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No questions. We clear on that, shug?”


He placed a soft kiss on the corners of her lips and whispered, “Good girl. Don’t be scared. We ain’t gonna hurt you—” his teeth sank into her earlobe, “—much.”

Channing shivered.

The door to the bathroom clicked open and shut. She heard Colby’s and Trevor’s voices, but she couldn’t hear what they were saying. That was probably a good thing.

She swallowed to moisten her dry mouth. Her heart rate kicked up again when humid, soapy-scented air drifted out of the bathroom and she sensed Trevor and Colby standing in front of her.

“Here’s the deal, darlin’. We’re gonna play a little game of blind man’s bluff. You’re gonna try to figure out who’s touchin’ you. If you guess right, you get a reward. If you guess wrong, well, let’s just hope you don’t have to find out.”

Channing went absolutely motionless.

“Lay back on the bed and press your arms together above your head.

That’s a girl.” Scratchy twine wrapped around her wrists several times.

Colby whispered, “It ain’t too tight, mostly it’s to keep your hands out of our way. If you cooperate, we’ll leave them loose. The second you try to touch either of us or those hands move? We’ll fasten you to the bed frame. We clear on that?”


Trevor said, “Spread your legs wide. I wanna see those heels hangin’

off the side of the bed.”

She complied.

“You’re beautiful, Chan. No matter what we do to you, leave ‘em like that until we say otherwise.”

Channing had a flash of insight. If they talked, she’d easily be able to figure out which one was doing what. Colby loved to talk dirty, so chances were good he wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth shut. She withheld a grin.

Until the music turned on.

Before she could contemplate how she’d differentiate one man from the other in the dark, a hot mouth closed over her left nipple and suckled strongly. Rough fingertips dragged up and down the center of her body.

Smoothing over her ribcage and the sensitive bend in her waist. A light stroking over the pulse pounding in the column of her neck.

A work-roughened palm traced her contours, from the arms displayed above her head, down her tensed shoulders. Over the soft curve of her belly, across her, hips and the roundness of her thighs. Past her quaking knees, down her calves to her ankles, ending at her ticklish feet. Those maddeningly thorough hands reversed the process with just as much sensual deliberation.

Channing began to shake with pure unadulterated need.

Then those eager hands palmed her br**sts, bringing both ni**les together to suck and lick and taste. Teeth nipped the tender tips, causing a pain-filled sound to escape from her throat.

The sting was soothed by pursed lips blowing a stream of cool air, followed by a warm, wet tongue lapping and curling around the abused flesh.

“Who?” a gruff male commanded.

Well, shoot. Her chances of guessing correctly were 50-50. “Trevor?”

“Wrong. Turn her over,” Colby said.

A hard slap burned across her left butt cheek.

When she protested—“Hey! That stings”—two more smacks landed in rapid succession.

“Keep talkin’ and I’ll take great pleasure in turnin’ this heart-shaped ass rosy red, shug.”


“Got any other protests?” Trevor asked.

She shook her head.

“Good. Turn her the other way so I can get my licks in, too,” Trevor said.

She was rolled to her left side and four solid smacks landed on her right buttock. “Now we’re even. Don’t make us get out the bullrope, Chan.”

The humiliation she thought she’d feel never came. What did that say about her?

Nothing, besides she’d never been wetter or more turned on in her life.

Strong hands gripped her ankles and jerked her body down until her stinging ass nearly hung off the end of the bed. Then a cool, wet tongue licked straight up the center of her pu**y.

Her hips shot off the bed.

A warning growl sounded next to her ear.

Then the mouth on her sex began a full-out assault. That clever tongue wiggled deep inside her dripping cunt, licking her from the inside out. Then it zigzagged up to flick little whips of hot velvet across her distended clit. Her blood pulsed and gathered in that little nub, the orgasm danced close to the surface and then the possibility vanished as the teasing mouth trailed away.

Damn. She wanted to demand it return, but she wisely kept her lips pressed together.

Soft kisses circled her mound from the line of her pubic hair, to the crease of her thighs, back down to her vaginal opening. The circle of kisses became progressively smaller. Tighter. Wetter.

Channing tried not to writhe, or to grind her sex into that fleeting tongue. But when that hot, hungry mouth closed over her clit and her swollen pu**y lips and began to suck them together, she flat out screamed.

Two thick fingers shot inside and stroked that magical spot as the soft suctioning grew stronger and sent her soaring over the edge of reason and into a climax so extreme she forgot to breathe. She nearly passed out from lack of oxygen to her sex-addled brain.

Once the blood quit rushing in her ears and slowed to a dull throb between her legs, she slumped against the mattress.

A gravelly voice demanded, “Who?”

God. Was she really supposed to care who’d brought her to such an intense orgasm? Channing licked her lips and willed her head to quit buzzing.

“Who?” the demand was voiced again.

“Umm. Colby?”

“Very good, shug,” he whispered against her throat.

“No, you’re very good. That was the most—”

His mouth covered hers; she tasted the musky tang of her own juices on his tongue. Colby kissed her mouth, Trevor’s hands roamed over her until she squirmed from the erotic motions. Once Colby released her tingling lips from his, she whispered, “That was…please. I want more.”

“Are you supposed to be talkin’?”


“Then hush up.”

The bed dipped. Hands and mouths left her body, leaving her bereft.

Tears stung her eyes. “Are you going to punish me?”

“Ssh. Darlin, you’re fine. We planned on playin’ with you a little more, but the truth is, you’ve pushed us to the edge tonight and neither one of us is very good at waitin’.”

“We want you bad, girl.”

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