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Chapter Nine

The reception went on late into the night. We laughed and drank and enjoyed the festivities and adoration. I even started to get used to being called Your Highness. Although my cheeks still burned whenever someone referred to me as such. Halfway through the night, Amir guided me to the roof and a waiting helicopter. We took a private flight over the magnificent, jewel of a city that was Dubai. It really was something extraterrestrial and not of this world. Even the created islands sparkled like diamonds in the ocean—all of them looking like their themed identities. The Palm was the most expansive of all, and I remained amazed at the scale of grandeur that surrounded us.

Amir glued himself to me as we both gaped at the skyline and twinkling city below. His huge hand slid up between my thighs, and he stroked my softest flesh until I was a quivering mess. My breath hitched, “I’m going to need you inside me again real soon—husband.”

“Oh yes, wife—that is on the itinerary—or did you forget my earlier promise?”

He slid his finger up into my sheath, and my internal muscles pulsed around the intrusion. “You please me so much, my queen. I didn’t even know to pray for you, and here you are—perfection.”

The chopper circled for an hour, and Amir continued to fondle my secret area. By the time we landed, I was a sodden, swollen mess of need. I wanted penetration in a bad way, and I whispered that exact thing to his ear on our way back to the reception. He stalled the elevator with a rough push on the red button, and he lifted me and pinned me to the back wall. The elevator was nothing but mirrors, and I found it erotic as hell to see his back with my legs wrapped around his waist. The hem of my skirt lifted up near my hips, and I was fully exposed. I breathed, “Here?”

He turned and hit the penthouse floor button, and the elevator went into motion, apparently he was going to ditch the remainder of the party and spend the rest of the night buried in my body. “I love you, Amir,” I exclaimed.

When we got to our rooms, we checked on the baby and found him fast asleep in the soundproofed, adjoining room. After making sure he was fine, we returned to our suite and quietly closed both of the doors behind us. Amir continued to watch me with a renewed hunger. “I want you naked.”

I batted my lashes and turned, indicating the long zipper on this dress. He strode to me and helped. Then he carefully peeled it down and off my body. I had a corset on under this one, and a bra, but he’d removed the second pair of panties in the helicopter, so my bottom half was bare. He painstakingly unfastened the lingerie hooks on the corset, one at a time. I made a sound of agony and then delight when he finally released my torso from captivity. Then he freed my breasts from the bra and cupped and rubbed them from behind. “You are mine,” he rumbled against my neck.

“Yes—yours,” I replied with a moan of need. I reached back and did my best to stroke his throbbing erection through his pants. “I want you naked, too. I need to see your beautiful body, Amir.” He nibbled my neck and my earlobe. I added, “You are mine.”

He made a very pleased sound and began stripping. I turned and helped him as we removed one layer after another. Finally, all that expensive material laid on the floor in a crumple of parts. And there stood my magnificent husband. His skin was the perfect dark caramel color, and I always wanted to lick him and bite him. He made my mouth water like he was the most delicious meal I’d ever eaten, and I wanted to repeat the dining experience again and again.

He was, of course, as erect as was physically possible. He let me admire him, my own breasts heaving with each labored breath. When my eyes landed on his masculine member, he flexed it and bounced it against his stomach. My pussy flooded and puddled in anticipation. He seemed the same to me as he continued to mumble in my ear—perfection. He was exotic and feral and everything a testosterone-driven male should be—bestial in his need. Primal in the way he handled me—imperial in his demands to make me cum repeatedly.

He stole my air when he swept me up and strode to the window. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and his heated length nestled against my soaked entrance. He roughly pushed me up against the cool glass and then pulled back enough so I could get a grip on his throbbing cock. I guided him between us and to my pussy. He skewered himself into me. I shouted as a startling climax shook up through me. I tried to apologize, but his mouth pressed to mine and stole all my words. Then his mouth swallowed my screams as he pounded himself in and out of me. He grunted and held me to the window, exposing all of me to the world outside—good thing we were so high in the air. My butt pressed into the glass, and I became lost in his strength and rhythm.

He showed no signs of waning and impaled me over and over, sliding out and then slamming back into me. He shoved away any interruptions my body offered, and he went deeper, and deeper. Owning me in a way I’d not felt from him before. He must have been reading my mind because he slowed and kissed me and his fingers on my hips dug in possessively. “You are mine.”

I responded by pushing myself back over all that hot length of his. He was practically dripping with what he’d produced in my body. I pushed the sweat up to his hair and off his face, and I squeezed his shaft with my center. He growled out the words, “So sweet, my Julie.”

My dirty girl flared brighter, and I did it again, massaging him with my sheath. Then I told him the same. “You are mine.”

After climaxing, we both fell back asleep. The dawn was just appearing on the far horizon, and I was so ecstatic to be able to spend so much romantic time with my sheikh. Thank God for our nanny!

Chapter Ten

Our honeymoon was set to begin three days later. Our closest friends and family stayed, and we finally left the suite to hobble our way to some of the festivities.

I was still not certain where we were going on our honeymoon, but I’d been told to bring tropical weather attire. We’d discussed leaving the baby, but I wasn’t happy about doing so. Two weeks was long enough, and Amir said it might be longer. He did amend, however, and say where we were staying was plenty large enough to sequester the nanny and baby away from us if we wished for alone time. So, it was decided Amsi would go as well—which of course meant our entourage was immense.

Between all the servants and child care attendees, the battalion of guards that followed us everywhere, and the drivers and pilots, we were in need of a jumbo jet just to get anywhere. As we waited at the private airstrip, I counted our group, and the tally came up twenty five. I found that rather astounding, but at the same time kind of cool that we were able to provide income to so many people.

Once on the private jet, Amir and I disappeared to the secluded back bedroom and went to bed. We were exhausted and he’d said we had hours in the sky. He’d also said he wished to introduce me to the mile high club. I’d of course agreed with the caveat that if he woke me up, I’d be grumpy. Once I kissed my baby goodbye and made sure he was napping and happy, we slid between the silk sheets, and I almost immediately fell asleep. Amir held me close and spooned up behind me, kissing my nape and whispering how much he adored me. I realized this was our first time to take more than an hour long flight together.

The wedding and festivities apparently wore both of us out. We slept the entire flight, cuddled naked in the big bed. The lull of the engines wove a spell over me, and I almost felt hypnotized. I also felt safe and protected in Amir’s arms. If either of us woke, it was only briefly and partially—we would make certain we were still touching, and then quickly drift back to slumber. I was wonderful and healing and by the time we landed, we were

both refreshed. Amsi did the same and slept through almost the entire flight. He was bubbly and happy when I went to gather him.

We soon landed at a tiny airport in Bora Bora and drove by limo to the harbor. I was looking at all the beautiful scenery and the crystal clear teal ocean when Amir made me take notice of our honeymoon afloat on the far end of the docks. I froze and the guard behind me almost ran into my back. The yacht, or maybe I should have referred to as a cruise ship, was enormous! The largest ship I’d ever seen, and it was fucking beautiful! There were black windows surrounding the lower portion, and I even spied a good sized pool up on the deck. There were jet skis on a lower platform and even a speed boat was up in some sort of hanging device.

Amir seemed pleased with himself. “You and I will have an entire stateroom to ourselves. The chefs have already been preparing food, and the galley is stocked full of all your favorite foods. As you can see, there is plenty of room for our people, as well, and we can still have privacy.” He took my hand and dragged me down the dock. His enthusiasm was infectious, “There is a fully stocked dive room, too, and a trained dive instructor. There are reefs and tropical fish I’d love to show you.”

I’d been slowly turning into a better swimmer over the past few months of living in such an arid climate, and we’d even brought in a dive instructor to teach me in the pool on the estate grounds. I was so excited I jumped up and down and clapped my hands together in glee.

“Amir, this is amazing! We are going to have so much fun!”

Once aboard, I was immediately offered champagne. There was also a spread set out with cheeses and specialty crackers. The chef had indeed been privy to my personal likes because my favorite brie cheese was present, and I knew it was something that could only be ordered from the States. I drank and ate and we all laughed. As the boat left the harbor, Amir turned up the sound system, and he whisked me up on the deck and danced with me. I was already in heaven!

We cruised far out into the ocean, and for the first couple of days all we managed to do was sleep and eat and drink. Even Amir drank heartily, and we both frolicked around the massive ship. We made love many times, and when we were finished I promptly fell into a climax induced stupor. On one night, I woke in the middle of the night and staggered my way to the bathroom. Through the massive picture window, I could see the brilliant full moon and decided to wander up on deck.

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