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“I was one of five men.” Graham said, a faraway tone in his voice, “as time progressed, it became very evident that I was to be their leader. I could’ve had anyone I wanted to be close to me, but these men I trained with, they were the ones that I trusted. They each have a special part in the group, and I would forever trust them with my life, as they could trust me with theirs. They look to me for guidance and leadership, and I look to them to have my back and protect our family. And it’s been that way ever since.”

“Do you ever regret it?” I wondered, fiddling with my fingers, “about not having a normal life?”

His eyes met mine, and I saw how clear his eyes really were, “this is my normal life… that’ll never change. I don’t expect people to just accept it, I know that it can be hard to understand, but I wanted you to know the truth so you can leave while you still can. I won’t blame you if you decided that I was not the one meant for you… not by what I want to do to you.”

His words sent a shiver down my spine, and my thighs clenched, feeling my core heating up at his soft words. His eyes never left mine, and I could see the raging lust there that he held for me. I knew then that he wanted me just as much as I wanted him.

“What do you want to do to me?” I whispered, testing the waters with the beast.

His eyes flashed with heated emotion, and before I realized what was happening, he crossed the room, sitting down beside me on the couch. I could feel the intensity radiating off of him, and as he reached out and caressed my cheek, all I could do was lean into his touch, craving more.

“I want you.” He admitted, grabbing my other hand and guiding it to the bulge in his pants, feeling the steel pipe beneath my touch, “and not just for a one-time thing. I haven’t felt like this in a long time, but I am a Daddy Dom, Evelyn, I want you to be my Little. I want to take care of you, and have you rely on me a little more. I want to sink my cock inside of your tight little pussy, and make the whole world know who you belong to as I claim you. As I fill you with my seed and mark you from the inside out. And this need, Evelyn… it is growing with every passing second, so if you don’t want this, I suggest you tell me now.”

His voice was so husky and hot, but I knew he was warning me. That he was giving me a way out if I so desired it. I cleared my throat, knowing that it would be smart of me to just walk away, to not want to get involved with what kind of person he is, but I couldn’t bring myself to utter those vile words.

I felt like I would end up regretting them.

I leaned closer, resting my head on his chest, feeling the thumping of his heart beneath my ear.

“I want you to, Graham.”

That’s when I unleashed the beast.

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