pecs. Her tongue darted out and lapped. Mmm. Wet and salty.


“I never get to see you,” she whispered, lest Trevor hear. “Let me look.” His ni**les were a deep brown, a complement to the reddish-tan skin surrounding them. Her fingers traced the puckered scars, old white ones and new pink ones, bisecting his ribs and upper abdomen. His lower belly had a slight pudge, which Gemma found unbelievably sexy.

Her thumbs swept across his narrow hipbones and his stomach trembled beneath her touch. More scars.

She ignored his crotch and her fingertips moved down, over the fresh bruises on his thighs. Even at this angle she could see Cash was bowlegged—another endearing trait.

Knobby, scarred knees. Gouges marred his thin calves down to his ankles. She ended the sweeping caress at his long, narrow feet. Ugly feet. All cowboys, especially rodeo cowboys, had hideously mangled toes and callused feet. Gemma stroked all these spots hungrily, her eyes drinking him in. “You are all rugged beauty and strength, Cash. Every part is…so you. Why do you hide this from me?”

“Gemma, you humble me. That’s why—”

Trevor sauntered back in and rubbed his hands together. “Who’s up for a Gemma sandwich?”

Right then, Gemma wanted the ménage fantasy to end. It seemed…selfish now. Like one of those “life experiences” Macie’s mother had been determined to check off. She’d much prefer to make love with Cash, the man she loved, skin to skin, heart to heart, looking in his beautiful all-knowing eyes. That was her fantasy now. And she’d fulfill it herself. As soon as possible.

But she’d finish this for them both first.

“I am,” Gemma said, leaning forward to kiss Cash. To touch him. To heat him back up. Didn’t take much for his c**k to stir in her hand.

Trevor trailed kisses down her spine. A warm, sweetness that caused gooseflesh to break out and her desire to return with a surprisingly bitter edge.

Cash’s hard kiss belied the soft touches on the front of her body; her br**sts, her stomach, between her legs. Trevor kissed and caressed her back, and was rubbing his hard c**k against her butt crack.

The ache rebuilt. Her body tingled, inside and out. Her pu**y was drenched, needy.

Already deliciously used. Her head spun and she wanted to know if the reality of two men buried inside her lived up to her years of imagination.

She retreated from the hunger of Cash’s mouth and said, “I’m ready.”

Trevor continued to touch her, his mouth moving across her lower back. “On the bed, or standin’ up?”


“Standin’ up we’ll both be able to get into you at once.”


She stood alone, arms folded over her chest as condoms were rolled on.

Trevor stepped in front of her, smoothing his hands over her body, leaving sucking kisses on her neck as he lifted her right leg, placing her foot on the bed, forcing her wide stance. “Easier access,” he muttered against her chest.

Cash’s hot body pressed into hers from behind and he licked the slope of her shoulder to her nape.

Hard hands groped and petted and caressed her everywhere. Two hot mouths kissing her skin. Trading off to kiss her mouth. The bite of teeth. The trill of warm lips. Heated breath. Licking tongues. The scent of sweat and salt and latex and need. Trevor’s rigid c**k slipped up her thigh. Cash tilted her hips, opening her cheeks, poising his cockhead at her entrance.

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