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She almost came from the sexy feel of his tongue rasping over her ni**les. Giving every inch the attention she craved until she was dizzy and wet with want.

Cash placed hot kisses up her throat. “Touch yourself.”

Flustered, she stuttered, “What do you mean?”

“You’ve gotten yourself off when you haven’t had a man to do it.” His tongue slicked across her bottom lip. “Show me how you make yourself come.”

“Um. It’s too dark. You can’t see.”

“Don’t matter. I got a great imagination. I hear you breathin’ fast. I feel your heart poundin’ against my mouth. I smell that sweet cream. I know you want to get off, Gemma doll. Show me how your pretty pu**y responds to your touch.”

Cash rubbed his stubbled cheek along her jaw. “While you finger yourself, I’ll suck these tits deep and hard. I know I can make you moan, but wanna see if I can make you scream.”

She had difficulty swallowing and she knew he heard it. “And if I’m feeling shy?”

“You aren’t. You want to prove your wild side. Knowin’ you’re touchin’ yourself will drive me insane. It excites you to drive me crazy with lust without even touchin’ me.”

He plucked her hand off his shoulder. Kissing her first two fingers delicately, he sucked them into his hot mouth.

A flash of heat speared between her legs.

Cash ran his tongue between the digits, getting them good and wet before he released them. “Show me.” He covered her hand with his, placing it between her shaking legs.

Gemma felt her wetness ease the way as four fingers pushed inside her. Her head fell back against the stalls as he helped move their joined hands in and out of her pu**y.

“Like that?”

“Usually I just…”

“Just what?” he demanded.

“I go straight for my clit.”


“It’s the fastest way to get me off.”

He chuckled. “Greedy wench. Show me more. Show me everything.” Cash bent his head and worked her ni**les.

She thrust the fingers into her pu**y twice before sliding them up to her mound. She centered the pad of her middle finger right over her clit and she rubbed. Not ever-widening circles. Not side to side. No teasing. Just up and down, directly over that needy nub. A moan escaped when she realized the added weight of his finger intensified the pressure.

Cash blew a stream of air across her wet ni**les. “Faster?”

“Not yet.” She thrust their joined fingers back inside her core, secretly loving the way he made her lead. Made her teach him what she liked.

She liked it all. If his labored breathing and the way his pelvis bumped her hip was any indication, he liked it all too.

Her middle finger returned to the aching spot. “Faster would be good now.”

“Show me.”

She kept the strokes short and fast. So close. She was so damn close. The pressure built and she lost her mind when Cash sucked her nipple in perfect timing to the pulsating in her clit.

“Oh shit that feels so…” An intense rush of pleasure overwhelmed her senses. The scent of his hot skin. The complete darkness. The sharp nip of his teeth. The wet lash of his tongue on the swell of her breast. The throbbing in her sex. The sensations were too potent, too raw. Almost there…

He knocked her hand away. Then his mouth was on hers and she heard a metallic clank as he unbuckled his belt, followed by the sound of his jeans sliding down his flanks.

Blindly she reached for the hardest part of him, but his fingers circled her wrist.

He ripped his mouth free. “Don’t.”

“But, why—”

“Because I’m about two seconds away from coming. And I don’t want to come in your hand.” He put his mouth on the pulse pounding in her throat. “Although, I want to f**k every part of you. Your hand. Your mouth. Your tits. Your ass. Say you’ll let me do whatever I want.” He hissed against her ear. “Say it and I’ll let you come.”

“Yes, whatever you want.”

“Right now I’ll take this warm, tight pu**y since it is wet and ready for me. Turn, bend over and grab the slats.”

Gemma thought she couldn’t get hotter. But his hot words and hot breath and the wicked hot things he planned to do to her blanked her mind to everything but sexual greed. She spun around and curled her fingers through the space separating the wooden boards of the stalls.

His boots nudged the inside of hers. “Wider.”

She kicked her heels out as far as they would go with her jeans stuck around the middle of her calves.

He nuzzled the back of her head. “You trust me, sweets?”


“You’ll let me do whatever I want to you, right?”

Her stomach swooped—excitement laced with fear. “As long as it feels good.”

“It’ll feel good.” He sank his teeth into the nape of her neck and gooseflesh broke out across her back. “But maybe not at first.”

Before she could demand specifics, Cash’s big, rough hand smoothed down her spine and over her butt. He slapped her ass. Hard. Twice.

She gasped.

He did it again on the other side. Smack smack.



Four more sharp smacks landed on each one of her butt cheeks. The sting morphed into a burning sensation that wasn’t unpleasant…just a hot reminder of who was in charge.


“I love it when you say my name,” he growled.

“Why are you—”

“Because you like it.” Whack whack whack whack. “You like it because you’ve never had that bite of pain and you’ve always wondered what it’d be like, didn’t you?”

Whack whack whack whack.

“I-I—oh God. Don’t—”

“Don’t lie to me. You are drippin’ wet, winyan.” He inhaled. “I can smell it.” He spanked the same spot three times. And repeated on her left side. “You need a reminder that I ain’t a gentleman, Gemma.”

How had he known she craved a taste of kink? She moaned loudly when two hard slaps close to her anus made it clench.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked, peppering her butt with little swats.

Her skin tingled and burned. She cried out even as her pu**y wept for more. “No.”

The cheeks on her face and on her backside were enflamed.

He spanked her until every inch of her butt bore the mark of his hand.

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