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They were all buck-ass naked. Oh, man, it’d be a damn shame to cover up such glorious bodies under chaps, jeans and long-sleeved shirts. These hunky cowboys should be all nude, all the time.

Two men studied a man who was bound. His muscular arms were stretched above his head, his strong wrists tied together and hooked to a long rope. His feet were spread wide, though the tips of his boots scarcely touched the hay-strewn ground. His bulky thigh muscles were rigid from the strain. A single thin golden sunbeam blazed between the wooden slats, highlighting his sweat-coated skin.

Macie’s eyes drank him in. Of the three, he was the most striking. Wide, defined shoulders. A hairless chest with sharply sculpted pectorals. His biceps bulged with corded muscles and thick veins. As her gaze swept down to his ribcage and his tapered waist, to the dent in his navel, the other two naked cowboys blocked her view of his groin.


But she watched in fascination as the men murmured to him before each one latched onto a flat bronze nipple. The bound cowboy arched, but no sound emerged. The blond man suckling his right nipple reached down between the man’s legs. Although Macie couldn’t see specifics, by the way the bound cowboy bucked, and by the way the guy’s hand moved up and down, she had a pretty good idea what was being done to him.

A fireball of heat blazed through her.

The dark-haired man on the left brought his fingers to the bound cowboy’s mouth.

The bound man parted his lips and sucked the offered digits to the knuckles. The man withdrew his wet fingers and reached around the bound cowboy’s hip, his arm dropping below the phantom belt line.

A stuttered breath left the bound cowboy’s mouth and he jerked once before a low-pitched groan escaped. Sweat beaded his upper lip. More perspiration coated his golden skin. He twisted beneath the men’s ministrations and the ropes, yet his cowboy hat remained in place, covering his face.

Laughing, the two men abandoned the bound cowboy. The dark-haired man hooked his arm around the blond’s neck and yanked him close. They fell on each other like long lost lovers. Hard male body slid against another hard male body. Cowboy hats hit the dirt as hungry mouths met in a ravenous kiss. The sounds of heavy breathing and of rough hands caressing even rougher skin echoed as the pungent musk of animals and sex hung in the air.

Macie’s panties grew damp. She felt like a pervert but she couldn’t make herself flee the sexy scene. There was something electrifying about three strong men lost in a taboo passion, no need to be gentle, doing to each other exactly what they’d like done to them.

The dark-haired man fisted one hand in the blond’s hair and the other around the blond’s long cock. He forcefully stroked the thick length, yanking back the blond’s head to savage his throat, muttering unintelligible words against his skin.

The blond moaned.

The dark-haired cowboy released his hold on the man’s hair as his open mouth skated across his lover’s upper torso, his tongue tracing the dips and valleys of the musculature. He suckled the pebbled tips of the blond’s pale ni**les, biting down hard enough to cause the blond to gasp. Then he scraped his fingers over the taut washboard abs, flicking the tip of his tongue around the belly ring and through the thick nest of light hair before he fell to his knees.

Macie chanced a peek at the bound cowboy. His c**k twitched against his stomach as he watched the two men from beneath the brim of his hat. A part of it, yet apart from it. A strange sense of déjà vusurfaced.

“Open your mouth,” the blond demanded, drawing Macie’s attention back to the male couple.

Shaking his head, the dark-haired cowboy lifted the blond’s c**k and nuzzled his low-slung balls before his tongue darted out and licked them. Thoroughly. Then that long flickering tongue disappeared behind the tight sacs.

“Lick it. More. Get it wet. Yeah, push your tongue inside.” He canted his hips.

“Deeper. That’s it. Fuck my ass with that greedy tongue. Stick it in as far as you can.”

The dark-haired man’s thick fingers pushed the inside of the blond’s thighs as far apart as possible so he could bury his face beneath the blond’s c**k and balls. Wiggling his head as he dove deeper, he made wet, slurping sounds, sucking, moaning, grinding his hips and c**k into the blond’s shin.

The blond watched, wild-eyed as the man on his knees pulled back and brought the furry blond balls completely into his mouth again. “Like that. Yeah. Use your teeth a little. Roll them together. Now suck them. Jesus, that’s so good. I love to watch you.”

After the dark-haired cowboy released the globes with an audible wet pop, the blond grabbed the brunette’s head and rammed his rosy meat into his lover’s mouth.

The dark-haired cowboy made a choking noise and backed off, releasing the c**k until just the tip remained in his mouth.

The blond thrust his hips hard, keeping his hands clamped to his lover’s head.

“Deeper. Come on. Take me all the way down that throat. Don’t pretend you don’t love it when I f**k your face.”

The enthusiastic sucking sounds and the answering guttural demands mesmerized her. The blond would pull his wet c**k out completely, circling the weeping purple head around the other man’s swollen lips before plunging back in to the root.

Saliva dribbled down the dark-haired man’s chin and neck. He kept up the frantic pace, digging his fingertips into his lover’s hips with enough force to leave marks.

Making greedy, happy hums that seemed to heighten the blond’s pleasure.

The unbearably erotic interlude didn’t last long. The blond cowboy muttered, “Fuck, here it comes,” as he clutched the man’s dark hair, and tipped his chin down so every inch of his c**k was lodged in the man’s throat, his ass muscles flexing with every spurt.

Macie was surprised at their collective stillness as the dark-haired cowboy gruffly swallowed. She glanced over at the bound cowboy, who was fighting against his restraints, his c**k still hard as a railroad spike, yet, telltale wetness spread across his belly.

The blond man stumbled back as the dark-haired cowboy rose to his feet. A sexy, secret smile, followed by a gentle touch of the blond’s hands. Then they exchanged a sinuous full-body hug, c**k to cock, their hands stroking, caressing sweaty, bared skin as they shared a hot, long soul kiss.

Sweat trickled between her br**sts and her ni**les tingled as if they were touching her.

After they reluctantly broke apart, exchanging soft murmurs and soft laughter, they moved toward the bound cowboy as one unit.

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