Mafia Daddy's Second Chance - Page 12

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It was as if my words had set a fire in him because the next thing I knew, he had pulled me into his lap, practically ripping my clothing off of my body. His mouth ravaged mine, his hands cupping my breasts, tweaking my nipples with his long, nimble fingers. His touch left a scorching path behind it, and I didn’t want it to stop.

I pushed against his chest, making him fall back down onto the bed. Stripping off the remainder of my clothing, I straddled his waist, resting my hands on his chest as his beautiful cock brushed against the most intimate part of me. He squeezed my waist, a needy look in his eyes.

“Tell me that you’re on birth control.” He growled, grinding against me.

I smirked, grasping his hard erection in my hand, guiding it to my hole, “yes, I am.”

I screamed out in ecstasy as he pulled me down, burying himself inside of me to the hilt in one sudden movement. His cock stretched me to the brim, knowing that this was the first time I’d had sex in a long time, but I couldn’t bring myself to care. It had me craving more.

I rocked my hips, feeling his delicious length moving inside of me.

“Good girl.” Graham moaned, throwing his head back as he helped guide me on his cock, “ride daddy’s cock. It’s all yours.”

I released soft gasps of delight, riding him in a sensual, passionate kind of way that sent shivers down my spine. As our lips met, sparks practically flew, feeling like our souls had interconnected, becoming one.

And I didn’t ever want it to end.

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