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Gianna felt like she was high and drunk at the same time despite only having had three drinks at the reception. She knew the cause of it was the dopamine and oxytocin flooding her brain. She felt exhausted as she stood in the shower with her husband, her beloved, her forever soul mate. But she continued to crave him, even though she had been satiated multiple times.

Perhaps that was what it was like being in love.

Rex helped her dry off from head to toe, making a point to kiss each part of her. Gianna closed her eyes, feeling a pleasant chill from the seaside breeze rushing through the screened window. He reached her mouth and planted a little kiss.

He smiled, his mouth hovering over hers.

“I will never tire of this,” he whispered.

Gianna felt another chill move through her, one that was entirely more cosmic than anything else. She smiled back at him, holding her mouth slightly open in a naughty grin.

“I truly hope not,” she whispered back.

Their mouths collided, and Gianna felt her naked body pressing against his. He somehow was able to get hard again, seemingly instantly, beneath the touch of her wet skin. She ran her hands through his damp hair and wandered over his open, inviting mouth.

Rex was ravenous, lifting her by her waist and letting her wrap her legs around him like tentacles. He slowly carried her into the bedroom and laid her down.

Gianna could feel the scent of the sea creeping through the open door. She closed her eyes as she arched her back against his mouth, moving down her naked form.

His lips felt like fire as he moved to her jawline, then began gnawing on her neck. She bit her lip and pulled his head closer, and then traced her nails down his bare back. She groaned as she felt the hard line of his physique digging into her like she could absorb his strength.

Rex snarled into her skin, then she giggled.

“Baby …” he whispered against her neck.

Gianna could feel her joy radiating through her body. She finally knew what it meant to be intimate with someone, not necessarily with sex, but with touch and a connection that transcended the tangible.

He arrived at her breast and caressed them gently with his mouth. They were still slightly sore from the intense sucking from the beach, but she still curved them toward his wet mouth, greedily aching for more.

Rex gave in with some light flicks of his tongue, and she whimpered at the sensation. He moved down to her hips, and she winced as his hot breath teased her throbbing labia.

“You can’t wait, can you?” Rex murmured with a smirk.

Gianna found that smirk to be undeniably sexy, making her break out in little beads of sweat along her forehead. She nodded down at him, curling her lower lip for added effect.

Rex let out a deep chuckle.

“You’re so bad, Gianna. I fucking love it.”

Gianna leaned her head back between the pillows and grasped the bedsheets between her fingers. The anticipation of having her pussy licked was positively delicious, almost as delicious as when he pushed her toward the edge of her sensations.

The cool breeze brushed against her nude form as Rex approached her center like a treasure hunter approaching a precious gem. She parted her legs for him, and he caressed her thighs as he lowered his head, never breaking eye contact.

She held his gaze as he opened his mouth and his long snake-like tongue wormed out between his teeth, his lips curled above the razor-sharp fangs. Gianna saw a flicker of the animal in him, the tiger that would devour anyone who would lay a hand on her.

It excited her beyond belief.

Rex moved to her soaked opening and went in immediately for her engorged bulb.

“Fuck, Rex!” she shouted.

Rex lapped her up, using his nose for pressure against her clit and the rest of his mouth sloshed around inside her like she was a juicy peach. He groaned as he swallowed each and every drop of her, making Gianna press her head harder against the bed and tighten her grip on the bedsheets.

She had just experienced two mind-blowing orgasms ten minutes earlier, so she knew it wouldn’t take long for her to reach her peak.

Rex grabbed onto her thighs as he increased the pace of his movements. He wanted to go deeper inside her. Gianna could feel it. She breathed in deeply, taking in every tingle and prickle of her lover's embrace.

Rex soon grew voracious in his craving for her. He bobbed his head up and down against her clit, the bundle of nerves sending waves of electric current through her body. He was impatient for her to feel her orgasm rush through her, and it only made Gianna adore him even more.

Gianna decided to let go, to let everything go, and allow Rex to take the reins of her body. She let her head rest between the pillows, the curl of her fingers between the sheets loosened.

Rex’s unquenchable thirst for her drove her orgasm to astronomical heights. She felt the muscles of her vagina seize, rest, then seize again as her climax skyrocketed across the atmosphere of her flesh and bones. Her mouth hung open, and there was a cerebral silence that draped over them as her legs pulsed and shook like a woman possessed.

There was so much she wanted to say to him, yet no words would ever be enough.

“Rex! Fuck!” she murmured to the empty air.

Rex slowed his movements, along with his frantic groans of eagerness. She moved her hips up and down as a quiet bliss moved through her, abruptly aware of the crashing of the sea beyond them.

Gianna closed her eyes as Rex crawled on top of her, the head of his cock trailing upward from her legs to her belly. She was spread out like a starfish, without a single care in the world but that moment.

Rex was smiling as his drenched face met hers.

“You okay, love?” he asked.

Gianna nodded, opening her eyes to find his tiger’s amber swirls over her own.

“I don’t think I can ever be better,” she muttered.

Gianna continued to feel that beautiful sense of fatigue, yet, when Rex brought his mouth to hers, she still felt the animalistic urge to consume him.

He opened his mouth and offered her the juices of her passion, and she took it generously. She tasted the citrus sting of her arousal, and it thrilled her more than she could comprehend.

Rex laid his body on top of her as the sound of the sea sang to them. It serenaded their lovemaking with a natural flow, reflecting the sublime nature of their bodies' succinct motions.

Gianna realized that her need for Rex was just as intense and insatiable as his need for her. No matter how exhausted she may have felt, she wanted him. Perhaps that, too, was what it felt like to be so madly in love.

Rex lowered himself onto her, his bare chest pressing into her breasts. He settled between her legs and slowly moved his large member inside her. Gianna moaned his name and rolled her eyes into the back of her head, once again straining between the two pillows.

“Baby,” Rex grunted, “you feel so amazing.”

Gianna grinned, feeling her insides sparkle. Their foreheads met as he began stroking himself inside of her canal, his size rubbing against the most sensitive parts of her.

“I want you here always,” Gianna whispered.

Rex smiled and kissed her lightly, his strokes increasing in velocity. Gianna could feel both of their bodies swaying in time to some soundless song, measured in infinite tranquility.

She closed her eyes and breathed in his musk, mixed with the tangy zest of her climax lingering on his chin. Now and then, she moaned as her sensations heightened, her impatience to feel him shatter inside of her increasing.

“Harder, baby,” she said quietly.

Rex groaned with pleasure, then followed orders immediately. His cock was hard as stone as he thrust himself deeper inside, sending the mattress backward and tapping the headboard against the wall.

Gianna flowed her hands through his hair again, arriving at his luscious shoulders and back, then pushed her nails into his skin. His low growl rumbled through her hair, making her shiver all over as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Deeper,” she crooned.

Rex sucked at the skin of her neck as he began shoving himself harder into her. She cried out as the headboard crashed into the wall, reveling in the sheer lust of the moment.

She moved her hips in unison with his jackhammering speed, her orgasm ready to fire off like a gun. She lifted her legs higher so he could go deeper, and his face distorted into a pleasurable cringe.

“Oh, baby,” he moaned. “You’re going to make me fucking explode.”

Gianna pushed her hips into him, matching his speed, encouraging him more and more to let go.

When she felt him spill into her, she felt her earth shift. She cried out with a deafening roar, sprinkled with high-pitched moans as her body took over without any sense of restraint. The headboard smacked into the wall with a final blow as their clapping skin ceased, with Rex falling on top of her in a crescendo moment.

“Oh, fuck, baby,” he whispered.

Gianna could see stars in front of her eyes, vibrant and neon, pulsing with the beat of her heart as she held her husband against her chest. He panted into her damp skin and squeezed her hard like he was desperate, worried that she would float away at any second.

She did feel as though she could float away into the sky.

“Mother of God,” Gianna muttered.

The two lovers lay there for an inexplicable amount of time, listening to the wash of waves move against the shore and the wildlife caw and sing just outside their bedroom door. Gianna no longer felt the need to fill the silence between them. That was for people she didn’t know very well.

The love of her life was in her arms after a marathon lovemaking session, and there was no one else she’d rather be bathing in the silence with.

Eventually, Rex sat up from her chest, his eyes bright with the beautiful sheen of a daze.

“Hi,” he said softly.

Gianna reached out and stroked the stubble of his cheek, her breaths feeling like a blessing.

“Hi, handsome,” she whispered with a smile.

Rex leaned into her touch, kissing each finger delicately.

“What the hell am I going to do with you?” he said.

Gianna raised a lazy eyebrow.

Rex lightly bit one of her fingers, and she cringed animatedly.

“I mean,” Rex continued. “You’re insatiable, my love. Unable to be satiated.”

Gianna sat up in the bed, placing a pillow behind her. She was smiling, still reveling in the rush of endorphins Rex had gifted her.

“Well, whose fault is that?” she asked, beaming.

Rex let his body fall to her thighs and began tracing her skin lightly with his fingertips. He sighed dramatically.

“I suppose you’re right,” he said, shaking his head. “How dare I give you so many orgasms in a single night?”

Gianna shuffled her body down, so her eyes met her beloved. He was transfixed by her, she just knew it, and the power made her feel unbearably confident in herself.

“Let’s aim for six next time,” she said with a wink.

Rex gaped, then threw his body upon her as she giggled in delight. Their eyes met after a brief play-fight on the bed, with Rex holding her wrists over her head.

“Damn it, Gianna,” Rex said.

His eyes moved over her like a detective looking through a magnifying glass. She had never been so vulnerable yet so content at the same time.

“What is it?” she asked.

“I’m so fucking in love with you,” he said, his voice straining. “How the hell did I get so lucky to find my fated mate?”

Gianna stuck her head out and pursued her lips. He met her, and they kissed deeply while rain began to patter the sand just outside.

The couple stayed awake for a few more hours, entangled in each other's arms and listening to the rainfall upon the sea. They talked and made plans, Gianna feeling jittery and dozy at the same time as they held hands.

She couldn’t believe this was her life but was beginning to accept it more and more by the second.

They fell asleep spooning, Rex’s breath gently caressing the back of Gianna’s neck. She closed her eyes and prayed that there was no way in hell that she was dreaming.

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