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Channing smiled at the shaking note in Trevor’s voice. “What now?”

Trevor brushed his lips over hers. After twelve short hours she already knew the difference in their kisses, their individual tastes and shape of their mouths. “Now you get your wish to be with us both at the same time.”

Her satiation fled and her body seized up.

“Relax. No double penetration tonight, we need to ease you into it.”

Trevor’s knees snugged against her armpits. He spread cool gel over her chest, then he pressed her br**sts together tightly in his palms. “I’m dyin’ to slide my c**k between these glorious tits.”

The slippery warmth of his hard shaft eased into the tight valley he created. With every glide, the tip of his c**k bumped her chin.

He growled, “Angle your neck and lick the head.”

She complied, half-afraid she was doing it wrong, and wanting to do it right because she didn’t know how she felt about him coming on her face. Her tongue shot out and curled around the tip. On his next stroke, she let her lips close around the whole head.

“Yeah. Like that. As soon as my balls are ready to explode, my c**k is goin’ all the way in this pretty mouth.”

A fresh rush of moisture gushed between her legs.

Callused hands gripped her hips. “I can smell you creaming, but hang tight, while I get some lube,” Colby said. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Two fingers twisted inside her, mixing the KY with her natural lubrication.

Channing tensed when she felt the head of Colby’s c**k poised at her entrance. He was a big man—bigger than any she’d ever been with—and even though she couldn’t wait to feel him stuffing her pu**y full, part of her was a little scared.

“Don’t tense up. Once I’m in, it’ll feel good. Real good, I promise.” As Colby worked his dick in slowly, Trevor began thrusting harder, muttering. Channing wished she could see everything that was happening to her, but the blindfold remained on and her hands were still immobilized above her head.

“Fuck. Here it comes. Open up wide.” Trevor released her br**sts and cupped one hand under her neck, lifting her higher so his c**k slid deeper into her mouth. At the same time, Colby rammed into her to the hilt.

She moaned as hot bursts of come splashed against the back of her throat, a saltier, earthier taste than Colby’s. As Trevor rocked against her face, his balls tickled her chin. She swallowed convulsively, feeling the heat and need spiraling through her as Colby slammed into her sopping wet cunt, his hips pistoning faster and faster like a runaway train.

Trevor rolled off her body and began to suck her ni**les as Colby reamed her, harder and harder, pulling completely out, and ramming back in until he hit the top of her uterus.

“Darlin’, I ain’t gonna last,” Colby grunted.

Channing arched, whimpering, “Yes, yes, yes,” as Colby stroked her clit and she detonated like a nuclear reactor.

He followed right behind. Her strong interior muscles clutched his dick like teeth, keeping his pulsing shaft submerged inside her after he’d shot his load.

Breathing as hard as she was, Colby crumpled against her.

He rested his head on her belly as Trevor untied her hands and rubbed her wrists to get the blood flowing again.

While she tried to assess the delicious damage the men’s passion had inflicted upon her unsuspecting body, Trevor leaned over and kissed her, gently removing the blindfold.

“Thank you, darlin’. Plenty more of where that came from. But get some sleep. I’m gonna go check on Edgard and make sure he ain’t getting shitfaced with the horses.” Trevor slipped on his sweat bottoms, leaving his broad, sweaty chest bare, and exited the room before she caught her breath.

Colby eased his spent c**k from her with painstaking slowness. He disposed of the condom and shut off the lights. He picked her limp body up and hugged her close as he flipped back the covers and then slid them between the cool sheets.

“I’m so tired,” she murmured.

He kissed the top of her head. “Sleep. You deserve it. You’re gonna need your strength for tomorrow because I can’t wait to have you again.

And again. You’re gonna be as bowlegged as Cash by the time I get through with you.”

Channing sighed dreamily. But she wasn’t ready to drift off into la-la land yet. She wanted to know everything about Colby McKay. “Tell me about your life on your ranch in the wilds of Wyoming.”

Colby dragged his fingers up and down her spine. “It’s like heaven and hell rolled into one. Parts of the land are beautiful; parts are butt ugly and barren. But the whole shebang has been in the McKay family for one hundred and twenty years, so it’s home.”

“You ever lived anyplace else?”

“Nope. Never wanted to. I’ve never wanted to do anything with my life besides work on the ranch and rodeo.”

She listened to Colby extol the virtues of rural living and the frustrations. She wondered what it would be like to be so…connected. To the land. To your family. To your neighbors.

“What about you?” Colby prompted. “What’s it like livin’ with a couple million people around you all the damn time?”




“Even living in the least populated county in the least populated state I was never lonely growin’ up. Too many brothers. Though I’d like to have punched ‘em most days, we get along great now.”

“Tell me about them.”

He sighed. “Another time, okay? You need to stop chatterin’ and—”

“Please? I’ve got my second wind.” She yawned.

“Right. You don’t have to uncover all my secrets tonight. Go to sleep, Chan. I’ll tell you anything you want to know tomorrow.”

“Okay. I’m holding you to that, cowboy.” She snuggled into him and conked out.

Chapter Five

Warm, wet kisses started at her hairline and trailed down the inside curve of her neck to the slope of her shoulder and back up the other side. Stuttered breathing caused her pulse to flutter and the tiny hairs on her nape to stand at attention.

Channing tried to turn into Colby’s embrace, but he held her in place.

“Morning. You slept good. We plumb wore you out. I don’t think you moved at all after we stopped talkin’ last night.” He lightly bit her biceps.

“I never would’ve dreamed you’re so damn cuddly.”

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