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Caressing her flat belly with his whole hand. Teasing her belly button with his thumb.

Arcing the ragged edges of his knuckles over the delicate skin between her hipbones, feeling her abdomen quiver as she whimpered in his mouth.

He slid his lips to her ear and whispered, “I’m makin’ you wet.”


“You want me to touch you where you’re wet?”

“Yes. Please.”

Carter nuzzled the sweet spot below her jaw. “You want my fingers? Or my mouth?”

“Your mouth. Please. Put your mouth on me.”

“I will. But you gotta do one thing for me first.”


“Close your eyes and keep ’em closed.”

She did.

He licked a line straight down her torso. He reached for the can of whipped cream on the floor, distracting her by keeping his tongue busy on her clit.

She moaned, muffling the sound of him thumbing the cap and shaking the can. He rested the long white plastic tip against her opening, then pushed it in and depressed the nozzle, filling her hot pu**y with cold whipped cream.

Macie screamed and jerked upright.

Carter placed his hand on her chest and pushed her flat as he began to lap and suck and eat every drop of cream—hers and the sweet white stuff from the can—from every hidden crevice. He jammed his tongue in her cunt as far as it would go. Licking her deepest recesses, wiggling his tongue inside her until she moaned again.

She came in a wet rush, bucking and moaning.

He wasn’t close to done.

He lifted her hips higher, burying his sticky face in her essence. Drowning in her.

Feeding his need by losing himself in hers. His fingers spread her wide, opening every part of her sex to him completely. He let his greedy tongue travel from her small puckered hole up through her engorged pu**y lips and back down. Over and over. Faster and faster. While rimming her anus with his thumb, he latched onto her clit and sucked relentlessly until she came again.

After the last spasm became a faint throb against his lips, he rubbed his face on her thighs and her belly, marking her as his. He lowered her hips, stretching himself over her supine form. Her body was hot and soft against his coarser skin, and she smelled so damn tempting. He unearthed the bottle of lube and bent to taste her hard ni**les, murmuring,

“Flip onto your stomach.”


“Don’t sass me, Macie.”

“Umm. I can’t really move with you on top of me.”

He rolled her flat, and then hiked her butt into the air. Carter studied her position, not as an artist, but as a man. Gauging if his lover was ready for him, for something new.

Macie’s flushed cheek rested on the bed between her outstretched arms. Her knees were wider apart than her hips, creating a solid foundation to take his thrusts. Man, what a pretty picture she made.

His heart hammered as he squeezed lube onto his fingers and moved in behind her, bending forward to lick a path from her tailbone, up her spine, to the base of her skull.

Carter closed his eyes and buried his face in her mint-scented hair, tasting the sweat on her skin. Seeping himself in the taste, the feel, the scent of her.

Macie shuddered.

“I’m takin’ what you told me I could have.” He fingered the little rosette. “Plunging my c**k into a place no man has been. Makin’ this ass mine.” He sank his teeth into her nape the same time his slick fingers breached her anus.

Her whole body stiffened up and her breath caught.

“Relax.” Carter nuzzled the curve of her shoulder. “It might hurt at first. But don’t fight me, let me all the way in. Don’t clench.” He pumped his fingers in and out of her hole, getting her ready to accept more. To take it all. “It feels dirty, doesn’t it?”


“Raunchy, nasty, and wrong.”


“But you still want it, don’t you?”

“God, yes.”

“Good girl. I’ve got plenty of lube, but no guarantee I can f**k you slow once I’m buried balls deep in this sweet untried ass, understand?”

She swallowed and appeared to nod.

“No condom either, remember? I’m clean. I want you to feel the heat when I come inside you. Sweet darlin’, I wanna make this good for you.” He whispered, “So good.

Will you let me?”


Carter squirted lube on his hand, making a fist as he coated his cock. He slicked up her hole, squeezing gel inside that dark entrance. His hands shook. Sweat dripped into his eye. He blinked it back as he spread her ass cheeks and placed the tip of his c**k at the virgin opening. “You’re so pretty here. Every part of you is so beautiful. I wish you could see…”

He held back and tried to level his breathing and his anticipation. Concentrating on the sexy line in the reverse arch of her spine. Inhaling the sweet aroma of the whipping cream laced with the scent of her juices. An underlying hint of apples and caramel and sugar. A faint whiff of his own musk.

Macie gyrated her hips and pushed back. “Just do it.”

Didn’t need to ask him twice. One solid push and he was past that ring of muscle and buried in that tight, tight, hot channel.

His head fell back in awe at how damn good it felt.

“Shit. That hurts.”


“Don’t move.”

“Breathe, darlin’. Come on. It’ll feel good if you let me move.” More sweat tracked his chest as he waited for her to calm down.

“Okay. Go slow.”

Carter eased completely out. She sucked in a harsh breath as he slid back in. And out. And in. And out. Slow.

Faster faster faster. Ream her. Grind into her hard and deep. Show her who’s in charge.

She whimpered.

“Christ on a crutch this feels so goddamn good it’s killin’ me. I gotta go just a little faster. Shit. Hang on.” In. Out. In. Out. Hot, wet and tight as he sank in to the root. A hot suctioning pull as he withdrew slowly until that ring of muscles clenched around his glans.

“Carter. Please. Hold on a second.”

His stomach jumped and he froze with just the plump head of his c**k in her ass.

“You want me to stop?”

“No. I changed my mind. Don’t go slow. Don’t hold back. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.

Make me burn. Make me scream. Make me yours.” Macie drove back and impaled herself on his cock.

Carter slapped her ass and let loose the animal inside him. He shuttled in and out of her ass, ramming harder and harder. Loving the way she accepted this harsher edge of lust, of him. Gripping her hips to keep her in place. Leaving finger-shaped bruises on her beautiful tawny skin. Stretching her to take every inch of him. Marking her. Owning her.

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