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It’s my stupid hormones.”

“When you realize it ain’t you, and it is his fault for how he’s makin’ you feel—”

“I’ll keep it to myself.”

Cash opened his mouth. Shut it.

“But thanks. So when we’re done cleaning up, you want to come and try a piece of caramel apple pie?”

“With whipped cream?”

“I don’t have any in the camper.”

“Gemma has some in the fridge. I’ll grab it and be right back.”

Shooting guns and having pie with his daughter. It was turning out to be a damn fine day.

Three hours later Cash’s cell phone rang while he filled water tanks in the south pasture.


“Cash? It’s Colby McKay.”

“Colby, you old dog. How’s it goin’?”

“Good. You?”

“Good. How’s Channing?”

“As beautiful and docile as ever.”

“That’ll be the day. She’s got you pu**y whipped.”

“True, but I ain’t complainin’.”

“She wouldn’t let you. So, what’s up?”

“You ever thought about teachin’ bull ridin’?”

Talk about from out of left field. But he and Colby never had time for small talk.

“No, but you’ve caught my interest.” He listened as Colby gave him a brief rundown.

“Sure. I’ll take a crack at it. I probably oughta clear it with Gem first. But I don’t see it bein’ a problem with her. Those boys interested in anything else? Bronc or bareback ridin’? ’Cause she has some rough stock she’d like to test out.”

“I’m sure them boys would love anything you throw at ’em.”

“Our kinda kids, eh?”

“Yep. Though, I don’t think they make ’em as tough as us anymore.”

“We always thought we were way tougher than we actually were.”

“No lie there. We’ll see you next week sometime. I’ll give you a jingle before we head your way.”

“You ain’t comin’ here to take home your brother Carter, by chance?”

“Carter? No. Why? He causin’ problems?”

“If that boy breaks my daughter’s heart, I’ll be sendin’ him home to the McKay Ranch in a casket.”

“You have a daughter?”


“Shit. Sounds like we have a lot of catchin’ up to do, Cash.”

“And some splittin’ up to do. I’m inclined to start with his fool head.”

“Hang tight. If I pass along what you just said, the whole McKay family will be there in two hours with horses and ropes—not necessarily for him. So, I’m gonna ask you not to kill him just yet.”

“Fair enough, but no guarantees.”

Chapter Twenty-one

“Cash? You want another beer?”

He’d been sitting in the darkened living room for over an hour. He shoved aside his thoughts about his conversation with Macie and focused on Gemma. “Nah. I’m good.”

“You’re pretty quiet tonight. Everything okay?”

“Actually, everything would be great if you’d come over here and give me a little sugar.”

“Yeah?” She sauntered over and plopped herself on his lap. “I was beginning to feel neglected.” She kissed his throat. “Lonely.” She kissed his chin. “Horny.” She kissed his mouth in that sexy teasing way that gave him an instant erection. “Very, very horny.”

“I’ve heard about you horny widow types. Always thinkin’ ’bout…”

“About what?”

“You tell me, horny Widow Jansen. What’s that gleam in your eye mean for me tonight?”

“It’s so damn dark in here I’m surprised you can even see my eyes.”

“Shee. It’s my Indian scout night vision. Wait. I’m getting something else from that vision. I’m sensin’ you want to—” he let his tongue dip into her ear, “—blow me.”

“You are good. Let’s go upstairs where I can spread you out on the bed and work you over real good.”

“I’m comfy right here.”


“What’s the rule about arguin’ with me?”


“Good answer.” Cash trailed his lips along the long, tasty line of her neck.

“Unbuckle my britches and put your hands on me, Gem.”

“You wear your jeans so damn tight I won’t be able to get them—or you—off unless you stand up and take ’em off.”

“Whatever makes it easier for you.” Cash put her back on her feet and stood beside her. Gemma kissed him while she unbuckled his belt. She kissed him as she unbuttoned and unzipped him. She kept kissing him as she shimmied his jeans and boxers to his knees.

Anticipation made him crazy. Waiting for her cool, strong hand to circle his cock.

Followed by her hot, wet mouth and wicked little tongue.

“Cash? Up against the bookcase.”

Zero argument from him. He shuffled sideways until his ass met cold wood. She dropped to her knees.

“Spread those legs wider.”


“Now, see here, cowboy. I won’t have you knocking off my knickknacks on the bookshelves. You’re gonna have to hold still. No buckin’ your hips. Got it?”

“I can move someplace sturdier. Maybe we oughta do this by a wall?”

“No.” Gemma slapped his thigh.

Shit. That was sexy, her taking charge and acting all bossy. His dick jerked against his belly.

“I will stop if you don’t obey me, Cash.”

“I’ll obey.”

“Good boy. Hands by your sides.”

He clenched his fists by his clenched thighs.

She nuzzled the hair covering his sac. “How is it you smell so…sweet right here?

When you’re all hard, tough male?” Her hand slipped up the inside of his leg. Then she cupped his balls and rolled them between her clever fingers.

Cash didn’t move, but his c**k twitched again.

Gemma sucked both balls into her mouth and made an, “Mmm. Mmm. Mmm,”

noise. Her tongue flicked over the globes, between, and she sucked again. The very tip of her wet finger lazily stroked the sensitive strip of skin behind his sac. Then it slowly slipped back to the puckered hole. Drawing ever-deeper circles into that sensitive knot of nerves. One push and her finger breached the tightly muscled ring and was inside his back channel.

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