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With the way I have doin’ that in mind, you can’t hurt me. You’ll be in total control. You seemed to really like it. Hell, I’m a modern guy. I don’t mind you bein’ in control once in a while.”

Channing felt the warmth between her legs begin to pulse with renewed interest. She stripped. “How’s this gonna work?”

“Throw your leg over my chest like you were mountin’ a horse. Then stay on all fours with your knees by my ears and back that pu**y right into my face.” He smacked his lips like she was offering him a gourmet meal.

The old Channing would’ve been mortified exposing so much of her less-than-perfect body to a man, her private parts especially, in such an intimate manner. But Colby wasn’t just any man. He was her man, her lover. He found her sexy and hot and he wanted her as she was, flaws, fat ass and all.

“Hang on, cowboy, I’m mounting up.” She kissed his belly and chest and she reversed into him, finding herself even more aroused as she dangled above him upside down.

“Oh yeah. Gimme some of this sweetness. Scoot back, shug. Just like that.” Colby buried his face in her cunt.

“Omigod.” At this angle the sensations were completely different.

Cooler, as her hot tingly parts were riding high in the air. Wetter, as his cheeks and tongue spread the moisture from his mouth and her sex up the inside of her thighs and higher, through her muff and back to her ass. Sharper. Or it could’ve just been the nip of Colby’s teeth. Or the constant hard flicker of his tongue.

“Like that do you?”

“Yes.” The inside of her legs began to vibrate. Every bit of her skin pulsed. Channing rocked into him, whimpering as her orgasm hovered on the edges. “I’m gonna be pretty quick on the trigger this time.”

“Good. Let’s see if this won’t spur you along.” He licked and sucked and bit her clit, making little mmm-mmm noises in between slurping her juices, jamming his tongue deeply inside her pu**y, f**king her with his mouth until she ground her wet sex down and came all over his face.

Afterward she fell beside him in a quivering heap, breathing hard, stunned yet again by how in tune this man was with her every unspoken need.

“Damn. I was gonna put some ice up that pretty snatch and suck it out to see how you liked that, but I plumb forgot.”

“That’s okay. You might’ve killed me.”

“Come up here and give me that mouth.”

“You sure wanna play kissy face with me a lot today, Colby.”

“Nuh-uh. Not just today. Everyday.”

As Channing teasingly brushed her lips over his, the trailer door banged open. They both froze, midkiss.

Trevor laughed. “It smells like sex in here. What’s a guy got to do to get an invite to the fun and games? Or am I excluded these days?”

Colby’s hand stroked her face. He whispered, “Your call.”

“You don’t care?”

“I know part of the reason you’re travelin’ with us is to fulfill your fantasies of f**king two guys at the same time. We’re both here. We’re both willin’. You have to do whatever makes you happy, Chan.”

That wasn’t the answer she wanted, but maybe it was the one she needed to put things back in perspective. This was a sexual adventure. A temporary sexual adventure, nothing more. In the heat of the moment she’d just confused lust and love. She smiled and pushed back on her heels. “We’re up here, Trev.”



“Hot damn. Give me a second to catch up.”

Colby’s face was unreadable in the dark. Was he turned on by the idea of a threesome? She knew this situation wasn’t anything new for him and Trevor.

But it surprised her that even with all she’d done and seen today, the idea of being f**ked by Colby and Trevor at the same time kicked her lust back into high gear.

The mattress shifted as Trevor scrambled up. “Colby, you feelin’

better, buddy?”

“Yeah. My girl Channing kissed it and made it all better, didn’t you, darlin’?”

“Yep.” She faced Trevor and crawled to him like a slinky cat. “Since Colby is flat on his back, looks like he’s a bottom. We know what I am.

So guess what that makes you?”

“Very lucky.” Trevor snagged her around the waist, tugged her to his naked chest and crushed his mouth to hers. His kiss was a show of aggression.

Channing gave him that aggression right back. Raking her nails over his smooth chest, digging her fingers into his slim hipbones. Wrapping her hand around his c**k and jacking up and down vigorously, remembering how much he’d loved it hard and fast when Edgard had done it.

Trevor plumped her br**sts and lowered his head, sucking her ni**les, his teeth nipping to that point of pain and backing off when she whimpered. Using the moisture from his mouth, his middle finger drew a straight line down her belly to her clit.

The air grew heavy with the sounds of labored breathing, and the dark, heady scent of sex.

Colby said, “Channing. Come here. Now.”

His voice dripped authority and…jealousy? She laid her hand on Trevor’s face as he flicked his tongue over her nipple in time to his finger working her clit. She didn’t want him to stop. She arched into him for more. “God. That’s so good.”

“You heat up in a hurry, don’t you?”

“Channing.” Colby’s voice was sharper.

“In a minute.”

“No. Now.”

Trevor released her nipple with a loud pop, looked up and smiled.

“Sounds like someone’s ready. Are you?”

“Mmm-hmm. Do you have condoms?”

“Right here.”

Channing turned and scuttled back to Colby.

He’d grabbed his c**k with his left hand and was idly stroking himself. His eyes glittered challenge. “You prepared to get f**ked? By both of us? My c**k in your pu**y and Trevor’s dick rammin’ into your ass?”

For a second she froze. She looked over her shoulder at Trevor. “I know it might seem a little late to ask this, but should we be chatting about STDs? Especially since…”

“Since I’m bi? Edgard is the only man I’ve ever been with, Channing. I don’t have AIDS or anything else. Neither does Edgard, okay? We always use condoms. You’re safe. We’re safe. I swear. I wouldn’t be doin’ this otherwise.”

She nodded.

Colby said, “Put the condom on me. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when we’re both inside you.”

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