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“Don’t apologize. I loved it. Especially those sweet snores comin’ from your sinful mouth. Lord. I’ve been watchin’ you sleep for the last ten minutes, wishin’ you’d wake up. As you can tell, I kinda got tired of waitin’.”

She blushed and attempted to roll over. “Colby—”

His big palm landed between her shoulder blades and he pushed her flat to her stomach. “You sore?”

“A little.”

“Well, I’ll try to be gentle, but damn, I want you like this. All warm and sleepy and soft.” Colby brushed his mouth over her ear. “Sometimes I wake up with morning wood, but never like this, like an iron bar. You do this to me, Channing. Only you.” He ground his rock-hard c**k into her hip. “Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

No matter what he thought, in no way was Channing relaxed now.

She closed her eyes and inhaled. Colby’s musk, the sweeter perfume of her arousal and the scent of last night’s sexcapade lingered in the room and on the sheets and she was instantly aroused. She heard the crinkling of a condom package being ripped open.

The bed swayed and Colby slapped both her ass cheeks. Her immediate protest of “Hey!” was lost as he tongued the hot marks, then dragged that wicked, wet tongue up her spine.

“On your knees, darlin’. Stretch your arms above your head.”

Channing kept her cheek pressed into the mattress as Colby hiked her hips higher and propped a folded pillow beneath her belly. He widened her base as his knees slid between her calves. His whole hand skated up and down her backbone in a sweetly soothing manner. Then she felt two fingers lightly stroking her pu**y, from her clit to her vaginal opening before those slick digits slid in deep.

“It’s okay, just lubing you up. I know you’re a little tender. This will help get you ready for me because I ain’t gonna wait. I want you right now.”

The fingers left briefly and returned, colder, and even slipperier than before. Her sex bloomed and opened for him like a flower.

“God, you look pretty, all those creamy pink curves stretched out for me to feast on. You’re about the sexiest damn thing I’ve ever seen, Chan.”

This man redefined sweet talker.

Colby angled closer and kissed the sensitive spot her behind the ear.


“Mmm. Yes.”

“Good.” His hipbones brushed her ass, and he spread her wide as the thick head of his c**k poised at her entrance. Colby didn’t ease in. He thrust to the hilt in one swift movement.

Channing gasped—not so much at the glint of pain bordering on perverse pleasure, but at the male need pulsing from him and how her body immediately softened further, eager to answer the mating call of his.

“I can’t go slow. This will be hard and fast. Jesus. This hot, tight pu**y makes me f**king crazy.” His hands curled over her hips and he slammed into her like a man possessed.

His heavy balls slapped her clit, his pubic hair tickled her ass and she lost her mind in the heady reaction of his absolute desperation for her. It humbled and amazed her how quickly he’d amassed intimate knowledge of giving her exactly what she wanted without her having to play coy. Without her having to beg him. Without her having to worry about him saying no and thinking she was a perverted sex fiend.

Long, thorough stroke after long stroke of his rigid c**k and her breathing became ragged. She teetered on the edge of climax, craving that rush as that elusive point dangled within reach. His right hand left her hip. She felt a coolness sweep over her rear hole and then a slight burning sensation as a thick finger breached the puckered opening.

“Oh, God.”

“Do you like that?” His slick finger pumped in and out of her ass in time with his c**k pounding into her cunt.

“Yes. I never thought this would feel—”

“Your body knows what it wants even if your brain is tellin’ you it’s wrong.” A few more deft strokes then his finger slipped from that tight hole and she whimpered at the loss of fullness…until he returned with two fingers, stretching deep inside, teasing that hidden gland that made her muscles clamp down even harder around his marauding fingers.

“I can’t wait to grind my c**k in here. Jesus, you’re so f**king tight.

So f**king silky and warm. So f**king…perfect . ” Colby grunted, and a hoarse shout echoed in the room.

She felt his balls draw up as he came. The twitching end of his c**k coupled with the rhythmic stroking of his fingers in her ass sent her rocketing to an orgasm so intense, when she sagged against the pillow tucked under her belly, that accidental brush of the stiff fabric across her swollen clit increased the strength of her climax tenfold. She screamed until she ran out of air.

His fingers slipped from her darkest recess, yet his c**k stayed buried to the root. Colby collapsed on her back, pushing them both flat to the mattress. The solid weight of him should have crushed her, but as she had no breath left in her body, it didn’t matter. She reveled in the realization he was as bowled over by the passion between them as she was.

Eventually, tender kisses tracked her sweat-covered hairline. “You okay?”

Channing grunted but couldn’t find the energy to move.

Colby chuckled. “Darlin’, you are amazingly sexy all the time, but in the morning especially. If we were home at the ranch I’d never get up on time to get my chores done.”

She grunted again.

“You hungry? You want me to rustle up something to eat?”

“If I ever remember how to work my body again.”

“I can work you over real good again—” his teeth sank into her shoulder blade, “—if you want.”

That telltale twitching of his c**k stirring within her spurred her to move. “Maybe later. Get off me, cowboy.”

He placed a gentle kiss on the back of her head. “Thanks for lettin’

me be rough and raunchy with you this morning. Most women hate it.”

Immediate silence. “Shit. Sorry. I’ve got a big mouth. Sometimes I’m not tactful at all, talkin’ to you about other women, right after we’ve…never mind.” He lifted his hips and pulled out of her body.

The room reverberated with tension.

Channing rolled over. Colby had a sheepish expression on his face, like he expected her to chew him out for his overzealous amorous behavior. Feeling oddly protective of him because of the vulnerability she’d glimpsed, she grabbed the back of his damp neck, bringing her mouth to his for a steamy kiss.

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