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“It kinda is. Nothing like how I’d envisioned my life going, though.”

“No kidding! Like totally opposite.”

I nodded and sipped. “It’s good. I really love him. Not sure how I’m going to catch up to this lifestyle, though.”

Anna always knew what to say to ease my mind, and now was no exception. “You already have, silly. You’ve been living it, breathing it—being it now for months. You already carry yourself differently. I think you need to stop worrying about catching up and learn to dwell in the now—you’re already here.”

I thought about it for a second and realized she was entirely right. I grinned at her and blew her a kiss. “I love you. You know that, right?”

“I do. I love you, too.” We both smiled and sipped and looked at the ocean surrounding our lofty perch.

The seamstresses pulled and tightened my gown until I could hardly breathe, but it looked so phenomenal, I decided I could forgo breathing for the foreseeable future—it was worth it. My creamy décolletage jiggled and bounced when I moved and the bodice of the dress sparkled like a sea of stars on a moonless night. The three thousand, hand sewn on, small diamonds ended up weighing a ton, but again, I was strong, I could easily endure through this ceremony. I couldn’t wait to see how I looked with all the floodlights on me and the flashes from cameras. I had a sense I was going to look like I was my very own sun.

My hair was up in an intricate bun with tendrils of spun gold flowing around my face. The diamond encrusted shoes didn’t show because the dress was so long, but they were magnificent, and I planned on wearing them throughout the evening when I changed into the mini-dress version of the gown. Yes, more diamonds.

Amir had presented me with earrings to match. Two carats each worth of gems and diamonds. They dangled to my jaw bone and looked like small moons all their own. They would no doubt spark and flash right along with my smile, which I could not stop from curling my lips. My cheeks were sore from so much smiling. There was no doubt in me, no runaway bride to be found. I was excited and anxious and really just wanted to get it done.

I wish I could remember everything that happened, but I can’t. The sight of Amir’s expression burned into my mind and the rest of the word went both dark and silent. It was just him—all him, and he freaking loved me like no one ever loved another. His love gave me wings and stole my breath all at the same time. His love made me so much more than a commoner, and I finally understood. His love made me immortal and divine and able to soar. It really was a fairy tale!

Amir’s nieces carried my train, and I don’t remember walking down the aisle. I think I might have floated. Eventually, I was before him in all his splendor. He’d opted for a traditional black tux—so he could match Amsi. Most of his Arab counterparts were in traditional flowing robes and headdresses, and I had a brief moment of wondering how much of a breech in protocol this was. But that moment passed as the holy man began reciting from the Koran. I understood most of it, not all though, and when something was unclear, I look at Amir and he would nod and reassure me with a firmer grip on my hands.

A collective sigh of joy spread through the room when Amir reached into the stroller and pulled Amsi into his arms. I untied the ribbon on his wrist, and he let out a shrill giggle and reached for me. I traded the ring for my baby, and Amir kissed his forehead just before sliding the ring onto my finger. Amsi squealed again and pumped his arms as if telling the crowd to cheer. They did! I missed whatever the holy man said next, but then Amir took my face in his hands and kissed me with the white hot passion of ten men. It was then that the room exploded into cheers and applause. Amsi screamed his delight and made us both wince, but then laugh uproariously along with the gathered crowd.

Tears poured from my eyes, and I didn’t fight them. Amir’s were full and sparkling, as well. I truly felt as if I were in a grand Hollywood movie.

It was finished. It was official. I was now the queen to a sheikh and the queen mother to his heir. I was now Julie Lynn Rashid.

There were pictures to be taken with a multitude of friends and family. This took hours, and finally we were permitted to leave. I needed to change, most of all. I was worried about my dress and anything happening to it. I certainly didn’t want it around food or wine. It was slated to be on display in the royal palace inside a sealed case—I’d been told it would end up a national treasure.

The boys were off taking naps and Omar and Anna were already at the reception where another thousand guests were waiting for our arrival. Amir took my hand and almost dragged me through a hallway to a secret door. Once behind this door, he pushed me up against the back of it and ravaged me with kisses. “You are my Valkyrie. You look like a Goddess. You are an angel.” He said all this and more in between fervent kisses. “I am so hungry for your body. We shall never go this long again. Never!” He comically attempted to drag up my skirt, but it was acres of silk and finding his way to my bare skin was nearly impossible. He grumbled and sighed, “I desire to fuck you in this at least once. I paid enough for it.”

I nodded enthusiastically, “I’ve missed you so much, Amir. Take me to our room. We can manage it.” He peeked out the door and indicated the coast was clear. On our way through the hall, I whispered to him, “You can’t get anything on it though. You have to be careful.”

He made an amused sound, “I plan on leaving everything I have inside you, darling. I wish to plow your wetness and seed you with more offspring.”

I stalled, “Are you sure? I mean…”

His kiss cut off my words. “Yes now. We will have more children while you are young—while I am young.”

His eagerness was rather infectious, and I’d discovered that the worst part for me was in the carrying of Amsi. The doctors said it would be easier the next time because of the net thing they’d sewn onto my cervix—at least that was the plan, so I could carry to term and then it would be another C-section, so there was no anxiety even about giving birth. With the help of the nannies, I really couldn’t complain. I had the best of it, and now the thought of a flock of children wasn’t quite as abhorrent to me as it once was. Amir had been studying my expression as I sorted all this, and when I landed on my decision, he smiled and kissed me again.

We made it to our room, and he slammed the door shut with his foot. Kissing me all the way to the bed, he bent me over the side and then proceeded to throw all that material up and over my head. I knew he’d been successful when the cool air of the room hit my bottom. I had on white lace panties and garters. His hands shook as he unfastened each strap, letting it snap away in the process. I couldn’t see a thing, I could only feel what he was doing. He’d commanded me to brace myself.

“I’m taking you now! Later I will take my time. Later will last all night,” he predicted.

I was more than into it, and I spread my legs and wiggled my now exposed behind. He rubbed it and stroked it, and then I heard his zipper descend. Then he rubbed his hot shaft all over me and used the tip to spread out my now flowing juices. He guided himself to my entrance and breeched my body. His thick girth spread me and flayed me open as he glided in easily from all my wetness. “You are magnificent,” he muttered.

I choked and gasped and was instantly near climax. His hands held the swell of my hips, and his thighs bounced against mine. He started slowly, taking his time and letting me feel every inch of his desire. When he buried himself as far as he could go, he pinned me there, holding me to his groin. His heart jackhammered inside my core. I whimpered and mewled and fought to stay upright. He changed his stance and helped me by spreading my legs out and against the crisp hairs of his thighs. He held me there with all his incredible strength, and he fucked me hard. He growled and thrust and slapped against my body until I began to cry out with each strangled breath. I was about to cum, I couldn’t hold it off a second longer, and I knew he liked to give me permission.

He bellowed, “Now Valkyrie! Now! Scream for me.”

Since I’d almost died with Amsi, we’d been very careful about him ejaculating inside me. He hated condoms, and I didn’t want to get on hormones. I knew we were going to try again, so I didn’t want to take a chance and screw up my hormones. So, when his hot release scalded up inside me, it was the perfect exclamation point on the past year of our relationship. It felt as if he were marking me as his permanently, and I responded with everything I had in me. I loved it when I could feel him climax, and it always made my orgasm that much more intense.

He grunted and strained, and I felt the head of his cock swell. Then he came and s

houted at me again, “Now, my queen! Give this to me now!”

I did as my ruler commanded, and I could have sworn I heard thunder outside. Or maybe that was my pulse thickly behind my ears. In any case, we came together, and it was phenomenal. We shook in unison, as if the other completed a circuit. We were unified before all, and this moment was him taking what was now his in certainty He had me now, I had him, we were one, and the joining of our bodies was all the finality either of us needed.

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