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What she saw froze her to the spot. Edgard and Trevor weren’t fighting. Rather, Trevor was naked, splayed along the back wall, beating his fists into the cheap paneling as Edgard, on his knees before Trevor’s widespread legs, was noisily sucking Trevor’s cock.

Holy shit. This wasn’t what she’d expected at all.

Edgard raked his fingers down Trevor’s rippled abs and gripped his hips. “Fuck my mouth. Hard. You want to. Do it.” Then he bent his head and swallowed Trevor’s c**k again.

“Jesus, I can’t get enough of—” Trevor’s gaze caught hers. “Channing?

What the hell are you doing here?”

Edgard scrambled back so fast he fell on his naked ass, looking up at Channing with the most horrified, embarrassed expression distorting his striking face.

Trevor stayed pressed against the wall almost as if he wanted to melt into it.

No one uttered a sound.

And suddenly, things made sense. Edgard’s reluctance to have her travel along with them or to join in their sexcapade. The constant tension between Trevor and Edgard. The sniping that was clearly a lovers’ spat.

The truth of why Trevor disappeared every night and where he went, leaving her and Colby alone.

Oddly enough, it didn’t freak her out. In fact, it was a relief. No wonder Edgard wasn’t attracted to her; he was attracted to Trevor.

Trevor said, “Channing, it’s not what you think.”

Then another strange thought sneaked in and she blurted out, “Is Colby g*y, too?”

“I’m not g*y,” Trevor said.

Edgard shot him a dark look.

“Okay. Bi at least. Then is Colby bisexual?”


“Does he know that you guys are…together?”


“And he doesn’t mind?” Most straight guys she knew were extremely homophobic. Brokeback Mountain notwithstanding, she suspected rough and tumble cowboys, schooled in the traditional conduct of the Old West would be even more set in their ways of thinking than the male urbanites she knew.

“Colby is of the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy,” Edgard said dryly. “As long as he doesn’t see us—everything is fine.”

“Oh.” She absolutely did not know what to say.

Trevor said, “Obviously, we’d rather you didn’t go blabbin’ about this.

It’d make life a mite difficult for us not only on the circuit, but everywhere else.”

“I imagine.”

Edgard scowled, stood and threaded his hand through his hair. He reached for his rumpled clothes. “I’ll go get the horses.”

She could’ve let him go. Instead, Channing stepped in front of him and placed her hand on his cheek. “No. Go ahead and finish. I interrupted your private time together. If anyone should leave it should be me, Edgard.”

Her words sent shock waves through the small space.

“You’re not disgusted by what you’ve seen, chica?”

She laughed softly. “On the contrary.”

Edgard and Trevor exchanged a look. “Meaning?”

“What I see are two of the sexiest men I’ve ever met, giving in to passion that I never believed existed until I experienced it myself.” She felt a hot blush steal up her neck. “How can that be wrong? I’m beginning to understand it’s powerfully addicting. And…”

“What?” Edgard brought her hand to his mouth. “Tell us.”

“It turns me on. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to watch two guys going at it. I mean, face it, you’re both gorgeous. You’ve both got incredibly beautiful, incredibly strong bodies. All those bulging muscles, rock-hard abs, broad shoulders. Big, rough hands and tight cowboy asses.” Her gaze dipped to Edgard’s crotch. “Not to mention those.”

He grinned.

Trevor stepped forward and curled his hand on Edgard’s shoulder.

“What’re you sayin’?”

Channing looked from one man to the next. “I’m saying, part of the reason I’m here is to experience all sorts of different sexual scenarios, right? This is one. So, I want you to finish what you started. Pretend I’m not here. I’ll just be sitting over there in the corner. Watching.”

Edgard didn’t look convinced.

“I’m so wet thinking about seeing you guys f**k I hope you don’t mind if when I can’t stand it anymore, I take care of matters myself?”

Trevor leaned over to kiss her forehead. “Do what you gotta do, darlin’. Don’t mind us, ‘cause we probably won’t mind you.”

Channing picked up the chair and slid it next to the door, out of the way and sat back to enjoy the show.

With renewed fervor, Trevor spun Edgard sideways and clamped his mouth to Edgard’s. His callused hands cradled Edgard’s face and he gradually slipped his fingers over Edgard’s thick neck, his delineated pecs, until his thumbs brushed Edgard’s small pebbled ni**les. Over and over. A softer touch than Channing expected, but without pause.

Edgard groaned.

The contrast of Trevor’s light-colored hands skimming across Edgar’s darker-hued skin was a stunning visual. The strength of these men, square jaws covered in razor stubble, thick tongues flashing as they kissed hungrily, their sinewy bodies swaying closer until they were pressed together. Smooth, rock-hard chest against another equally firm torso dusted with dark hair. Muscled thigh to muscled thigh, c**k straining against cock, made her heart pound and her pu**y dripping wet.

Edgard broke the kiss and dragged his mouth down the center of Trevor’s body. Trevor widened his stance, planted his palms on Edgard’s shoulders and pushed him to his knees.

But Edgard wouldn’t be rushed. He licked a line from Trevor’s navel to the edge of his blond pubic hair, nuzzling the skin around Trevor’s twitching cock. Edgard smoothed his hands over Trevor’s hips to cup his butt cheeks.

Channing squirmed as she noticed one of Edgard’s hands dipped lower, tracing the crack of Trevor’s ass down between his balls.

Trevor shuddered and bumped his crotch forward. “Come on. I was close before. Suck it deep.”

Edgard lapped the crease between Trevor’s hip and thigh, before turning to look at Channing. “He likes to come on my face, but we’ll skip that today.”

“Then you’ll swallow every f**king drop I pump into this mouth, you c**k tease.” Trevor fastened his hands on Edgard’s head and maneuvered Edgard’s mouth to his groin. “Open up and say ah, baby.”

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