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“I guess.”

“How’d you end up with Jared?”

Because I didn’t see you first.

Channing didn’t look up; rather she studied the pearl studs on his plaid western shirt. “We met after he did a bull-riding exhibition. We got to talking and I told him I wanted an adventure. We hooked up and here I am. Why?”

“So you ain’t goofy in love with him? Hopin’ he’ll put a ring on your finger at summer’s end?”

“No.” Truth be told, she suspected she’d made a mistake in choosing Jared. Beneath his enchanting Australian accent lurked a moody, possessive man with secrets. She had no idea what to do about it.


“This don’t seem like your thing.”

“What? Traveling on the rodeo circuit?”

“Well, that too. But mostly I was talkin’ ‘bout a classy broad like you shackin’ up with that lyin’ slimeball.”

Channing glanced up. Instead of acting snappy and defensive, she batted her eyelashes and sweetened her tone. “Why, Colby McKay, I didn’t realize you cared about my virtue.”

“It ain’t your virtue I’m concerned about.”

“Then what?”

His hungry gaze captured every nuance of her face, ultimately homing in on her mouth. Heat from his eyes raced down her spine, gathering in her core. She felt more exposed than if he’d stripped her buck-naked.

“Jesus. Every time I look at you I lose my damn train of thought.”


“‘Cause you got the sweet face of an innocent and the body of a high-priced whore.”

Her mouth dropped open.

Studying her eyes, Colby gave her a devilish smile and lowered his head. Taking advantage of her parted lips, his tongue darted inside her mouth. No hard, fast kiss. Just a fleeting brush of his soft lips. A lingering stroke of his velvety tongue. His heated breath mingled with hers and her pulse quickened. Everywhere.

Oh. As his talented tongue slid along hers, any pretense of her resistance fled. She savored his taste; a spicy tang of beer, Copenhagen and toothpaste. Another shudder ran through her and she moaned softly.

“Does that shock you, darlin’?” he murmured against the corner of her trembling mouth.

Channing forced her traitorous lips away from his lazy assault. “Does it shock me that you classify me as a whore, same as those buckle bunnies following you around? No.”

His eyes flashed blue fire, as if she’d somehow insulted him. “I didn’t call you a whore. I didn’t call you an innocent, either, but I noticed you didn’t focus on that portion of my remark.”

“Then explain yourself, Mr. McKay.”

“I spend way more time thinkin’ ‘bout you than I should, Miz Channing.” Colby didn’t miss a dance beat as he smoothly shoved a firm thigh between hers and waltzed her forward.

Startled by the searing friction of his leg grinding into her crotch, she blurted, “What do you think about, when you’re thinking about me?”

“Well, I ain’t fantasizin’ ‘bout holdin’ your hand and takin’ you to the Sunday church ice-cream social.”

“No. Really?”

“Yes’m. Though, my thoughts do tend to wander on how many ways I can take you nine-ways-til-Sunday.”

A blush crawled up her neck. “Why do you do this?”


“Tease me all the time.”

“I ain’t teasin’ you. I just made my intentions clear.”

“No, you talked about your fantasies. Not your intentions.”

“That mean you think I’m all talk? I guarantee I’m not foolin’ around, Channing, darlin’.” He nuzzled her temple, tracking soft, moist kisses up her hairline and back down to her ear. He blew gently. Then he sucked all the air back out.

Channing actually felt the sharp vibration in her pu**y. This wild man could make her sopping wet with one well-placed whisper.

“A little haughty, ain’t ya?” His fingers slipped under the hem of her shirt. Callused fingertips idly stroked the damp skin beneath the waistband of her jeans on her lower back. “I like your fire. A woman like you could burn a man up. And I’d enjoy every hot second as I went down in flames.”

Her breath caught at the eroticism in his simple words and teasing touch.

“Are you trying to see how far you can push me?”

“I suspect you’re embarrassed to admit you’d like to be pushed by me. Or tied up, trussed up, any way I want you. At my every wicked whim. And no doubt, shug, I know my way around wicked.”

Something about this straight-talking, sweet-talking man made her wild. And horny as hell.


“Ssh. When you wise up to what Jared really is doin’, come talk to me before you do anything rash, okay?”


“Promise me, Channing.”

“Okay. But why?”

“‘Cause, sweetheart, I’m dyin’ to show you what you’ve been missin’.”

Another hot burst of moisture exploded in her panties. “What about Jared?”

“Yeah, what about me, mate?” Jared said.

She wheeled around guiltily. Crap. Jared lurked less than two feet away, his hands rested accusingly on his lean hips, as he glared at them.

Colby released her and retreated. “Nothin’. You’re a lucky fella, that’s all.” He tipped his hat to Channing and winked. “Thanks for the dance.

See you around. Remember what I said.”

Channing watched Colby until he disappeared out the side door, a predatory cowgirl hot on his boot heels.

Jared snagged her hand and jerked her into an awkward embrace.

“What were you and King Cheese yapping about?”

“Nothing really.”

“You should watch out for him and his buddy, Trevor. Nasty pair, those two.”

“What makes you say that?”

Jared tromped on her toe as he twirled her sideways. “Haven’t you seen the way the lasses gather around them? Not that I begrudge the blokes for taking their pick of pu**y, but crikey. What they expect those chippies to do with not one, but both of them? At the same time?”

What would it feel like, writhing between two hard male bodies? Two sets of rough-skinned hands touching her. Two hot, hungry mouths, kissing, tasting, licking, tormenting every bared inch of her quivering flesh. Two big cocks demanding entrance into her body.

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