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I whimper, “I can’t cum anymore, Amir.”

His laugh is almost uproarious as he pushes against my bottom again. “You are an amusing female.”

Chapter Two

We quickly settled into Amir’s life. Like he said, there was very little for me to do. I didn’t even feel the need to change much of anything in the daily running and management of the estate. The menus were really the only area I stuck my nose in at all. Tonight we were having Irish-beef stew, Amir’s favorite. I’d taught the chef how to make the flakiest buttermilk biscuits, so we were having those with the stew and, of course, with real churned butter and raw honey.

As we ate, we laughed and talked, and it didn’t seem as if it were just the two of us. Correction, more like two and a half of us. Amsi often had something to offer, and if we laughed, so did he. He also was enjoying a nibble of our adult food. Turns out, he would kill for honey—loves the stuff and starts to scream if I tell him he’s had enough—like right now. Best ever thing about being this wealthy—I can pass off the screaming child to be rushed off to a part of the house where we can’t hear him. I know, might be bad parenting, but, oh well—of this one thing I planned to take full advantage. I want to stay in love with my child and the second he begins to wail—I hate him.

“Anna sent me the funniest text today,” I said once Amsi was wailing his diaper filled-self down the hall, in the care of the nanny.

Amir was wholeheartedly supportive of my parenting plan and without pause questioned, “Yes, do tell.”

I dug out my phone to translate the text. “Okay, she starts off with an OMG.”

Amir mutters, “Oh my God,” sounding rather sarcastic in the delivery.

“Right. Then she says, her baby shits more than a hippo,” I laughed and filled Amir in on our private joke. “When Anna and I were kids, her dad took us to the zoo. We were fascinated by the hippo. We stayed there for a really long time laughing at her. But then she got in her pond and proceeded to take such a huge crap that it totally contaminated the entire pool. And it was stinky! We were both so grossed out that Anna actually threw up—she’s way more sensitive than I am. Anyway—to this day, hippo equals shit in quantity!”

Amir bobbed his head and smiled, “How is she dealing with the baby, then?”

I snorted and dipped my chin towards my phone, “Apparently, she’s not. Her text went on to say she’s decided to swear off all diaper duties.”

Amir chuckled and leaned back in his chair, “You could as well. I do not see why that is a mandatory part of being a mother. Not with our station in life.”

He was completely serious, and I gave him an ashamed giggle, “I kinda already have.”

He snickered in return, “I know.”

Amir had a wonderful sense of humor, and surprisingly it was him who kept me laughing more often than not. He also seemed able to notice everything about his household, and me and the baby, and also run his government and a multitude of employees. I didn’t know how he did it all and stayed sane, let alone find time to give me any attention. Perhaps it was his royal blood that gave him the ability to multi-task with ease.

Once we finished dinner, we went to the den, and he presented me with two binders overflowing with pictures of bridal dresses. I g

roaned, “Oh please don’t make me look at any more dresses.”

He sat next to me and flipped open the first book, “I know you are teasing, my jewel. What girl does not dream of her wedding day?”

I mock pouted and stuck out my lower lip. “Me!”

He turned the page and indicated I look down, which I did. My mouth fell open. “Oh wow,” I mumbled as I became transfixed on the most elegant gown I’d ever seen. It was strapless and shimmering eggshell white. “Are those diamonds?”

“They are,” Amir answered in his droll tone. It was as if he were saying, if you’re a good girl, I can offer you this, as well.

I turned to him, grinning from ear to ear, “How many times must I please you for this one?”

This time it was him caught off guard and he barked a laugh. “If you like that one, then it shall be yours.”

I nodded like a kid, my eyes going wide. “Me likey this one very much.”

“Don’t you want to look at others?” he asked and turned the page again.

I gaped at the picture, “Oh shit, its gorgeous, too. I don’t know how to choose.”

He slid in closer and wrapped his arm across my shoulders. His big hand played with my hair, and he flipped the page again, “Here, we will together. Judging from your reaction to the strapless, diamond encrusted bodice on page one, we will set it at the top of the list. Shall we see if another can unseat it?”

I pushed against him and snuffled into his neck, kissing his warm skin and then grabbing his jugular tendon gently between my teeth. I mumbled, “You are the most amazing man on the planet.”

I felt his inner chuckle, but he only said, again droll as can be, “And you are the most amazing female, my Julie.”

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