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“I hated the way you left me today, and we didn’t get anything resolved, especially after the way you put your mouth on me, I was so close to coming—”

Colby growled and clamped his hands on her gyrating hips. “Unless you want me to f**k you right here on the dance floor, knock it off, Chan. I’m not kiddin’.”

“I’m not either. I missed you. Let me show you how much.” She stretched to her tiptoes and brushed her lips across the pulse thrumming in his throat.

Tonight he was clean-shaven. A subtle piney scent teased her from beneath his starched shirt collar. She loved his smooth, square jaw and the way he considered her from beneath his ridiculously long dark eyelashes. She loved how his nostrils flared when he was aroused and the determined set to his mouth just before he kissed her. Everything about this sturdy, sexy, sweet man intoxicated her.

In between nibbling bites on his neck, she whispered, “I want to be with you, Colby. Running my hands over your skin as your rough flesh rubs against mine. Digging my heels into your tight little cowboy butt as you slide in and out of me. Looking in your gorgeous blue eyes as we’re barely a breath apart. Tasting your kisses. Seeing those dimples wink at me when I do something that turns you on. Your sweat mingling with mine, how it lets our bodies slide together perfectly—”

“Enough,” he said hoarsely. “Jesus, I only got so much willpower where you’re concerned.”

“And that’s bad because?”

“Because I gotta cool down or it’ll be over before it even starts. Damn, girl, I need a diversion.”

Rather than towing her from the dance floor like a man on a mission to get her naked, he sauntered to the back corner of the bar by the dartboards and introduced her to some of the other guys she’d recognized from the circuit.

Normally she wasn’t tongue-tied in social situations but tonight she felt shy. Especially when Colby plopped down and rather than finding her another chair, he pulled her on his lap. Her butt straddled his thigh, high, near his groin.

A beer bottle dangled from his fingers and if she wanted a drink, he held it up for her to sip. She swore the heat from his lips left an impression on the glass, and her own lips fit that dent perfectly.

His insistence on catering to her and showing every one of his pals they were together didn’t make her feel like a piece of property. It made her feel special. Like she belonged.

Colby and the guys talked specifics on their rides and times and pros and cons of certain rough stock. Channing paid close attention because it fascinated her. The other women didn’t seem to care. Because they’d heard the stories a million times? Or because the dirt on rodeoing full time was old hat to them?

Cash swung by to make sure she was all right before he bid the crew goodnight. The hardcore partiers—young, fresh-faced cowboys barely old enough to shave—gave Cash a rash of crap for being an old timer. Cash winked at her and took it in stride. Channing noticed Cash politely excused himself from the clutches of several buckle bunnies and left alone. What was up with that? Very few cowboys opted to say no to willing female flesh. Ever.

During the latter part of the conversation with a group of tie-down ropers, Colby started lightly stroking the exposed skin on her lower back where her shirt gapped from her skirt. An idle, fleeting touch, which should’ve been comforting but packed a powerful punch of sexual promise. Every lingering caress of his blunt, rough finger felt like he was stroking her pu**y. Didn’t take long for her panties to become soaked through.

Sighing, she wiggled closer to his chest.

He subtly inched away, only to continue battering her senses with the lazy assault.

Two can play this game, Channing thought. When she rhythmically clenched her butt cheeks together on Colby’s thigh, he stood so quickly he almost knocked her on her ass.

Amidst catcalls and high-fives and suggestions for positions (spread-eagled across the horse trailer hitch?) they exited the rowdy bar.

Outside in the chilly mountain air, she shivered in her thin T-shirt.

Colby didn’t notice. They didn’t talk at all until they cleared the main thoroughfare and were hidden in the shadows of the motel outbuildings.

Pine trees towered above them. Moonlight was conspicuously absent.

Colby twirled Channing around, pressing her back against a metal shed as he devoured her with his lips, teeth, and tongue. His hands squeezed her br**sts, his thumbs rasped over her hardened ni**les, his knee separated her legs and he ground his brawny thigh into her crotch.

His lips slid to her ear. “I can’t wait. I’ve wanted you all goddamn day.

‘Bout killed me to walk away from you earlier, leavin’ you with them. I can’t think but for wantin’ you. Right here, right now, Chan. Darlin’, say yes. I’m dyin’ to feel you around me.”

“Yes. Yes. Please, Colby.”

“Wrap your legs over my hips.” He lifted her off the ground. “Have I told you how much I love this naughty little skirt? Mmm-mmm. Gotta

’preciate this easy access.” His thumb swept the damp cotton of her panties, and then wiggled under the elastic leg band. Finding her already hot and slick, he groaned. “Shug, you heat up as fast as my woodstove.

Makes me a crazy man that my touch makes you so wet.”

Frantic from his sexy admission, Channing tugged on his championship belt buckle. The zipper slid down fine, but the skintight Wranglers were a problem. “Maybe you should start wearing skirts too, cowboy, because there ain’t nothing easy about getting these jeans off.

Did you borrow a pair from Dwight Yoakam? Damn, these things are really snug.”

Colby laughed. “More snug in some places than others.”

“It’s not funny! Help me.”

“Hang on.” He set her down, hooked his thumbs in the belt loops and yanked. Stiff denim and the soft flannel boxers slid down to his knees.

He picked her back up and practically threw her against the building.

That supremely hot, long male flesh teased her belly, trailing a bead of pre-come above her navel. She arched, wanting that hardness buried deep in her molten core. Now.

“Stop bouncin’ around.” Colby peeled her T-shirt and bra up and feasted on her ni**les. “God, I love your tits.” He sucked powerfully enough to leave a mark. “I want to spend hours—”

“Not hours and especially not now. Geez, afterward you can play with them until they fall off, but right now, f**k me, Colby. Just bend your knees and slide it in deep.”

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