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She angled her head and kissed the inside of his wrist. “How can I prove it?”

“Come with me right now. Don’t ask questions and don’t argue.”

“Only if you kiss me again.”

“Why you so intent on me kissin’ you?”

“Because, shug, when we were dancing you made me so wet and hot from that kiss I nearly came all over your leg.”

Colby growled and enclosed his mouth over hers. His hot male taste filled her as he forced her lips open and thrust his slick tongue in and out. He gifted her with a grinding kiss that stole her breath and fogged her senses. He sucked her tongue, followed it up with erotic little bites of her lips. Then he retreated, making her chase his tongue back into his greedy mouth.

The kiss softened, sweetened. He explored her reactions, licking her teeth, teasing the roof of her mouth with a fleeting flick of the tip of his tongue. He slid that rough, wet velvet along the inside curve of her cheek and nibbled on her bottom lip. Pulling back to let his breath drift over the dampened spots he’d created, as he brushed soft, yet insistent kisses on the corners of her trembling mouth.

Channing whimpered. Never in her life had she been kissed like that.

Her pu**y flooded with cream, her ni**les were hard as granite, her head spun like a tornado and he hadn’t really touched her yet.

What would happen when he did? When they all did?

He stared in her dazed eyes with male heat and pride. “I cannot wait to f**k you.” His hungry gaze zeroed in on her cle**age. “And those. But first, I’ve got a little test for you to pass. Come on.” Colby dropped ten bucks on the table to pay for the beer.

Holding his hand, she trailed behind him as they crossed the highway and into the arena parking lot. The rodeo grounds resembled an Old West ghost town. He led her to a dirty, white Dodge quad cab hooked to an enormous silver horse trailer.

Edgard and Trevor sauntered over from the corrals.

Her breath caught. Man, they were gorgeous. Edgard Mancuso, Trevor’s roping partner, was a darkly handsome Brazilian with the face of a god and the body of a gladiator. And Trevor, an all-American god in his own right, wavy blond hair, rugged looks born of his Nordic ancestry.

Her nerves kicked in. What if they didn’t want her?

“Channing. You’re lookin’ mighty fine today.”

“Thanks, Trevor.”

“What’s up, Colby?” Trevor asked.

“We’ve got a bit of a situation. As you’ve heard, Jared abandoned this little lady. She wants to stay on. I’ve agreed she can travel with us until Cheyenne…on a few conditions.”

“Which are?”

“She becomes our personal buckle bunny.”

Trevor grinned. “Sounds good so far.”

Edgard scowled at him. “We can get any woman, any time we want.

Why do we need just one?”

“Because she’s agreed to do whatever we want. And I know you guys have shied away from askin’ some of the fillies warmin’ our beds to do…certain things.”

Edgard glanced away.

“How do we know she ain’t just saying she’ll do it?”

“Good question. I thought we could test her intentions. If she agrees, and if we’re all satisfied, she’ll be goin’ with us today.”

“All three of us? Right now?” Edgard asked skeptically.

“Yeah, we’ll start with something easy. She’s new at this sort of thing.”

Channing’s blood began to race through her body with anticipation—pounding and throbbing in some places more than others.

“Whatcha got in mind, Colby?” Trevor asked.

“Let’s head into the horse trailer and I’ll tell you.”

Edgard shook his head. “I’ll sit this one out.”

The compartment in the horse trailer was bigger—and cleaner—than she’d imagined. A small living area comprised of a two-burner cook top stove, a mini-fridge, a microwave, a sink, and a table and bench seat which sat four. A metal ladder led to an area with a low hanging ceiling and a king-sized mattress. An angular tiny bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet was crammed in the far corner. The space smelled like horseflesh and leather and men.

“Do you live here?” she asked.

“We take turns stayin’ in here. Too small for all of us.”

Colby flicked on an overhead light. He faced Channing, his blue eyes gleaming. “Take off your shirt, shug.”

Did she have the guts to do this? Even when she so desperately wanted it?

Inhaling a slow, quiet breath, her fingers trembled as she unbuttoned the white eyelet blouse.

Colby stood close, Trevor leaned against the back wall, watching.

Down to her white lace bra, she awaited further instructions.

“Good girl. Peel it off. Slowly. Tease me. Make me salivate to get my mouth on those big titties.”

Channing reached behind her back and unhooked the clasps. The white satin contrasted against her tanned skin as the straps slithered down her arms. She held the cups in place until the last possible minute and then let the bra drop to the floor.

Silence except for the sounds of heavy male breathing.

“Trevor?” Colby said.

“I’m here buddy.”

“You ever seen such a beautiful pair of tits?”

“Can’t say as I have.”

“Look at those ni**les. Big and red as cherries.”

Unused to compliments on her body, Channing blushed.

“Touch yourself. Show us what you like.”

Channing closed her eyes. She skimmed her palms up her rounded belly, over her ribs, stopping to trace tiny circles around her ni**les. She arched her back, lifting her br**sts high, squeezing the soft flesh between her fingers. Plucking her ni**les. Hard. Much harder than any man had been inclined to.

“What would you do first, Trev? Suck on them? Or slide your c**k between them?”

Trevor chuckled. “Suck on them. Bite them. Make her squirm a bit.

Then I’d wrap that creamy flesh around my c**k and thrust high and hard until the tip reached those pouty lips.”

Moisture gushed from her pu**y like a water balloon had broken between her thighs. She’d never been so hot, so ready to be touched in her life.

Colby sidled in front of her, cupping a big breast in each hand. He kneaded the mounds, whispered husky, sweet words against her quivering skin, dragging his open mouth across the tops of her br**sts.

He buried his face in the valley of her cle**age. Flattening his tongue, lapping at the bottom curves.

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